Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mid-Century Modern Dining and Style Review

Hey Guys,

AznSensei here doing another review on the newest set released from the Sims 3 Store.

This set is basically an addition to the Mid-Century Fantasy theme and should hopefully complete the set now. Of course, with the lack of children furniture and clothing, which I won't dwell into in this review.

In this set, there are are total of 30 items, 11 of which are mostly furniture and decor items, and 19 items for females and males (including an outfit for teens and girls).

There are NO outfits for male teens and children from what I'm observing from the set though, which can be  a slight bummer. Also, there are no premium content items in this set.

The pricing of this set is on sale for 975/1100 Simpoints (On sale until 10/04/12). Basically for 30 items, you're getting pretty much almost half of the cost if you get it now. The total cost of all the items is 1750 Simpoints, and on sale you would get a discount of 775 Simpoints, which isn't a bad deal really.

Since the major price of the set is mostly hairs and clothing, by getting this set on sale, you're pretty much getting a few extra furniture items for free if you look at it that way. Otherwise, you're paying pretty much 32-33 Simpoints per item, which to me isn't so bad.

Below are the pictures of all the furniture and clothing found below, including any stencils or designs added (if any exist):







Clothing and Hair

Female Teens



Female YA/Adults






Female Child

Female Hair (Teen to Elder)

Male YA/Adult


Male Hair (Teen To Elder)

Final Review

Price: 10/10- Honestly, without premium content and a lot of clothing, the pricing of the set seems fairly reasonable and worth it if you like this kind of stuff. Even though 3/4 of the Furniture set is mostly Decoration, the overall price for 30+ items seems fairly good with me, considering it's around 32-33 Simpoints per item. Thankfully, with the discount and everything, this is the cost of half a stuff pack and there wasn't over-the-top pricing scheme on this particular set.

Theme: 10/10- This Set fits very well with the Mid Century Fantasy Sets and also can be used in other types of set, including Ultra Lounge,etc. Now all that is left is the Children's Furniture and Clothing, and this set will  be complete. Mid-Century Modern/Fantasy has been one of my favorite sets mainly because of the overall use and classical design, along with the fact that it is pretty much complete for a normal home. This theme may seem like the same as the Ultra Lounge theme, but it really would fit well in many other types of themes that one wants to use. I personally loved Ultra Lounge, so I definitely love this theme.

Design: 8/10- I think the design of some of the objects could use some improvement. First, the dining table should have been a different design as it looks EXACTLY almost the same as the one that comes with Ultra Lounge. Also, there is an issue with the outfit for female teens. It is MISSING designs, unlike the Adult Version. I am NOT a fan of one of the male hairs, but the afro one is a wonderful hairstyle to add for my African Sims, which is a major plus! Some of the decor items are nice to have, especially the apron rack and also the wall scone light. Those are one of my favorites now to add to a kitchen. The expresso machine is also well-designed so I can't wait to use it in one of my builds.

Basically recommend must haves:
- Higher Tech Hot Beverage Machine
- Three's a Crowd Ceiling Light
- Countdown Scone
- Higher Tech Apron Rack
- Mini- 'Fro, Daddy-O

Overall: 9.3/10- Overall, this set is indeed a nice addition to the store and fully completes the set of the Mid-Century Fantasy themed (of course for a home with adults and teens mostly). In the future, I do hope to see a children's furniture and clothing collection of this set, but one can only hope the Store Team listens to the requests of adding those categories in this theme. The furniture and decor is a nice touch to add to a normal mid-century home (which has been a popular theme in Lucky Palms and Sunlit Tides). I would definitely recommend using this set in those worlds and any future Modern Builds. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunlit Tides Map Guide

Hey guys,

After being inspired by what I post in my blog, I decided to also add a new nifty feature to this blogpost exclusively. I have now created an in-depth Map Guide of what is in Sunlit Tides.

In this Map Guide, you will find details and images of all of the Homes, Community Lots, and Families found in this world.

Below is the entire map of Sunlit Tides color-coded and designed to show you what each lot represents:

RED = Community Lots (36, 37 with Serenity Retreat)
Aqua Blue = Residential Lots (34)
Black = Empty Lots (15, 16 with Serenity Retreat Lot)

Community Lots

A. Mango's Military Base
Lot Size: 50x50

B. Sand, Sun, and Surf Corp.
Lot Size: 30x30

C. Captain Jack's Theater
Lot Size: 30x30

D. Serpentine Labs
Lot Size: 40x40

E. Pleasant Pages Bookstore
Lot Size: 30x30

F. Seaside Sculpture Park (Small Park)
Lot Size: 30x30

G. Midnight Moon Bistro
Lot Size: 30x30

H. The Hideaway (Hangout)
Lot Size: 25x25

I. The Hotspot (Hangout)
Lot Size: 30x30

J. Captain Jack's Beach (Beach)
Lot Size: 25x35

K. The Island Academy
Lot Size: 64x64

L. Grotto Groceries
Lot Size: 30x30

M. Tropic Llama Library
Lot Size: 50x50

N. Island Police Headquarters
Lot Size: 30x30

O. City Hall
Lot Size: 64x64

P. Paradise Pools
Lot Size: 40x40

Q. Jungle Jim's Gym
Lot Size: 40x40

R. Pleasant View Park (Big Park)
Lot Size: 50x50

S. Seaside Sports Center
Lot Size: 64x64

T. Coconut Palms Medical Facility
Lot Size: 40x40

U. Riki's Luau Diner
Lot Size: 25x20

V. Starfish Sands Playground (Big Park)
Lot Size: 50x50

W. Pirate's Pool
Lot Size: 25x25

X. Dreams of Paradise Day Spa
Lot Size: 30x30

Y. Oceanview Art Gallery
Lot Size: 30x30

Z. The Overlook (Big Park)
Lot Size: 40x40

Za. Sunshine Park (Small Park)
Lot Size: 30x30

Zb. The Lair (Criminal)
Lot Size: 64x64

Zc. Hot Sands Beach (Beach)
Lot Size: 30x20

Zd. Lagoon View Pools
Lot Size: 50x50

Ze. Jungle Fishing Spot
Lot Size: 20x20

Zf. Favorite Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
Lot Size: 30x30

Zg. Final Sunset Graveyard
Lot Size: 40x40

Zh. The Relaxation Station (Hangout)
Lot Size: 40x40

Zi. The Hidden Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
Lot Size: 20x25

Zj. Paradise Park and Garden (Small Park)
Lot Size: 25x25

Residential Lots

1. Ocean Views- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 15x10
Household: Earnest
Funds: $20,000
Sims: Maria Earnest (Elder)

Description: When Maria was younger her mother swore that she would want more out of life; a husband, a "regular" job, and a family, but in her heart Maria always knew that her first love was the sea. As the best angler on the island, Maria has no shortage of friends and enjoys her quiet life spent fishing along the endless tracts of beach.

2. The Hot House- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x15
Household: N/A

3. Heavenly Home- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x20
Household: N/A

4. Rhapsody- 2br, 2ba
Lot Size: 50x50
Household:  Hale
Funds: $120,000
Sims: Kimo Hale (Father), Talei Hale (Mother), Kiwi Hale (Son)

Description: Kimo likes order in his home, in his life, and, most importantly, in his work. Talei fears her cold husband and spends her time sheltering their son, ensuring he gets all of the love he needs. When the mysterious Silas Allender starts showing her warm romantic attentions, she can't help but wonder what the future might be like with someone new….

5. The Island Pearl- 3br, 3ba
Lot Size: 40x40
Household: Kahale
Funds: $200,000
Sims: Alana Kahale (Mother), Kai Kahale (Father), Lealani Kahali (Daughter)

Description: Kai and Alana Kahale rule the island with iron wills and nerves of steel! Alana's brilliance keeps Kai at the top of his game and Kai’s fearsome presence and political clout keep Alana out of any real danger. With their passions well in hand, their biggest focus in life is making sure their beautiful daughter lives the life of her wildest dreams…will Lealani follow in her parents' footsteps, or choose a different path?

6. The Shark Hut- 4br, 4ba
Lot Size: 40x40
Household: N/A


7. The Jungle Recluse- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 15x10
Household: Waterson
Funds: $20,000
Sims: Eleanor Waterson (Elder)

Description: Eleanor lives in the quiet comfort of a fulfilled life. Since her husband Hal passed away, she's spent the endless days watching the comings and goings on the island while waiting for her own final sunset…but a friend recently told her they saw Hal’s ghost in the graveyard. Is it possible that these two lovers could be reunited in this world?

8. Life on the Lagoon- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x25
Household: Swift
Funds: $25,000
Sims: Kaila Swift (Female Adult)

Description: Kaila is one of the best chefs on the island. She can make the most amazing food out of the ingredients that she finds or grows, but her mysterious, eccentric manner has the townspeople wondering if she isn't also cooking up something else as well! Just what is it she does all day at the science lab?

9. Harmony Home- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 15x10
Household: Mango
Funds: $10,000
Sims: Maru Mango (Male Adult)

Description: Maru Mango has always marched to the beat of his own drummer, a.k.a. "Mitch", a figment of his imagination who talks to him every other day. So it was a surprise to him and everyone in town when he got the job to run the island's military…mostly because no one else applied. Will the voices in his head help bring stability to the island, or do they have a secret agenda Maru knows nothing about?

10. Little Piece of Paradise- 2br, 2ba
Lot Size: 40x40
Household: Wahine
Funds: $40,000
Sims: Leo Wahine (Father), Sera Wahine (Mother), Luna Wahine (Daughter), Tenika Wahine (Daughter), Twikki Wahine (Son)

Description: Leo & Sera are the island favorites. Married straight out of high school, they went straight to work filling their home with lots of kids, and lots of love. But Tenika is grown up and in love with a man her father refuses to accept…will she bend to her family’s wishes, or risk their disapproval in the name of love?

11. Sanctuary- 3br, 3ba
Lot Size: 40x40
Household: N/A


12. Equatorial Abode- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 15x10

13. Forever Tropical- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 30x30
Household: Beach Bums
Funds: $16,000
Sims: Young Adults
Ricardo Gregario (Male With Hat), Suzuki Hinata (Brunette Male), Len Tsang (Blond Male)

Description: Ricardo, Len, and Suzuki have lived together since the day they graduated high school. But when his roommates grew out of their youthful awkwardness into attractive young adults, Ricardo can't help but feel left behind. Can his friends help give him the confidence to go after the girl of his dreams?

14. Tropic Fever- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x30
Household: Gonzalo
Funds: $25,000
Sims: Gilberto Gonzalo (Young Adult Male)

Description: Gilberto is a star and he knows it! All of the men want to be him and the women want to be with him! When a recruiter for the Sunset Valley Llamas offers him a spot on their all-star team he's torn: take the opportunity of a lifetime, or stay here in comfort as the biggest fish in his small pond?

15. The Wanderer's Way- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 10x15
Household: Keilani
Funds: $15,000
Sims: Keaunu Keilani (Elder Male)

Description: Keanu has lived on the island his entire life. It didn't take long for him to realize that he associated more with things than with people. Over the years he's found beauty in all parts of the island and the treasures in his collection make his life whole. So what if people in the town don't understand him? Who needs people…he has his treasures. They'll understand.

16. I Can Smell The Sea- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x20
Household: Yang
Funds: $20,000
Sims: Pearl Yang (Young Adult Female)

Description: As the most beautiful girl in town, Pearl has been the center of attention all of her life. But when her life-changing scientific advances go unnoticed she can't help but wonder if her beauty is all that she'll be known for. She's dying to find someone who sees the real her, inside and out…

17. Semitropical Abode- 3br, 4ba
Lot Size: 50x50
Household: N/A

18. Happy Habitat- 3br, 2ba
Lot Size: 30x20

19. I Can Hear The Sea- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x20
Household: Allender
Funds: $20,000
Sims: Silas Allender (Adult Male)

Description: For Silas this picturesque island is just another assignment in yet another town and his burgeoning "romance" with Talei Hale comes with the job. But when he starts getting actual feelings for Iris Adams he begins to wonder if it's time to put his life as a spy aside in search of something more....

20. Home, Now With Sand- 3br, 2ba
Lot Size: 30x30
Household: Parrott
Funds: $24,000
Sims: Adult Females
Ramona Parrott (Left), Lucretia Parrott (Middle), Clementine Parrott (Right)

Description: Clementine couldn't believe that she actually agreed to live with her sisters. Her sister Lucretia spends her nights out on the town and her days on the beach, and her sister Ramona can't sit still long enough to find a focus of her own. Even though they're triplets, Clementine can't help but wonder: When will her sisters ever grow up?

21. The Tropical Zone- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 35x25
Household: Alto
Funds: $100,000
Sims: Griffin Alto (Young Adult Male)

Description: Griffin left home on a trek to "find himself" before settling down into the drudgery of the family business, but, once on the island, he immediately fell for a tropical beauty and decided his future would be wherever she is… Will Griffin be able to convince Leo that he is worthy of Tenika’s hand, or will Griffin have to take more drastic measures?

22. A Moment In Time- 3br, 3ba
Lot Size: 30x30
Household: Adams
Funds: $80,000
Sims: Iris Adams (Mother), Alastair Adams (Teen Son), Milton Adams (Child Son)

Description: With a hefty divorce settlement in tow, Iris Adams is in search of closure and a fresh start for her and her two sons, Alastair and Milton. Alastair is finally coming into his own with music and a teen romance, but Milton seems stuck in his shell. Can this family recover and rebuild?

23. The Beach House
Lot Size: 64x64
Household: N/A

24. The Sun's Smile- 3br, 2ba
Lot Size: 25x25
Household: Pepper
Funds: $25,000
Sims: Laurita Pepper (Mother), Penelope Pepper (Daughter), Martin Pepper (Son)

Description: Martin hoped that the beautiful scenery and change of pace would help mend his family after the death of his father. Sadly, as his mother continues to retreat into depression and his sister continues to retreat into selfish disregard, he knows it's up to him to set his family right. But is the burden too much for one so young?

25. Paradise Pad- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x20
Household: N/A

26. Shady Rest- 2br, 2ba
Lot Size: 20x25
Household: Strong
Funds: $24,000
Sims: Julian Strong (Father), Maggie Strong (Daughter)

Description: After the death of his wife, Julian has had the hardest time connecting with his daughter. From hairstyles, to wardrobe, to puberty, life has been hard on the Strong family, and teenage Maggie is showing some signs of wear. Julian is worried that his wonderful daughter won't be the woman he knows she can be, but when she starts bringing around young Edmund Carnegie he has to decide whether or not he can let his daughter be the woman she wants to be…

27. Retreat From The Sun- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x20
Household: Best Friends
Funds: $12,000
Sims: Young Adult Females
Theodora Jayne (Left), Ursula Lemuel (Right)

Description: Ursula brought her best friend, Theodora, to the island in hopes that she'd finally unwind! Her friend has everything going for her, beauty, smarts and an amazing body, but she constantly hides away. Ursula wants to bring the fun out of Theodora but doesn't intend to stay indoors and wait while there is fun to be had…there are men on this island. Plenty of men!

28. Tropic Times- 3br, 2ba
Lot Size: 25x35
Household: Carnegie
Funds: $26,000
Eugene Carnegie (Father), Ethel Carnegie (Mother), Edmund Carnegie (Son), Elosie Carnegie (Daughter)

Description: When Eugene takes a step back and looks at his life this is not how he imagined it… A much needed respite in paradise is being ruined by his domineering wife who can't stop bossing him around long enough to enjoy the sunshine. His son is cowering further into the shadows and his daughter just can't be tamed. Can Eugene find peace on this island vacation, or will chaos rule supreme?

29. My First Vacation Home- 3br, 4ba
Lot Size: 40x40
Household: Hoffman
Funds: $45,000
Sims: Hazel Hoffman (Mother), Hugh Hoffman (Father), Helen Hoffman (Daughter), Hector Hoffman (Son)

Description: Hazel loves her family more than she can say, but being a super wife to a successful husband and raising two wonderful children has left her tired and stressed. When Hugh offers a stay on an island paradise she jumps at the chance to relax and maybe leave her husband with the kids for the day…with family bonding at an all time high is there any reason for the Hoffmans to ever leave the island?

30. The Wayfarer- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 30x30
Household: Fitzpatrick
Funds: $50,000
Sims: Elders
Niles Fitzpatrick (Husband), Isadora Fitzpatrick (Wife)

Description: Niles and Isadora love their life together. Without children neither their bodies or wallets have been ravaged by the sands of time. Now in their old age they enjoy the peaceful elegance of island life. Lobster Thermidor anyone?


31. Seaside Retreat- 2br, 3ba
Lot Size: 25x35
Household: Grantham
Funds: $20,000
Gavin Grantham (Father), Alice Grantham (Mother), Sophie Grantham (Daughter Child), Katherine Grantham (Daughter Toddler)

Description: Gavin had it all planned out for a son. Football in the yard, teaching him to drive, telling him how to treat a girl at prom, but when his wife Alice had a baby girl and followed by ANOTHER girl he's concerned that a baby boy is a long way off... He's brought his family to the island to get some rest and relaxation before he asks his wife to try just one more time for the son of his dreams. Little do they know there is a surprise in store for them all!

32. The Jungle Garden- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 20x15
Household: Young Romance
Funds: $10,000
Sims: Young Adult
Rosalind Cruzita (Female), Alonso Candelaria (Male)

Description: Rosalind couldn't believe her luck when handsome Alonso Candelaria said he was crazy about her, and she really couldn't believe it when he proposed a romantic getaway! Perhaps it was being so smitten that clouded her eyes to the fact that he's been spending an awful lot of time with the other young women they met on the beach?

33. Jungle Dwelling- 3br, 3ba
Lot Size: 30x30
Household: N/A

34. The House That Love Built- 1br, 1ba
Lot Size: 25x25
Household: Pleasant
Funds: $25,000
Sims: Daniel Pleasant, Mary-Sue Pleasant

Description: Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant are as pleasant as their name implies. After a beautiful whirlwind wedding, they've come to the island for a relaxing honeymoon. The world is their oyster and their marriage is sure to stay this blissful forever…right?

Empty Lots

E1. 30x20 Community

E2. 30x20 Community

E3. 50x50 Residential

E4. 40x40 Residential

E5. 35x25 Residential

E6. 25x20 Residential

E7. 64x64 Residential

E8. 64x64 Residential

E9. 35x25 Residential

E10. 25x25 Residential

E11. 20x20 Residential

E12. 25x25 Community

E13. 40x40 Residential

E14.  20x40 Residential

E15. 20x30 Community

SR. 30x30 Community (For Serenity Retreat)