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Roaring Heights Store World Review

Credit goes to Valgon57 for the Banner!
Hey guys,

I am back to reviewing after a month almost, so hopefully my time away didn't keep you guys away from the site! Anyways, I am here to review the newest world released on December 12th, 2013 via Simpoint Bundle: The Sims 3 Roaring Heights!

Note: The Boardwalk Venue will be posted in its own separate review, along with a tutorial! ^_^

First off, I want to say thank you to The Sims 3 Communications Team for sending me the code for this world and the Boardwalk Venue (which will be in its own separate review), so because of them, I was able to write this review due to having to work all day on Thursday. 

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this read and it will be in multiple parts!

Table of Contents
  • Part One: Price Breakdown
  • Part Two: World
  • Part Three: Rabbitholes
  • Part Four: Premium Content
  • Part Five: Create-A-Sim Mode Assets
  • Part Six: Build/Buy Mode Assets
  • Part Seven: Related Content
  • Part Eight: Overall Review
Collection Files:

Part One: Price Breakdown

This world comes with 105 Build/Buy Objects (Including Wallpapers and Tiles) and 28 CAS Content, totalling up to 133 Assets that are included in The Sims 3 Roaring Heights!

It is sold only via Simpoint Bundles at this time, and they are as follows:

  • Standard Edition: Roaring Heights + 100 Simpoints = $20
  • Gold Edition: Roaring Heights + 1900 Simpoints + Boardwalk Attire = $35
The Boardwalk Attire is exclusive to the Gold Edition only and will only be available in the Gold Edition. So unless you want the clothing in this particular set, then you'll have to think about whether or not you want the Gold or Standard. 

The Gold is pretty much a dealbreaker as you are getting the world + 1900 Simpoints for $35, which you are getting pretty much a $4 discount than buying the standard for $20 and the $19 worth of Simpoints. 

If you don't need the simpoints, then you are perfectly fine with getting the $20 Standard Edition as that's all you need in order to get Roaring Heights.

Below is a pretty much long price breakdown of all of the objects if sold individually via The Sims 3 Store, and how much it costs as a whole bundled together in a world. 

If you are NOT a numbers person, then please skip on to Part Three.


Premium Content: 500 Simpoints
Classically Cool Fixer-upper Car = 500 Simpoints

Buy Mode: 1625 Simpoints 
Stately Sectional Sofa Coffee Table = 100 Simpoints
Stately Sectional Sofa = 200 Simpoints
Decadent Ceiling Lamp = 50 Simpoints
Decadent Floor Lamp = 50 Simpoints
Decadent Table Lamp = 50 Simpoints
Decadent Wall Lamp = 50 Simpoints
Streamlined Streetlight = 50 Simpoints
Planted Mother-In-Law's Tongue = 25 Simpoints
Planted Palm Tree = 25 Simpoints
Retro Wall Art = 50 Simpoints
"What's That?" Wall Art = 50 Simpoints
Dapper Drapes Curtain Center = 75 Simpoints
Dapper Drapes Curtain Right = 75 Simpoints
Dapper Drapes Curtain Left = 75 Simpoints
Sunburst Skylight = 100 Simpoints
5 Liquid Light Neon Tubes: 25x5 = 125 Simpoints
The Great Tree Grate = 25 Simpoints
Ritzy Halls Wall Tile = 25 Simpoints
Rules of Three Wall Decor = 25 Simpoints
The Squared Off Umbrella = 25 Simpoints
The Pegasus Llama = 25 Simpoints
Municipal Wall Column = 25 Simpoints
Genuine Imitation Fire Hydrant = 25 Simpoints
Straightforward Short Bookcase = 50 Simpoints
Straightforward Short Bookcase End = 50 Simpoints
Straightforward Tall Bookcase = 50 Simpoints
Straightforward Tall Bookcase End = 50 Simpoints
Garret's Garage Door = 100 Simpoints

Skyscraper Pieces: 500 Simpoints
Top of the World Roof Ornament = 50 Simpoints
9 Faux Skyscraper Tops: 50x9 = 450 Simpoints

Build Mode: 1500 Simpoints
Deco Door = 100 Simpoints
Grande Entrance Double Door = 100 Simpoints
Deco Doorless Archway = 100 Simpoints
Grande Entrance Archway = 100 Simpoints
Portal Round Window = 100 Simpoints
The Up and Up Window = 100 Simpoints
Tri-Pane Window = 100 Simpoints
Straight Laced Window = 100 Simpoints
Arc of the World Bay Window = 100 Simpoints
Round-a-Bout Glass Block Wall = 100 Simpoints
Round-a-Bout Wall = 100 Simpoints
Humble Hedge = 50 Simpoints
The Century Fence = 50 Simpoints
Understated Fence = 50 Simpoints
Bougainvillea Tree = 50 Simpoints
Copperwood Tree = 50 Simpoints
Extra Tall Palm Tree = 50 Simpoints
Fruitless Palm Tree = 50 Simpoints
Mini Palm Tree = 50 Simpoints

Community Lot Objects: 900 Simpoints
Avalon Hospital = 50 Simpoints
Bee's Kness Books = 50 Simpoints
Bourdelle's Bistro = 50 Simpoints
City Hall = 50 Simpoints
Clear Your Plate Diner = 50 Simpoints
Clyde's Hideout = 50 Simpoints
Deco Groceries = 50 Simpoints
Dr. Terrible's Science Building = 50 Simpoints
Flawless Expressions Day Spa = 50 Simpoints
Gilded Guard Police Station = 50 Simpoints
Ocean's Edge Military Base = 50 Simpoints
Pleasant Pupil Academy = 50 Simpoints
Resting Meadows = 50 Simpoints
SimCo Synergy Business Building = 50 Simpoints
Sixam Field = 50 Simpoints
The Matinee Movie Theater = 50 Simpoints
Community Trash Can = 50 Simpoints
Slow Traffic Sign = 25 Simpoints
Traffic Light = 25 Simpoints

Buydebug Objects: 425 Simpoints
Babson's Parking Meter Replica = 25 Simpoints
Billboard A,B,C,D = 50 Simpoints
Caution Traffic Sign = 25 Simpoints
Concrete Fence = 25 Simpoints
Concrete Fence Post = 25 Simpoints
Coverless Manhole Cover = 25 Simpoints
Landing Strip = 50 Simpoints
Large Bridge = 50 Simpoints
Monolithic Mailbox = 50 Simpoints
Roaring Heights Lighthouse = 50 Simpoints
Structural Steel Bridge = 50 Simpoints

Wallpapers and Tiles: 325 Simpoints
Delux Deco Siding (2 Types) = 25 Simpoints
Geometric Flowers (4 Types) = 25 Simpoints
Plain Deco Siding (2 Types) = 25Simpoints
Tall Tiles = 25 Simpoints
Sunburst Fans (2 Types) = 25 Simpoints
Ritzy Wood Paneling (2 Types) = 25 Simpoints
Basic Bricks (2 Types) = 25 Simpoints
Simply Striped Flooring Inverted Corner = 25 Simpoints
Simply Striped Flooring Corner = 25 Simpoints
Simply Striped Flooring Ornate Corner = 25 Simpoints
Simply Striped Flooring = 25 Simpoints
Gilded Strokes Floor Tile = 25 Simpoints
Curious Curves Floor Tile (2 Types) = 25 Simpoints


Elder Hairstyles: 150 Simpoints
Gramp's Fedora = 25 Simpoints
Gale Proof Turban = 25 Simpoints
Perfectly Pinned Hair = 25 Simpoints
The Wavy Bob for Elders = 25 Simpoints
Still Established Tight Wave = 25 Simpoints
Grandma's Sculpted Updo = 25 Simpoints

YA/Adult Hairstyles: 600 Simpoints
Fine Fedora = 100 Simpoints
Terrific Turban = 100 Simpoints
Pinned Down Hair = 100 Simpoints
The Wavy Bob = 100 Simpoints
Established Tight Wave = 100 Simpoints
Sculpted Updo = 100 Simpoints

Female YA/Adult Outfits: 450 Simpoints
Classic Swimsuit = 75 Simpoints
Smart Pant Suit = 75 Simpoints
Glamorous Evening Gown = 75 Simpoints
Elegant Evening Gown = 75 Simpoints
Swanky Sailor's Dress = 75 Simpoints
Beautiful Bowed Dress = 75 Simpoints

Male YA/Adult Outfits: 300 Simpoints
Everyday Turtle Neck = 75 simpoints
Standard Wimming Trunks = 75 Simpoints
Spiffy Sweater Vest = 75 Simpoints
Reserved Suit = 75 Simpoints

Male Elder Outfit: 25 Simpoints
Grandpa's Sweater Vest = 25 Simpoints

Female Elder Outfits: 50 Simpoints
Grand Bowed Dress = 25 Simpoints
Twilight Evening Gown = 25 simpoints

Male Teen Outfit: 75 Simpoints
Turtleneck Suit = 75 Simpoints

Female Teen Outfit: 75 Simpoints
Nautical Dress = 75 Simpoints

Toddler Outfits: 75 Simpoints
Adorable Onesy (Both Genders) = 75 Simpoints

Estimated Total Cost of Individual Items: 7575 Simpoints = $75.75 US Dollars
Cost of Roaring Heights Standard: $20 (Tax not included)
Savings: $55.75 US Dollars

Honestly, yes the store is uber expensive, but this provided you some excellent savings, more than your typical 20-item sets and all packaged for just $20. If you like every single object, then you saved yourself pretty much $50 in savings when purchasing this world. If that doesn't really make you think about getting this world, then probably don't get this world if you find it too expensive, even though every other store content is just as expensive.

Part Two: World

From what I've read on tweets, the live broadcast, and the forums, it seems like the inspiration of this world was multiple cities (correct me if I'm wrong though). Influences came from: Miami, Chicago, New York City, and also a huge inspiration came from The Great Gatsby. It's also set in the time period close the 1920's and 1930's where Art Decor was quite fashionable and popular!

The description of the world says:
"Welcome to a city where bold shapes, rich colors, and lavish looks rule the skyline! The residents of Roaring Heights are living in the fast lane in this booming place filled with striking skyscrapers and bustling beaches. Whether you're content to hang out on the piers, work your way to the top, or host glamorous parties at home, there's a place for every lifestyle in Roaring Heights. With endless opportunities at your front door, which new life will you choose in Roaring Heights?"
I think the world was designed beautifully and there is a big layout, for your sims to either live far from the city in a luxurious mansion, or in one of the pre-made "faux skyscrapers" downtown. Maybe you want to live in the beach even? There is much to do in this world and theme of it all was a great addition to the world. 

While it isn't a "City World" like Bridgeport, it looks like a city, but lacks the functionality of the city. If only the Expansion Pack team had coded the City designation to the Base Game, rather than Late Night itself, we may have seen some more put into this world that makes it a city. Sadly, you'll have to use a third party method in order to designate it as a city. 

Art Deco was quite popular in the forums, and I think many simmers will be pleased with the style that was used in this world. Just the look of it screams fashionable, elegant, and vintage even. I just love seeing something like Art Deco put into this world and it provides that aesthetic gameplay without the premium objects.

Part Three: Rabbitholes

While most are just recolors of the previous expansion packs' rabbitholes, there are a bunch that are designed as "skyscrapers" per-say in order to give Roaring Heights that city look. Honestly, all of the rabbitholes are quite beautiful and makes it worth getting to add to your games, whether it be in Roaring Heights or in any other world. Below are the images of all of the rabbitholes and while some are just recolors, they all look wonderfully done!

Avalon Hospital 

Bee's Kness Books 

Bourdelle's Bistro 

City Hall 

Clear Your Plate Diner

Clyde's Hideout 

Deco Groceries

Dr. Terrible's Science Building 

Flawless Expressions Day Spa 

Gilded Guard Police Station 

Ocean's Edge Military Base 

Pleasant Pupil Academy 

Resting Meadows 

SimCo Synergy Business Building 

Sixam Field 

The Matinee Movie Theater 

Part Four: Premium Content

Roaring Heights introduces a brand new premium content, like any other world, and this one was created to make up for what was missing in The Sims 3: Car Interactions. This premium content is called the "Classically Cool Fixer-upper Car" and provides an old-fashion type of gameplay for your sims when it comes to cars.

As you can only access it as scrap, you will have to work on the vehicle in order to get the car you can use for your own personal use, and customization. 

The first time you place this object, you will be given five options (six if it's at night):
  • Turn On  Radio
  • Rev Engine
  • Work on Car Body
  • Work on Car Engine
  • Watch Stars With
  • Hang Out in Car
Other interactions are unlocked after you finish the car:
  • Wax Car
  • Go to Community Lot
  • Go Shopping
  • Go Home
  • Romantic Interactions:
    • Woohoo in Car
    • Try for Baby
    • Cuddle in Car
    • Make Out in Car

The Turn on Radio feature is pretty simple, where you just turn on the radio on the car automatically and it plays music, and you can change the channels on the radio and more just like a stereo.

The Rev Engine interaction has your sim trying to turn on the engine, in hopes that it successfully starts. There's nothing comedic in this interaction particularly, but I had hoped to see smoke shoot on the sims face or something.

The Work on Car Engine interaction just has your sim work on the engine and increase his handiness skill. Other than that, there isn't any special interactions that I found in this one particularly. Again, I wished there was a fail trigger when working on the engine or something like that.

The Work on Car Body interaction has your sim build his handiness skill and work on the car in order to improve the look of the car. It comes in three stages: Scrap, Working in Progress, and Final Product.

Once your car is finished, you unlock the Wax Option, along with the normal car options you would find in any other vehicle. You also get to unlock the special romantic interactions tied with the car (which I don't think I'll showcase those and you can find out for yourself I think. ^_^ ).

You can also customize your car after it's finished to whatever color you wish!

There's also some new moodlets that come with this premium content!

  • Unreliable Engine: Where your engine is not properly working and still needs to be worked on.
  • Purrs Like a Lion: When your engine is successfully working and functional.
  • Starry-eyed: When you are Star Gazing in the car.
  • Second Gear: Unlocked when you are cuddling in the car.
  • Fifth Gear: Unlocked when you are in the car woohooing.
Other than that, I'm not much of a fan of romance in the vehicle, but this car does have some nice interactions once it was finished. It was sad to hear that all of these interactions were tied to just this vehicle and I wished the Premium Content had expanded to utilize all of the other Vehicles, and we can pick/choose what car to work on and customize as we go along. It would have been a nice premium content if that were to happen, but would require so much coding.

The look of the vehicle is pretty vintage and fits well in Roaring Heights! 

Part Five: Create-A-Sim Mode Assets

There is only a 1/4 of the objects that are included in the world dedicated to CAS, however there are plenty of other sets outside of the world that can add on to the theme that fits Art Deco and around the period of time the world is set in. While most of the clothing is sophisticated and vintage, I am a huge fan of the female hairstyles that were included, and a small portion of the outfits. Other than that, below are all of the CAS assets along with reviews of each outfit.

I am slightly disappointed in the following though:
  1. None of the hairstyles are designated Teen-Elder, rather it's just YA/Adult and Elder respectfully.
  2. There are no children outfits included with this world.
  3. There are no shoes that would fit well with the outfits (we can't have enough shoes in the store you know. lol)
Other than that, I am forever happy they at least included ONE teen outfit for both genders, so that is a good thing. Kind of wished there were more options though, as they are just replicas of the YA/Adult versions.

Elder Hairstyles: 

Gramp's Fedora

Gale Proof Turban 

Perfectly Pinned Hair

The Wavy Bob for Elders 

Still Established Tight

Grandma's Sculpted Updo

YA/Adult Hairstyles:

Fine Fedora
Review: One can't have enough fedoras right? Well, as much as I like this hairstyle, I would have preferred a hairstyle set in this time period without the fedora. I think two hairstyles would have been nice rather than adding just one fedora hairstyle.

Terrific Turban
Review: This particular hairstyle reminds me of Rosie the Riveter. While it looks pretty neat, I think it would work well for those female sims who are handy and all. Perfect to go with the Premium Content that comes with Roaring Heights.

Pinned Down Hair
Review: I just love the pin that is used along with the bun hairstyle. While it is not my absolute favorite, it's a pretty decent hairstyle that fits well in this time period.

The Wavy Bob
Review: One of Ginger Rogers' hairstyles which I adore! This is one of my favorites. 

Established Tight Wave
Review: For an odd reason (please correct me if I'm wrong), this hairstyle does remind me of Marilyn Monroe and the curls are pretty good with this hairstyle. 

Sculpted Updo
Review: I have mixed feelings about this, maybe it'll take time for me to start loving it, but it's not my absolute favorite for some odd reason. Maybe it's because of what the front looks like. I'm on reserved for now.

Female YA/Adult Outfits:

Classic Swimsuit 
Categories: Swimwear
Review: I find this swimsuit pretty cute for any female sim to wear in this time period. It fits perfectly well and would be used frequently if I play in this world.

Smart Pant Suit 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear
Review: It's a very intelligent-looking (not pointing out the name of the outfit of course) and sophisticated outfit. I would probably not use it often, but it's pretty nifty they added this.

Glamorous Evening Gown 
Categories: Formal
Review: The open back makes it look really nice, but other than that it looks like one of the clothes that came with the Romanza sets, but with an open back. If recolored well, this would be a wonderful outfit for all female sims.

Elegant Evening Gown 
Categories: Formal
Review: I just love how the back is done in this particular dress. It works very well with the Pinned Down Hair and fits this era perfectly. I  think I might use this a lot when I play in Roaring Heights frequently.

Swanky Sailor's Dress 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Athletic
Review: It's very nice to see something like this in The Sims 3. I kind of like it and would work well for many machinima creators to use this in music videos, stories, etc.

Beautiful Bowed Dress 
Categories: Everyday, Formal
Review: The bow just makes it seem off. I prefer it on the Elders instead and probably don't plan on using this a lot.

Male YA/Adult Outfits: 

Everyday Turtle Neck 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
Review: This along with any other male outfit looks like something we've had in the past, HOWEVER it does have some small finishing touches that make it work well for Roaring Heights, so I can't argue with that. 

Standard Swimming Trunks 
Categories: Swimwear
Review: Ehh... I'll use other swimwear attire, I'm not a huge fan of this one.

Spiffy Sweater Vest 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Athletic
Review: I love my sweater vests and as much as this looks like a remake, it's still one of my favorites to use in this world! 

Reserved Suit 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
Review: Ehhh... looks the same like any of the other suits, but with small detail that makes it work in Roaring Heights.

Male Elder Outfit: 

Grandpa's Sweater Vest 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Athletic
Review: Wished there was another Male Elder outfit, but one will suffice I suppose. I'm still waiting for a day they make a set dedicated to elders.

Female Elder Outfits: 

Grand Bowed Dress 
Categories: Everyday, Formal
Review: Looks so much better on an elder than a YA/Adult but that's just me. I'm glad they added at least two outfit options for the Female Elders, rather than one.

Twilight Evening Gown 
Categories: Formal
Review: Like the above, I do like the look of this dress, and glad it was added for female elders.

Male Teen Outfit:

Turtleneck Suit 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
Review: Glad there is a teen outfit for both genders now! While I'm happy it's something, I still would have loved it more if teens got their own design for this world rather than be a copy of the YA/Adult version.

Female Teen Outfit: 

Nautical Dress 
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Athletic
Review: Works for teens and what I said for the Teen Males would be the same for this one.

Toddler Outfit: 

Adorable Onesy 
Categories: Everday, Sleepwear
Review: I find this outfit pretty adorable for toddlers. Doesn't fit the theme, but it's another cute new one to add and glad a toddler got an outfit with this world too!

Part Six: Build/Buy Mode Assets
I am a huge builder and loved plenty of the objects that came bundled with this world. Loads of these objects are perfect in making your own Art Decor world if you wish, and some of the designs of the buy mode objects are just awesome. While we have enough chairs, sofas, and more, this world didn't include ANY sofas, dining chairs, etc. which is pretty hilarious if you ask me. Other than that, below are the images of all of the Build/Buy Content and the Color Channels on some of them.

Buy Mode:

Stately Sectional Sofa Coffee Table 

Stately Sectional Sofa 

Decadent Ceiling Lamp (Same as the other Lamps)
Decadent Floor Lamp 
Decadent Table Lamp 
Decadent Wall Lamp 

Streamlined Streetlight

Planted Mother-In-Law's Tongue 

Planted Palm Tree 

Retro Wall Art 

"What's That?" Wall Art 

Dapper Drapes Curtain Center 

Dapper Drapes Curtain Right 

Dapper Drapes Curtain Left 

Sunburst Skylight 

5 Liquid Light Neon Tubes 

The Great Tree Grate 

Ritzy Halls Wall Tile 

Rules of Three Wall Decor

The Squared Off Umbrella 

The Pegasus Llama 

Municipal Wall Column

Genuine Imitation Fire Hydrant 

Straightforward Short Bookcase 

Straightforward Short Bookcase End 

Straightforward Tall Bookcase 

Straightforward Tall Bookcase End 

Garret's Garage Door 

Skyscraper Pieces: 

Top of the World Roof Ornament 

9 Faux Skyscraper Tops (All Recolorable)

Build Mode: 

Deco Door 

Grande Entrance Double Door

Deco Doorless Archway 

Grande Entrance Archway 

Portal Round Window 

The Up and Up Window

Tri-Pane Window 

Straight Laced Window 

Arc of the World Bay Window 

Round-a-Bout Glass Block Wall 

Round-a-Bout Wall 

Humble Hedge 

The Century Fence 

Understated Fence 

Bougainvillea Tree 

Copperwood Tree 

Extra Tall Palm Tree 

Fruitless Palm Tree

Mini Palm Tree 

Community Lot Objects:

Community Trash Can

Slow Traffic Sign 

Traffic Light

Buydebug Objects: 

Babson's Parking Meter Replica 

Billboard A,B,C,D 

Caution Traffic Sign 

Concrete Fence 

Concrete Fence Post 

Coverless Manhole Cover

Monolithic Mailbox 

Wallpapers and Tiles: 

Delux Deco Siding (2 Types) 
Geometric Flowers (4 Types) 
Plain Deco Siding (2 Types) 
Tall Tiles 
Sunburst Fans (2 Types) 
Ritzy Wood Paneling (2 Types) 
Basic Bricks (2 Types) 

Simply Striped Flooring Inverted Corner 
Simply Striped Flooring Corner 
Simply Striped Flooring Ornate Corner 
Simply Striped Flooring 
Gilded Strokes Floor Tile 
Curious Curves Floor Tile (2 Types) 

Part Seven: Related Content
In this special part of the review, I will be listing all of the content that goes well with Roaring Heights. I think most of the past content goes well with this world, so hopefully if you already own them, USE THEM! Otherwise, find a way to get them on sale to flesh out this world.

Expansion Packs

Late Night

This expansion pack provides you with elevators and apartment living, perfect to add to the city-like world of Roaring Heights. It has tons of content that fleshes out your world by adding clubs, bars, etc. to your world. While it may not be themed for Roaring Heights, there're plenty of content to go around with this world.


This expansion pack adds pretty much content that you would find in a city. Karoake, Billiards, etc. Plus you would find more "show venues" in a city like Roaring Heights than any other store world. This is one of the expansion packs I recommend using to flesh out Roaring Heights!

Stuff Packs

Fast Lane Stuff Pack

With this specific stuff pack, who wouldn't use it for a world like this? As the premium content is the Fixer-upper car, this works well as the theme is focused on cars. Plus the outfits work well with this world also that comes with this stuff pack.

Store Content

Jazz Age

This particular set fits well with Roaring Heights as it fills that jazzy feel to the world. It includes some nice clothing and furniture that would fully flesh out this set.

Fifth Avenue Fashions

This world adds something to Roaring Heights as it provides a sophisticated look when walking around downtown. Although it may not be accurate in time period, many of the clothing options work well in Roaring Heights.

Hollywood Regency

This is one of the first Art Deco sets that came out way before Roaring Heights. Honestly, you have to add this to your world.

Regency Arcade

This has art deco inspired content in this venue. You'll have to add this to your Roaring Heights game for sure! Plenty of arcade and decorative objects that would work well.

Le Cinema Plumbob

Art deco is definitely utilized to an extent in this venue. You have plenty of objects that make a theatre, and not to mention the fact the Barrier and Entry system goes well for this world if you were to make a themed venue in Roaring Heights.

Diva and Divo

What better way than to make your sims look even more glamorous with the Diva and Divo Set! There are plenty of hairstyles and clothing options that make your sims stand out and become a fashion statement in Roaring Heights!

Glitter and Glam Bedroom

Perfect for sims who want to live a luxurious life in the aparments or condos found in Roaring Heights. Gives a feel of elegance and fame when adding this content to your world.

Collectionne Stancke

Perfect for your apartment living in Roaring Heights. Not only is this a vintage set from The Sims 3 Store, but it also adds some flare to your living room that wasn't included in Glitter and Glam.

Club Vaindenburger

Perfect for your most interrogative sims that pursue the investigative career! Having a swanky office that works well and would be found in Roaring Heights is what this set would provide for you!

Part Eight: Overall Review

This is the summary of everything that I have pointed out in all of the parts above. This will be an overall review of what I think of this world and hopefully you can choose whether to purchase the world or not with or without my review.

Price: 10/10 
As how it's sold, it is one of the better deals than any of the other store worlds out there and falls in the same category as Monte Vista and Dragon Valley. You get tons of objects and clothing with this world for the price of just $20 and it's well worth your money. If you want to save even more, then buy the Gold Edition and you are getting 1900 Simpoints at a small discount plus an extra Gold Exclusive Boardwalk Attire set.

World: 10/10
This world reminds me of Miami, Florida (to an extent of course) and has beautifully layout for where you can live. You can live by the beach, or in the subarbs, or even live downtown! There is plenty of room to place your own lots in and customization has no boundary! The rabbitholes are also wonderfully designed and flesh out this world even further making it look like a city. Although it's not a true city world (in terms of gameplay) you can make it into a city with content from Late Night and Showtime in order to fully flesh it out!

Theme: 10/10
Art Deco, Glitz Glam, 1920-30's, Hollywood, Great Gatsby.. The theme is just refreshing and not too unrealistic, and at the same time: stylish, vintage, and any other words I haven't described perfectly what this world is. This is an amazing world and while I was hesitant at first in an Art Deco world, I was blown away at how the theme was approached. I think the store team has done a good job using the theme of many different historical aspects and pop culture into this particular world.

Premium Content: 6/10
While it's not the best premium content out there, it provides interactions that were missing with cars in The Sims 3. It is sad that it's only tied to this vehicle and I would have given it 10 stars if it had the ability to utilize all vehicles that have been released prior. Sadly, it's understandable with the low amount of time and the complex coding needed for this content, so it didn't happen. The interaction are nice and the vehicle looks very vintage, fit for Roaring Heights. Other than that, I'm not too thrilled about the Premium Content and was more thrilled in the Build/Buy content that came with this world.

Build/Buy Content: 10/10
I loved everything that came with  Roaring Heights! The new Skyscraper Tops, the Art Deco build objects, everything! One of my favorites is probably the new skylight that came with this world, along with the neon light tubes for different ways in customizing and decorating your clubs and bars. Roaring Heights introduced a new way in building your commercial lots, and also a new way in making your own apartments (if you have Late Night also).

CAS Content: 6/10
I'm not too thrilled about the clothing that came with this world. I am a fan of the new female hairstyles, but other than that the clothing did not grab my attention. I'm not much of a Create-A-Sim kind of guy, so there isn't much else I can say.

Overall Review: 8.6/10
Roaring Heights was a refreshing release compared to Dragon Valley and Midnight Hollow. It provided a city aspect to The Sims 3 Store and not to mention some wonderfully designed Art Deco objects that came with this world. While there are some positives and negatives with this world, I found more positives personally in order to utilize my gameplay I have thought of for Roaring Heights. Other than that, I'd recommend getting it if you are a Gatsby Fan, Floridia Fan, City Fan, Art Deco Fan, or anything that Roaring Heights fits the description of.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Keep your eyes peeled for The Sims 3 Boardwalk Venue Review coming soon! There I will talk about the Roller Coaster Pieces and other content that come with the venue.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this! I had no idea they weren't real skyscrapers! lol I kind of like it better though, my sims always seemed to get stuck somewhere in Bridgeport.

    1. Elevators tend to cause problems, while it's nice to have these faux skyscraper tops, there are some minor flaws in it. >_<

  2. i really want this world and the boardwalk so much! thx for the pictures

  3. i really want this world and the boardwalk so much! thx for the pictures

  4. THE best store reviews on the itnerwebz, bar none. You hit another one out of the park, perfect reviewing.

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate it ^_^

  5. your riview so complete, I was looking for your riview about EP University Life . . .

  6. Excellent review! it's really very detailed ;-)

  7. I am drooling now. I want this! And lol I misread and thought it said "Cuddle WITH Car" and was thinking that even for such a gorgeous car, that seemed to be taking it a bit far. Stroke lovingly and talk to, yes. Cuddle with? No. hahahahaha

  8. Thank you for this review. That's really so exited to read


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