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Savvy Seller's Collection Tutorial: How to Build a Shop

Recently, it seems like many simmers are confused on how this particular object works and figuring out the steps on HOW TO make a shop and running it. Therefore, in order to help those who may/may not still be confused, I have "hopefully" written up a detailed tutorial on building a shop for you.

Things you CAN and CANNOT Sell:

- Build/Buy Objects that have values on them

- Food
- Harvestables
- Collectibles
- Craftables like Paintings, Sculptures, and Inventions
- Relics in World Adventures

First things first, you will need to be accustomed to all of the objects that are included in this particular Premium Content Set.

The Items are:
- Cash Register
- 5 Rug Sizes (1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4)
- Pedestal
- Car Space
- Shelf
- Shop Door

You can find these objects below:

  • Sort by Room->Bedroom->End Tables
  • Sort by Room->Living Room->Rugs
  • Sort by Room->Outdoors->Transportation
  • Sort by Function->Surfaces->End Tables
  • Sort by Function->Surfaces->Displays
  • Sort by Function->Electronics->Misc. Electronics
  • Sort by Function->Décor->Rugs
  • Sort by Function->Décor->Misc. Décor
  • Sort by Function->Vehicles->Cars
  • Build Mode->Doors

For the functionality of all of these objects, you DO NOT need the Cash Register to purchase items, and it is possible to purchase from the rugs/car spaces/ pedestals/shelves. Basically, you can do the following:

1. Have a garage sale with just the rugs on your home, and invite sims.

2. Have a business shop in your residential home.

3. Have shelves displayed in your room/other sims room and purchase from their room.

You can run your business in a RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL LOT. It is recommended though that you use a commercial lot so you can sell your content easily to NPC's.

In order to make profit off of the shops, your sim MUST OWN the community lot. Then you will start making profit. Otherwise, you do not need to own the lot in order to change the functions of the objects.

You will also only need to place the item once as it's a "demo/display" item. Even if the item sells, it will still stay on the displays for repurchasing. There is NO RESTOCKING FEE/Feature.

You CANNOT lose money with this Premium Content Object.

I will be using three categories for this tutorial for the objects:
  1. Cash Register
  2. Shop Door
  3. Rugs/Shelves/Pedestals/Car Spaces
I believe this may be the most confusing out of all of the objects in the past as no one knows for sure how this particularly works. Therefore, I will bullet-point the important features of the shop door, storage units, and cash register

Shop Door
  • You can set the closing and opening times ON THE DOOR. It does not apply to the entire lot. Setting the hours on the door will just only set when the door is locked. You will need the register in order to set the hours of your business, not the door.

  • Setting the name is a "per door" basis, meaning you can have multiple shops in one lot if you want to and each door would have different names.

  • I'd strongly use this door only for Commercial Lots.
That is the only function of the door, so I hope that clarifies things.
Cash Register
  • This can be used on RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL Lots. Recommended for Commercial Lots.
  • In order to sell goods with the register, you MUST have objects on the Rugs/Pedestals/Parking Space/Shelves that are tied to this collection.

  • You can hire/fire a salesclerk. If you want to change the outfit of the clerk, you will HAVE to use testingcheatsenabled true and shift+click them to edit them in CAS. 
  • If you hire an NPC on your home lot, they may leave whenever they please, so please do not use this in a residential lot.

  • You are setting hours for the lot in order for your NPC sim to attend the register mostly. Once it reaches closing time, that sim will leave the lot. This feature DOES NOT affect the Shop Doors NOR the Rugs/Shelves/Pedestals/Car Spaces. Your sim can still purchase off-hours, but the register will not be accessible.

  • You can check the sales performance during the sim day or entire shop lifetime using the "Check Sales Performance Option.

  •  You can purchase on the register based on all the objects found on the displays in the lot. 

That is pretty much it for the register.

Rugs/Shelves/Pedestals/Car Spaces

  • You can use the in both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL Lots. 
  • You are NOT required to have the register in order to purchase from these.
  • The complete list of content will be added later this weekend.

Rugs and Car Spaces

For the rugs, it comes in 5 different sizes and you can pick and use any of the sizes, as long as the object is on the rug or touching it. I would also not recommend "overlapping" rugs as the items will be listed twice if it's on multiple rugs.

When you enter build/buy mode in the lot (easily accessible for commercial lots if your sim owns it and your camera is on the lot), you just need to find an item and place it on the rug shown below. Any objects that are in Buy Mode that do not require a table or surface can be placed on the rugs. 

  • Your sim can purchase directly from these rugs, and DO NOT require the Shop Door or Cash Register to purchase
  • Ceiling Lights are purchasable if they are above the rugs.
  • You can place bicycles on a bike rack and sell both of them on these rugs also. 
  • Car Spaces use only one vehicle, so you'll need a big lot if you want your own car shop.
  • Toys that are from the toy machine MUST be placed on a NORMAL pedestal on top of a rug in order to sell it in the Toy Shop.

  • If placed on the wall, you can sell wall paintings, wall lights, and EVEN WINDOWS shown below.

Special Circumstances: In order to place "Residential-Restricted" Objects such as the Stoves and Vehicles in the Kitchen, you must do the following:

Step 1: Purchase the stove/car in your HOME lot and place them in your family inventory after purchase.

Step 2: Go to your shop and go into build/buy mode and then try to place the item from your family inventory. It should now let you place it on the rug, even though it's not allowed on commercial lots.

And there you go! You can now sell Stoves, Cars, or other Restricted Objects on a commercial lot.


The shelves function just like the rugs, except that they can only hold CERTAIN small objects such as small plants, small decor, table lights, etc. 

You can hold up from one object to 4-6 objects on each shelf, depending on the size of the object. Functional toys cannot be put on the shelves.


These are probably important as they are pretty much like end tables that can hold lots of small objects that can be placed on a table. This object can hold from 1 item to up to 4-7 objects.

Disclaimer: Toys CANNOT be placed in this pedestal, so you'll have to use the BASE GAME ones on a rug in order to sell them. No clue whether or not this was intentional, so hopefully it's an oversight and may be fixed.


  1. Thank you so much for this, Chris. Really helped out a LOT!


  2. Thank you for taking time to investigate and post this info. Sharing at

  3. Thank you so much,there is one name(nearly perfect pedestals) but i dun see in store?any help for this?thanks

  4. Bookmarked! thanks for doing this and putting the time in to provide such a clear and comprehensive tutorial!

    MissE :)

  5. Hello, what kind of commercial lot should I set my shop at? I can't seem to purchase the lot if they are set to park and visitors allowed. I have trouble getting customers into my shop when I set it to residential.

    1. buy a shop lot

    2. Whats a shop lot? I have all the expansions. Its not under the community lot list.

    3. I am having the same issue :/

    4. Use Hangout. The original stores in Midnight Hollow are all hangouts.

  6. Oh My God! Thank you! I just got this and I was trying to learn how to use it!!!

  7. Perfect, this is just what I've been looking for. Just one question, is it possible to have a shop of things like nectar, paintings, relics, etc? I've been working on that idea for my current sims but it just me that it may not be possible.

    1. No, only stuff in build and buy; but there is a mod to be able to sell anything and it includes restocking for a price, so you can actually run the business.

  8. Thank you! This tutorial help me a lot. :)

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  10. Thank you for this tutorial, it was very helpful!

    I've just discovered that by changing the lot type to "Consignment Store" and adding an additional Consignment register it's possible to sell all goods, even the self made ones, from the one lot. I even have the "Business As Usual Bistro" set up as a restaurant on the same lot and functioning too. So in summary I have the "Consignment register" from Ambitions, the "Savvy Seller's Collection", and the "Business As Usual Bistro" set, functioning all together on a "Consignment Store" lot, this may work with other Ambitions style lots as well yet to experiment.

  11. Once I get a commercial lot, what am I supposed to set it to? Visitors allowed? Because there isn't a shop option

  12. I was wondering if there are restriction regarding the items you can sell from the rug. I placed strollers on it and sims are unable to buy them. I also made a car dealer lot and using Buzzlers Build/Buy Restriction Choker mod it was actually very easy. The stroller thing is beyond my understanding Still very disappointed that I can not sell paintings with this seller set.

  13. To me it seems rather pointless. Why would I want to sell stuff from build buy mode, when my sim has excess paintings, sculptures, relics and plumbots. Seems kind of useless to me. I was excited about this item because I thought that it was like OFB in Sims2 where you could sell things that you made. BOO EA. epic fail

  14. how do you install the world (package files)

  15. Thank you for posting this! Quick question, though. If I were to have a vending machine, bar, slot machine, etc. on the lot would the money customer sims spent on these items be awarded to my sims? I hope this is clear.

  16. Hi,
    Does anyone have trouble getting sims to shop at their store without inviting them to the store? I've had my shop for several days, I've purchased the lot, changed it to a hangout, but I still can't get NPC's to shop.

  17. - You can place some buydebug items on a commercial lot, like the motive mobile, treasure chests, nectar machine etc. so you only need to cheat once to obtain these (for the lowest price of course). Because I do not like to play with the cheat console on, this really adds to my gameplay. My Sims can sort their stuff in the chests and drive around in the motive mobile right from the start.
    - I have some apartment lots with savvy sellers in the public space. You don't have to invite Sims over to earn money because your roommates and their guests will buy it (some must be sold from inventory). Your Sim cannot change the things for sale, but Bonehilda on a rug can make you very rich.

  18. How is this door looking? I can not find it where my other doors are.


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