Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunlit Tides Review Part 3 - Steam-It-Up Sauna

Hey guys,

This is Part 3 of the Review featuring mostly the Steam-it-up Sauna Premium Content Object that is exclusive to only this world.

Basically this item provides a combination of both a mud bath and also a sauna. Unfortunately, they are not separate objects but one entire object. However, the store team has created so it can be easily customizable for players to put one next to each other, or use it whether outside, fenced, or in a room. The creativity can be utilized with this particular item.

Below is a picture of the customization of the Sauna with four channels:

When you first click on this item, you have multiple options to use found in the picture below:

The first interaction called Hydrotherapy is pretty much a sim bathing in the mud bath using "clear" and clean water. They also get a chance to play with a rubber ducky, adding some humor and fun to your sim.

The next interactions is called the revitalizing mud bath. Basically, your sim will be taking a mud bath instead of an actual bath. The sim will wear cucumbers and sit there and relax. Once completed she will be "revitalized" and feel younger (in this case Mary Sue had gotten 2 days younger).

Next we have the "Make Steamed Vegetable Interaction." Notice how the option is greyed out for my sim. Thankfully, this interaction will NOT happen autonomously unless your sim has vegetables and if there is another cooking object somewhere else in the lot. I added some lettuce in Daniel's inventory and he had steamed some vegetables.

NOTE: It does NOT contain Sim Sweat

A small, but nifty feature added to this is the use of water particles and a player can turn on or off the waterfall effect. Below are the effects of what you see with and without the waterfall:

The last interaction is self explanatory. 

There are some extra features with the Sauna too such as it can accommodate up to three people, with one in the tub and also provides a new "Woohoo" interaction, exclusively new to the Sims 3 Store.

When you have two sims that are romantic enough in the Sauna (of course them being the only ones in the room), you have the option to "Sauna Woohoo" and the options are Woohoo, Try for Boy, and Try for Girl. The Try for Gender interaction is brand new and also provided in this premium content item for the first time.

You will also see below of what the Sauna Woohoo interaction looks like below:

Last but not least, it provides some new moodlets found below. I wasn't able to get all the moodlets, but these are some examples. More can be found in the Premium Content Item Guide attached here.

Now the question is whether or not this item is premium content worthy. Below is a simple and hopefully straightforward review on the Sauna as a Premium Content Object:

Design- 10/10 This Sauna was created with some creative new interactions, something to add to Spa Community lots, and also the fact it's easily customizable! Also it is the first one to provide new romantic interactions such as choosing a boy or girl, along with the fact it provides a new woohoo, exclusive for the first time.

Function- 10/10 So far no glitches have arrived, and thankfully there is no issue with it like the Ice Cream Maker/Deep Fryer that many simmers experience. It was well thought out and I will enjoy using it ^_^

Price- 8/10 Unfortunately, it would have gotten a 10/10 if it was bought individually. Since it is exclusive to the world, one must fork either 2450 Simpoints or 3700 Simpoints in order to get this item for their personal use, regardless of whether or not they want Sunlit Tides. If one enjoys Sunlit Tides, then it would be worth having this item. If one doesn't care for the world and want this, it isn't worth money to get the world just for this. 

Thankfully, I enjoyed both of them so in the long run, it was a good price for me ^_^

Hope you enjoyed Part 3 of this guide! Stay tuned for Part 4 =D

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  1. For me this has been my favorite premium item released thus far. My only complaint is that the benches are a wee bit high for gnomes so we have to jump up there. A plus is the cucumber slices do so compliment the making of gnome soup when added to steamed vegetables. ;)


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