Friday, May 31, 2013

Dragon Valley Store World Review

Hey guys,

Welcome to my review of the newest world released: Dragon Valley. There will be multiple parts of this guide, so if you are searching for anything particular regarding this world, hit that Ctrl+F and find the part you want to find. I hope you guys enjoy this Review just as much as I did making it.

First off, here are the collection files:

Dragon Valley:
Duke of Bows Renaissance Venue:
Celtic Lands:

Part 1: The Price
Part 2: The World and Rabbitholes
Part 3: The Baby Dragon
Part 4: The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire Venue
Part 5: Celtic Lands
Part 6: CAS
Part 7: Build/Buy
Part 8: Returning Families
Part 9: Overall Review

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lunar Lakes Map Guide

Welcome to the Lunar Lakes Map Guide!

This guide will contain all the information of all of the community, residential, and even empty lots that can be adventured in this world. Included are also all of the sims that come with this world, up to as close as detail as possible on them.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fifth Avenue Fashions Store Set Review

Hello, AznSensei here reviewing the recent set released on May 16th, 2013 called the 5th Avenue Fashions. This is a 26-item CAS set focused on clothing themed for the business environment.

I hope you guys enjoy this review!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lucky Palms Map Guide

Welcome to the Lucky Palms Map Guide!

This will be an in-depth guide of all the lots, families, and features that come with Lucky Palms so that you know where to find what and what is included with Lucky Palms much more than just the objects. This map also will help you navigate to the places you need to go and what hotspots there are in this town. I hope you guys enjoy!

Aurora Skies Map Guide

DISCLAIMER: Horribly belated, but I hope this is beneficial for some still! Enjoy!


Welcome to the Aurora Skies Map Guide!

Much like how I have created Sunlit Tides, and Monte Vista Map Guides, Aurora Skies will follow suit in an in-depth guide on all of the lots that have been created. Feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you guys are well-informed on what lots, families and sims are there in this brand new world!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Process

In anticipation for Island Paradise, I am now currently working on remodeling the Lucky Simoleon Casino. Why you ask?

First off, half of the lot is not builder-friendly, especially when you want to place certain items, but due to the diagonal walls, it provides difficulties in placing those items. Therefore, I made the entire to "square" rather than diagonal.

I added some empty floors on the left side, expanded the dining hall to include a showtime stage, and added 3 floors of hardcore gambling fun for all to enjoy.

I'm hoping to have this fully finalized by release of Island Paradise next month, so here's a sneak peek.

The Many Faces of Poker

What happens when you practice Poker on the Dead Man's Hand Poker Table, and the random titles I called them. Enjoy

The "I'm Confident" Poker Face

The "Side Scratch" Poker Face

The "I Lost" Poker Face

 The "Hmmmm" Poker Face

The "I Got This" Poker Face

The Evil Poker Face

The "I'm Excited" Poker Face

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Double Down Poker and Roulette

Hey guys,

Just making a small review as only two items have been released today: The Dead Man's Hand Poker Table and The Let It Ride Roulette Table.