Friday, September 27, 2013

Midnight Hollow Store World Review

Welcome to my review of the newest store world released for The Sims 3 Store: Midnight Hollow. In this review, I will talk about the content that is available to players, the overall look of the world, the premium content, the gold edition, Build/Buy and CAS aspects, and also the price breakdown towards the end of the review.

Collection Files:
Golden Ticket Toy Shop
Midnight Hollow

I hope you guys enjoy this review, and please note that it will be lengthy, so if you don't want to read everything, just read the Overall Review at the end for a quick summary.


Table of Contents:
  • Part One: The World and Theme
  • Part Two: Price Breakdown + Offers
  • Part Three: The Rabbitholes
  • Part Four: The Savvy Seller's Collection
  • Part Five: The Golden Ticket Toy Shop
  • Part Six: The Titanic Toy Machine
  • Part Seven: Build/Buy
  • Part Eight: CAS
  • Part Nine: Complemental Store content
  • Final Part: Overall Review
Part One: The World and Theme

This world is the 10th world released via the Store (9th costing money) and approaches the sims through a different theme than the previous versions. While we see modern tropical sand with Sunlit Tides, or the beautiful plains and town-life of Monte Vista, up to the Medieval period of Dragon Valley, Midnight Hollow introduces a theme to that of a Gothic Forest, with inspirations from Steampunk, Victorian, and pretty much a darker, grittier theme of modern society today. 

According to the world description, it's a century-old Victorian town full of eccentric sims, and social outcasts that thrive to live together in harmony in order to create a community that thrives with business and individuality. Based on that description, you will find sims that are related to mostly the quirky, weird, and prodigies of famous people centuries back, and you will see a lot of wonderful aesthetic objects and clothing that help flesh out the Victorian/Steampunk theme of this world.

At first, I wasn't too impressed or excited for this world. After the days got closer and closer, and more images of the world show up, I started to love more of how it was built, and the use of so much architectural styles and objects to fully flesh out the world. As much as I'm not a fan of the dark theme persay, I was really enjoying the selection of objects, clothes, and even the new premium content that came with this world. Now, I think I'm starting to like this dark theme. 

The main inspiration of this world was one of the themes put in a poll last year, which had listed Gothic Forest as one of the options for simmers to vote for. While Dragon Valley seemed to have won over Gothic Forest, I do think it might have been the 2nd theme that had gotten lots of votes. Therefore, you now see that incarnation of Gothic Forest: Midnight Hollow. Some may say this might be inspired by Harry Potter such as the Sleepy Hollows or even Diagon Alley.  Others might find the inspiration of this world Tim Burton-esque even. However, there can be many inspirations from current popular themes incorporated together, and these are just a few examples in order to create a huge, unique theme to The Sims 3.

There are lots of things to do in this world, which include plenty of shops, brand new sims to play with, and more building options. The scenery of this world is dark and mysterious, but breathtakingly beautiful for such a dark and horrifying world.

Below is my first glance at the world upon entering it. The world shows up in a crimson red lighting and looks beautiful already as I just started playing:

There is so much to explore and lots of open space in this world and you can tell by the screenshots below:

Part Two: Price Breakdown + Offers

Midnight Hollows is available via The Sims 3 Store as two different sets: Standard Edition and Gold Edition. Included in both versions are the following:

Standard: 2450 Simpoints
- Midnight Hollow World
- Build/Buy and CAS with the world
- Savvy Seller's Collection Premium Content

Gold: 4350 Simpoints *On Sale for 3900 Simpoints until 10/07/13*
- Midnight Hollow World
- Build/Buy and CAS with the world
- Savvy Seller's Collection Premium Content
- Golden Ticket Toy Shop Venue 
- Titanic Toy Machine Premium Content
- Build/Buy and CAS content with a Gold Star

The Gold Edition back then, was treated as a combination pack of both the standard (actual world) + additional gameplay content that is included in what we call a "venue" (a lot). The Gold Edition had been utilized with Lucky Palms + Lucky Simoleon Casino, Sunlit Tides + Serenity Retreat, and Aurora Skies + Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center. However, with Serenity Retreat being tied to Sunlit Tides was sold 2 months later, while the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center being still not for sale individually for 7 months now, there is a little chance the Toy Shop Venue will be sold separately.

THEREFORE, please think really hard on whether or not you really want the extra content for an additional cost of 1450 Simpoints, because if you get the standard now, there is no way for you to get Gold unless you go to CS to change that. 

It is still disheartening that instead of them releasing the Standard, Venue, and Gold on day one, they decide to lock the Gold Content, in order to entice the players to purchase the Gold Edition rather than the Standard. Not to mention the fact, that utilizing the Standard Edition's Premium Content justifies that it will for sure not be sold individually, and your only option is Standard or Gold, most likely. 

Anyways, included for a Limited Time Only is the special Midnight Hollow Voodoo Bundle. It will only be sold for a limited time, and the date upon removal has been unannounced.  There are two different bundles, and they both give the same number of content, but provide you an incentive in terms of Simpoints for those who want to save money. The Bundles are summarized below:

$40 Bundle:
- 5000 Simpoints (4000 + 1000 Bonus Simpoints)
- Hexing Headpiece Female Outfit
- Mumbo Gumbo Ensemble Male Outfit
- Vagabond of the Swamp Garb Female Outfit

$60 Bundle:
- 7900 Simpoints (6000 + 1900 Bonus Simpoints)
- Hexing Headpiece Female Outfit
- Mumbo Gumbo Ensemble Male Outfit
- Vagabond of the Swamp Garb Female Outfit

The only difference is the number of bonus simpoints, and purchasing the $40 bundle will get you 1000 additional simpoints, while the $60 bundle gets you 1900 additional simpoints. The bonuses are better than buying 2x$20 bundle (4080 Simpoints) or 3x$20 bundle (6120 Simpoints). Other than that, the items are pictured below.

Hexing Headpiece

Mumbo Gumbo Ensemble

Vagabond of the Swamp Garb

Finally, after comparing the cost of other store content to this world, I have compiled a list of all the build/buy and CAS content that comes with this world, utilizing the usual price of store content sold individually, and combining them to a total of how much it would cost via the store, and how much one would save. Please note that the standard is utilized due to the nature that you only need standard for the world, not gold. 

Savvy Seller's Collection: 500 Simpoints 
Main Business Rabbithole: 100 Simpoints
Rabbitholes: 11 x 50 = 550 Simpoints
Sitting Pretty Gothic Chair: 100 Simpoints 
Voluminous Valence: 75 Simpoints
Left Voluminous Curtain: 75 Simpoints
Right Voluminous Curtain: 75 Simpoints
Windowed Victorian Double Doors: 100 Simpoints
Victorian Double Doors: 100 Simpoints
Victorian Single Door: 100 Simpoints
Pretty Porch Fencing: 50 Simpoints 
Gothic Ingle Fireplace: 100 Simpoints 
Graceful Headstone Decor: 25 Simpoints
Peaceful Headstone Decor: 25 Simpoints
Respectful Headstone Decor: 25 Simpoints
Dutiful Headstone Decor: 25 Simpoints
Lightum Candelabrum Floorum Light: 25 Simpoints
Illuminating Lamp Post: 25 Simpoints
Lightum Candelabrum Tableum Light: 25 Simpoints
Macabre Mailbox: 50 Simpoints 
Luxurious Looking Glass Wall Mirror: 75 Simpoints 
Mural Moderne -Wide Painting: 50 Simpoints
Mural Modern: 50 Simpoints
Gothic Frigidaire: 100 Simpoints 
Star Shaped Rug: 50 Simpoints 
Draped Demise Statue: 50 Simpoints 
Truly Traditional Gable: 50 Simpoints
Narrow Traditional Gable: 50 Simpoints
Wide Traditional Gable: 50 Simpoints
Barbed Gable: 50 Simpoints
Narrow Barbed Gable: 50 Simpoints
Wide Barbed Gable: 50 Simpoints
Classic Roof Ridge: 50 Simpoints
Steel Roof Ridge: 50 Simpoints
Finely Tapered Spire: 50 Simpoints
Stiff As a Feather Sofa: 100 Simpoints 
Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase: 100 Simpoints 
Coal Burning Stove: 100 Simpoints 
Hand Carved Dining Table: 75 Simpoints 
Cathedral Window: 100 Simpoints
Unstained Glass Window: 100 Simpoints
Female Outfits: 75 x 7 = 525 Simpoints 
Female Hairstyles: 100 x 5 = 500 Simpoints 
Female Top + Bottom: 50 x 2 = 100 Simpoints 
Male Hairstyles: 100 x 4 = 400 Simpoints 
Male Outfit: 75 Simpoints 
Male Tops: 50 x 2 = 100 Simpoints 
Male Shoes: 25 Simpoints 
Burnt House Building: 25 Simpoints 
Abandoned Train Station Decor + Train Tracks: 25 x 8 = 200 Simpoints 
Build Mode Plants: 50 x 29 = 1450 Simpoints
Wallpapers: 25 x 29 = 725 Simpoints
Floor Tiles: 25 x 12 = 300 Simpoints

Total: 111 Total Items for 7975 Simpoints 
World Cost: 2450 Simpoints 
Savings: 5525 Simpoints 

Looking at the savings, and the cost of all the individual content, Midnight Hollows has provided the most amount of content than another store world has included. Not only is it nice that the price of the world has been the same since Hidden Springs at 2450 Simpoints, but there are tons of more objects that can be utilized rather than seeing base game trees, content, etc. utilized in this world. There are tons of build/buy options, mostly surrounding roofs, and also clothes that are Steampunk-Victorian-Inspired also. I personally feel that even though it is overpriced, like all store content, it has provided the best deal than any other store world that has been released.

If you are not a fan of the price, then I would just suggest wait for a better sale (which may or may not come anytime soon).

Part Three: The Rabbitholes

Midnight Hollows has tons of new rabbithole designs, and recolors, in order to match the theme of a Gothic Forest with influences of Steampunk and Victorian Architecture. In this part of the review, I will be showcasing all of the new rabbitholes that are included, along with small feedback of each rabbithole.

Of all the rabbitholes, only certain ones have been redesigned:

- Business
- Science Center
- Mausoleum
- Hospital
- School
- Stadium

All of the others are mostly recolors.

Business: Simagon Alley
Lot Size: 64x64

While it may be a huge building, this particular rabbithole seems to be inspired by Diagon Alley of the Harry Potter Series. I love how there are many different buildings, and the fact it just gives an amazing feeling of being in a town, especially in Midnight Hollows. I find this particular rabbithole the main rabbithole of this world, and not to mention that it's well-designed and one of my favorites.

There is one thing I wished the Store Team could have done that was new. Improvise this particular lot by using multiple rabbitholes. You would then see a Business District utilizing the following:

  • Business Rabbithole
  • Grocery Store Rabbithole
  • Bookstore Rabbithole
  • Spa Rabbithole
I think this could have been an amazing opportunity to utilize 4 rabbitholes into one for the first time in The Sims 3, but alas we only get the Business tied to this one.

Science Center: Fascinating Facts Observatory
Lot Size: 30x20

This is my 2nd favorite rabbithole as it is an amazing-detailed observatory for the science center, perfect for all steampunk-loving players and sims alike. The giant telescope looking into the sky adds a nice touch, and not to mention it's a tower. It's very whimsical, and gives a feeling of something that's.... freaking amazing. All I can say. One of the best rabbithole designs introduced!

Mausoleum: World's End Mausoleum
Lot Size: 50x25

The only thing different about this Mausoleum compared to the others is that it has dead branches around it, and a Huge X on the door. Making it much more creepier than the other Mausoleums.  Other than that, there is nothing detailed differently than the Base Game Mausoleum.

Hospital: St. James Simitarium
Lot Size: 40x40

This hospital rabbithole just gives me the chills as it looks like one of those insitutes for the mentally-insane, or even patients that are being experimented on by some crazy doctor. I find this style of the hospital befitting, old-fashioned, and not the same generic hospitals as the other ones in the worlds.

Bistro: Noble Noshery
Lot Size: 25x35

This bistro gives a more old-fashioned and run-down style versus the other bistros. It has dark colors, and has dead vines on it, giving it a gothic feel to it.

Criminal Warehouse: Hazardous Hideaway
Lot Size: 30x30

Nothing looks different than the other criminal warehouse. Sometimes, I feel like the Abandoned Train Station should have been the criminal warehouse. Missed opportunity there I think.

Theatre: Talentless Theatre
Lot Size: 20x40

It reminds me of the old theatre that was featured in the Disney Movie (Halloweentown)... Well the colors I think. It looks run-down, as if no one has gone there for a movie in a while, and it provides some eerieness to the town.

Police Station + Military Base: The Just Us Justice Department
Lot Size: 40x40

It's so simple, yet realistically where one would find such a type in a gothic forest, or a world like this. I think this would be one of those special standard police stations you would see, or mostly what looks like a prison pretty much. 

School: School of Hard Knocks
Lot Size: 25x25

I feel like this particular school reminds me of an old-fashioned boarding school, where children did not enjoy going to school here, and has a reminiscence of Annie (Hard Knock Life anyone?) with this. It's pretty old-fashioned, but subtle enough to enjoy and send your kids to school.

Stadium: Stately Stadium
Lot Size: 50x50

This stadium lights up and is pretty beautiful to watch at night when you go to it. 

Diner + Grocery Store: Fast Or Fresh
Lot Size: 20x40

Looks just like the Grocery + Diner in Appaloose Plains.

City Hall
Lot Size: 64x64

Looks like the other City Halls pretty much.

Bookstore + Spa: Bubbles N' Books
Lot Size: 30x30

Looks like all of the other bookstores and spa combo rabbitholes.

All of these rabbitholes have some special design and small touches that make them unique and fit well in this world. I love many of the designs, especially the Business Center (which seems to be the main rabbithole of this world) and they provide some new designs that you may put in other worlds, should you wish to. 

I do wish they introduced a new rabbithole, I believe Grocery Store + Bookstore would be a nice combination, while the Bistro + Spa would be an interesting one. Enjoy some fine cuisine, and also a nice therapeutic massage treatment after. Or the Theatre + Diner would be another rabbithole combo introduced. Other than that, they are nice designs for this world, and fit in very well.

Part Four: The Savvy Seller's Collection

Coming with Midnight Hollow is the OFB-Styled Savvy Seller's Collection Premium Content. This premium content features a cash register, rugs, pedestals, wall shelves, and car spaces in order to open up shops in ANY of your worlds. While it doesn't provide a full functionality of what you would find in The Sims 2: Open for Business, it provides enough gameplay and creativity to the players who finally can open shops and sell content from Build/Buy Mode and some Buydebug Objects! 

This premium content object is tied to the world and WILL NOT be sold separately, being the same nature as all previous World Premium Content. There are some clarifications that will not be sold/placed on the shelves/rugs/etc. utilizing this premium content.

1. Food will not be sold as you can purchase them via the Food Register or using the Business As Usual Bistro Venue.

2. Collectibles and Crafts will not be purchased through this method. Basically, any art you create from the easel, the potions you make in Supernatural, or any particular thing you crafted hand-made will not be sold via this premium content. You can utilize the Consignment Register that came with Ambitions for these particular items.

3. There is no restocking feature, meaning once you place an object on these displays, they will stay on there forever and you will continuously GAIN money.

Included with this collection set are the following objects:

- 5 Rug Sizes (1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4)
- Pedestal
- Car Space
- Shelf
- Cash Register
- Shop Door

The pictures of these objects are found below:

For the car space, I kind of wished it was a solid color (plus new shape) design, rather than the same one as the base game car space. That way, players can customize how their cars look, or even make it like a "Car-Tile" Spot, or whatever. Sadly, they didn't and we have this "beautiful" car space still... *sigh*

Anyways, you will ONLY need the register or one of the rugs/pedestal/shelf/car space in order to start selling goods. The door is only necessary if you want to set hours on when the door opens and closes. I will go over each object and try my best to put you on this step-by-step tutorial for building a shop using this particular object.

The Lot

A couple of things to note when you start with the lot first.

1. Most of the lots the store team used are designated as "Hangout" Spots, so please use any type of lot except for Visitors/No Visitors Allowed.

2. In order to gain profit from this lot, you must own the lot, meaning you have to purchase it by computer/phone/etc. After that, you will notice that you will start gaining money. Easiest way is to go into world view and click "Purchase Property" when you click the lot.

3. For certain objects such as stoves, etc. that aren't allowed on community lots, you'll have to place these objects in your family inventory in order to place and sell them in these lots. Once you place them in your family inventory, you can place them on the rug when you enter build/buy mode.

The Door

Step 1: The settings on the door are mostly for if you are locking the door or not. It is ONLY tied to the door, and not all of the others in the lot. You can use multiple doors, but they will have the same settings.

Step 2: You will need to go in-game and have the world progress in order to start with the options of the door. You cannot go into build/buy mode and put the settings there.

Step 3: You will see several settings shown here, and I will go over each setting particularly so you know what to do.

Set Closing Time...: This setting allows your ENTIRE lot to set the time of when the shop will close. Even if you have multiple buildings, all of them will close. You can choose any hour AM or PM for this option.

Set Opening Time...: Same as the Set Closing Time

Name Store: Pretty self-explanatory

All of the other settings are just other stuff from previous patches.

The Register

The most IMPORTANT of all of the objects if you want to make an authentic shop is having the register on the lot and it is the most amazing object you can use. With this object, you can do the following:

  • Browse
  • Purchase
  • Set Hours for Lot...
  • Hire Salesclerk
  • Check Sales Performance

Browse: This option will browse all of the items available in the lot and tell you how many items you have in this detailed picture below:

Purchase: This amazing feature is the one where it will display ALL of the items that are purchasable on the lot, and let you purchase them through this one single window.

Sales Performance: This option tells you how you are doing in your shop.

Hire/Fire Clerk: You can also hire and fire an NPC to run your register and lot. This NPC will walk around and tend the register in your shop.

Tend: You can also tend the register yourself, but nothing drastically amazing comes from this option.

Set Hours for Lot: This is an important one as it decides who can enter and leave your LOT, not your shop. Once it reaches the closing time, all sims will leave the shop.

The Rug/Shelves/Car Space/Pedestals
Once you place these particular objects, you can click on them and adjust the settings whether it be by display, per room, or even the entire lot. The possibilities are endless.

Set Markup: You can set the price of the object into 5 different options.

Purchase: You can purchase directly from the display

Set Sale...: You can set a sale for a limited time on anything that's on the rug, the room, or the lot itself with 6 different options.

Browse: If you want, you can also browse the items and it will list all of the items and their costs.

That is pretty much all you need in order to run the shop! I love this object so far and so glad the Store Team introduced some OFB-styled gameplay into the store! Sadly, even though there are limitations, it is still nice that this exists rather than not exist at all.

Part Five: The Golden Ticket Toy Shop

Included in the Gold Edition of Midnight Hollow is the Goldent Ticket Toy Shop! This new venue is a toy store designed solely on children and toddlers to get brand new toys for your kids! Please note that there are no plans to sell this venue separately, so please think about it before you purchase the Standard/Gold. Included in this venue is the new Premium Content: The Titanic Toy Machine. The Gold Edition costs 3900 Simpoints until 10/7/2013.

This venue has 19 Build/Buy Objects and is on a 40x40 Lot. While it may look mystical in the theme, it just looks like it has a resemblance towards Dragon Valley (in my personal opinion) or something Asian-Inspired. Perhaps this may be a hint towards an Asian City World next? Anyways, this review will talk about the venue, the items included in the venue, and whether or not if you should get the Gold Edition.

To place your venue, Midnight Hollow comes with a special 40x40 lot that's designated as "No Visitors Allowed" shown in the picture below. This is where you should place the Toy Factory... I mean Toy Shop.

This venue has a faux carousel, a playground area, a shop area utilizing the Savvy Seller's Collection Premium Content, and also an upstairs "Toy Factory" area using the new premium content that comes with this venue. Below are the pictures of the shop.

Included in the Golden Ticket Toy Shop Venue are the following objects:
  • 1 Sandbox
  • 1 Single Door
  • 1 Spring Rider
  • 2 Wall Shelves 
  • 1 Desk
  • 2 Wall Signs
  • 2 Posters
  • 1 Tool Wall Sculpture
  • 1 Stool
  • 1 Nutcracker Decor
  • 1 Creepy Doll Decor
  • 1 Toy Blocks Decor
  • 1 Toybox
  • 2 Roof Decor
  • 7 Wallpapers

Whittler's Workbench

Crafter's Workbench

Portal to your Dreams!

GoLightly Wall Covers

GoLightly Advertisements

Spherical Sandbox

Classically Creepy Doll

Chestnut Nutcracker

Funhouse Roof Decor

Funhouse Roof Decor Extender

Boxy Blocks

Toy Shop Sign

Toy Store Sign

Wall of Tools

Tiny Tot Toy Shelf

Tiny Tot Toy Shelf Reorganized!

Hyper Hippocamp

Tomfoolery Toybox


The list doesn't seem that much and while there is mostly decor, it just makes it seem like you're paying 1900 more Simpoints for a lot of decor, which doesn't seem to be worth it. However, with the sale price of the Gold Edition at 3900 Simpoints, it will cost you just an additional 1450 Simpoints. Whether or not it's worth paying that much for the premium content and the build/buy is up to you. Personally, I don't really know if I will get much use out of any of the other objects outside of the toy machine, but that is just me. 

Part Six: The Titanic Toy Machine

Included in the Golden Ticket Toy Shop Venue is a brand new premium content tied to only the Gold Edition also, the Titanic Toy Machine. This toy machine produces tons of new toys for your chilld/toddler/baby sims and is a pretty decent-sized object. Even though you can't really make your own toys and see your sims slowly make a toy, this machine pops the toys out like magic. While there is a lack of animations in this particular machine, what makes up for it is the tons of new toys with animations and moodlets for each one.

The list of toys that can be made by the Titanic Toy Machine are as follows:
  • Teddy Bear
  • Doll House
  • Train
  • Robot
  • Baby Play Mat
  • Kite
  • Clown-In-A-Box
  • Drum
  • Racecar
  • Baby Bricks-A-Lot
  • Balloon Animal
  • Table Blocks
  • Random Toy
The pre-set recolors of the titanic machine are shown below:

Below are all of the images of the new toys.

Teddy Bear
Playable By: Child, Teen, Adult

Acts just like all of the other teddy bears that we have currently, except this is the classic version.

Doll House
Playable By: Child

Same gameplay as all of the other dollhouses.

Playable By: Toddler, Child

Playable By: Toddler, Child

Watch your toddler play the robot like normal, while watching your child play with it using a remote.

Baby Play Mat
Playable By: Baby

Playable By: Child, Teen, Adult

These kites can be fun, yet dangerous at the same time. Be warned as your sim has a chance of being struck by lightning with this kite. 

Your kite may not also fly at first, but it might take some time before you can actually see it fly.

Playable By: Child

As it offers a very frightening clown at random times, only child sims can play this, and not toddlers. You will get either the happy or evil version of the clown, and the appropriate moodlets for them.

Playable By: Toddler, Child

Your toddler will play the drum sporadically, while your child sim will try to play the drum musically.

Playable By: Toddler, Child

Same as the robot.

Baby Bricks-A-Lot
Playable By: Toddler, Child

One of the brand new toy options that works just like playing with the other toys in the air.

Balloon Animal
View Only

Table Blocks
Playable By: Toddler, Child

With the Table Blocks being enabled for Toddlers and Children, you can see some fun interactions between both life states if both are utilizing the table. Your Child sim will be the only one actually building with these blocks, while the toddler will just mess with one piece and try to eat it.

Playing with the blocks will increase the Hidden Skill: Blocks Skill. So it's pretty much the same as all of the other block tables.

There is a chance that if your toy machine fails to make a toy, it will produce the monstrous monstrosity. There is no gameplay as it's only viewable.

While the toy machine may lack animations in itself, the bundle of toys that come with it make up for it, if not make it worth more than the "imaginary" asking price of 500 Simpoints. There are tons of new toys for your toddlers/children and even babies to enjoy when you get this particular object. Personally, I find the Gold Edition worth it just for this particular object alone. Sadly, there will be no way to get this object by itself.

Part Seven: Build/Buy Objects

Exclusive to Midnight Hollow is a ton of Build/Buy objects that range from decor, some nice Architectural bonuses to decorate your house to look victorian, or dark. The list is as follows and doesn't include rabbitholes:
  • 3 Double Doors
  • 1 Single Door
  • 3 Curtain Pieces
  • 1 Dining Chair
  • 4 Tombstones
  • 3 Lights
  • 1 Mailbox
  • 1 Wall Mirror
  • 2 Paintings
  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 1 Rug
  • 1 Statue
  • 6 Roof Gable Designs
  • 3 Roof Pieces
  • 1 Sofa
  • 1 Spiral Staircase
  • 1 Stove
  • 1 Dining Table
  • 18 Build Mode Plants
  • 11 Build Mode Trees
  • 1 Train Station Object + 7 Track Pieces
  • 1 Abandoned Burnt Home Object
  • 2 Windows
  • 29 Wallpaper Designs
  • 12 Floor Tile Designs
Total of 67 Build/Buy Objects + 41 Wallpapers and Floor Tile Designs are found with this world, and the images of each of them can be shown, along with a review of each single piece and a recolor to show the color channels.

Sitting Pretty Gothic Chair

This dining chair is detailed so dark and majestic, that there's no way you can't add this to your dining room for a classic victorian look. I do love how this would work well in castles also. It gives it a majestic look.

Hand Carved Dining Table

It goes well with the dining chair that was included above. The design is old and rustic, if not gothique-inspired. Much better than the other tables that are victorian/gothique themed.

Voluminous Valence 3-Piece Curtains

These three pieces can be utilized and combined in any home. Instead of the Store Team giving us just one single curtain set, they gave us three different types, making them pretty much modular when decorating ANY of our windows. I love how they decided to let us expand our creativity using these three pieces. You can use the center + left piece, or the center + right, or don't even use any of the curtains, and only the center. The combinations are pretty nice, and you can give your victorian home a nice customized look.

Victorian Double Doors and Single Door

There are two double doors and a single door included in this world. The double doors come in a windowed version, and a non-windowed version, which makes it nice for simmers to add one of them as a front door, and the other inside the home. They give a classic old Victorian Look, and would work well for making churches, cathedrals, etc. 

Pretty Porch Fencing

This fencing looks almost like the one from Supernatural, if not more Victorian-looking. It is a nice addition and would further make your home look Victorian.

Gothic Ingle

I LOVE this fireplace as it gives such an amazing victorian look. The details are majestic, and I love just how it's designed and set-up. I think I plan on using this fireplace quite often.

4 Headstone Designs

While these are merely decor, they do help further expand on what your graveyard looks like. Don't want too many ghost sims in your lot? Use these to decorate your home with, making it a dark and eerie area. I think the Store Team did a marvelous job adding these headstones, and even though these would be nice for designs of current headstones, they are wonderful decor additions.

Lightum Candelabrum Floorum/Tableum

There are two versions of this one, one for the floor and the other for a table. These lights have some wonderful victorian designs, and even can be used in Steampunk Homes if needed, and just give a wonderful Old Victorian feel to a lot.

Illuminating Lamp Post

This lamp post is pretty much the street light decor of this world. It gives the world a more gothic feel, if not dark and mysterious. 

Macabre Mailbox

For some odd reason, the design of this mailbox (to me) screams like one you would find in Frankenstein's House, or something in a horror film. It's dark, metal, and looks like a mailbox that a dark and scary person would own.

Luxurious Looking Glass

This wall mirror is pretty big, and it look so majestic and I LOVE the victorian look of it. It's one of my favorite mirrors to utilize so far.

Mural Moderne Paintings

These two paintings come in a tall and wide version, and both are beautiful designed. I love the classic American Gothic image used in this art, along with Ophelia and other artwork.

Gothic Frigidaire

A dark Victorian Refrigerator is a must-have for your victorian homes!

Coal Burning Stove

A classic Victorian Oven to add to your kitchens! I love the design of it, and it gives an old-century vibe to it. I do wished there was a matching oven overhead included in this world.

Star-Shaped Rug

I love the dark design used in this rug, and it makes your homes look more gothic, if not authetntic victorian.

Draped Demise

I swear, I feel like this is a rendition of one actual statue in an art museum. It's so dark and creepy, and it would definitely flesh out graveyards and other dark lots.

Stiff As a Feather Sofa

I think we've had enough sofas, but this is a nice addition to add to your victorian home. I think the Full Regal Living Set does lack a nice sofa to use.

Gable Roof Pieces

The Store Team seriously made me squeal when they gave us not one, but SIX new gable pieces to customize our homes! You have narrow and wide versions, or the typical traditional ones, making customization very fun when building Victorian Homes. I just love the look and design of all of the gable roof pieces, and they just flesh out your home that you want to build.

Classic and Steel Roof Ridge

More roof pieces to add to your victorian homes. I normally don't use ridges, so I'm still kind of figuring out the best way to utilize it. I believe, what the store team utilized in this world works well and I would suggest looking at the homes to get ideas of how to use these particular pieces.

Finely Tapered Spire

I LOVE this Spire piece the most, a wonderful addition to the tops of roofs! I would definitely suggest using this one a lot to make your cathedrals or victorian homes!

Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase

You can't get enough stairs, especially staircases! A wonderful new staircase to play with, and it gives just a natural look to it, versus the others that came with Generations.

Cathedral and Unstained Glass Windows

Both windows are wonderful additions to make more victorian homes, or cathedrals in this world!

Abandoned Train Station + Train Tracks

I love how they included new decor for an abandoned train station, along with 7 different train tracks, for players to customize where the tracks go and more! I plan on utilizing this in other worlds to give it an old abandoned feel to the world. I did wish the Train Station was the look of the Criminal Warehouse, but that's just me.

Haunted Build Mode Plants + Trees

All of thes are pretty much darker, haunted versions of the current Base Game Plants, making it awesome that the store team had decided to alter 29 different build mode plants in order to fully flesh out this Gothic Forest-themed world. I love the dark designs of many of these plants, and they just give beauty to the world rather than something themed and lacking in taste.

Part Eight: CAS Assets

Exclusive with Midnight Hollow are a bunch of new CAS Assets that include tons of hairstyles and clothing that are themed Victorian and Steampunk, mostly Dark Gothic and all. The list is as follows:

  • 5 Female Teen-Elder Hairstyles
  • 4 Male Teen-Elder Hairstyles
  • 6 Female YA/Adult Outfits
  • 1 Female YA/Adult Top 
  • 1 Female YA/Adult Bottom
  • 2 Male YA/Adult Tops
  • 1 Male YA/Adult Outfit
  • 1 Male Child Shoes
Based on the list, there is NOTHING for Teens, Elders, Children, and Toddlers and mostly for YA/Adult. I guess it was the store team's decision to make it mostly YA/Adult and it was disappointing, and not to mention the fact the lack of men's clothing either... Kind of wished they actually used more CAS and maybe if they could, added the Children/Toddler CAS with the Golden Ticket Toy Shop Venue.

Below are the images of all of the CAS Assets along with my review of each of them, along with recolored versions to show the color channels.

Female Hairstyles:

Skinny Dreads

These dreads can be used outside of this world for African Sims, and they are a wonderful addition to this world. I feel like culturally adding other hairstyles and clothing to current worlds is a wonderful addition, and who wouldn't want more ethnic hairstyles?!

Steampunk Pigtails

It's so cute having goggles on the hair for all of the quirky sims in your games, especially for steampunk stories. I just love how the Store Team added some steampunk-styled hairstyles and clothing in this world, and this is one of them.

Perky Ponytails

This hairstyle gives me the harajuu fashions in japan, in which I hope it gives a hint towards a Tokyo-Inspired city world? *crosses fingers* I just find this hairstyle creepy and adorable to use.

Indecisive Style

This gives a more typical gothic business look for your sims. I especially would use this for coffee shop NPC's or shop owners. It just goes well for business-attire.

Rosy Ringlets

A beautiful and elegant look for your victorian sims. Even though we were given plenty of the same theme in the Palace of Versailles set, this one just looks well-designed and would fit well with the theme. 

Female Outfits and Pieces :

Cobweb Couture
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal

It's a classic look for sims, and I like how gothic-inspired this dress is.

Caplet Couture
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal

This dress is beautiful and elegant, I love the shoulder/neck accessory with it. It just gives a wonderful victorian, dark look to it. 

Troubled Tunic
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Athletic

I don't know how I feel about this particular outfit. I feel like we've had something similar before...

Call Me Crazy Dress
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal

Same with this one, I feel like it's the same as one we have in the store, but a more gothic-inspired look with the extra accessories layered on top.

Luxurious Low Cut Dress
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal

It's the same as one of the dresses we already have in the store, but with some extra gothic fringe and other details added to it to make it more elegant and beautiful.

Conservative Couture
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Outerwear

I love this couture dress as it can be used for your steampunk sims if you want to, and it just provides an intellectual persona to your sims.

Simsie's Dream Dress
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic

It's cute and all, but it's not my favorite. Maybe some of the recolors of the sims in the world make it look better.

Non-Conservative Corset
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic

Reminds me of another corset that came with Victorian Fashions or another one from the store..

Nobody's Doll
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic

I feel like we already have this in the store, for another age group?

Male Hairstyles:

Electric Dreads

ERRR MAH GAWD! I love this hairstyle! I just squeal in happiness seeing this amazingly detailed hairstyle. the metal dreads and everything... Ahh I love it. No more.

Search and Rescue

It's a quirky take on the steampunk theme with this hairstyle. I just love the goggles on the hat and everything.

Loose Curl

It's a typical vampire-look feel of this hairstyle to me. I find it charming to use for your charming sims.

Fanciful Hat

Cheer-io and top o' the morning to you! It gives a british vibe and classic top hat look for your sims. I am glad we are getting something like this included in the store. I still think I don't plan on utilizing this a lot unless for magicians with Showtime, etc.

Male Outfits and Pieces:

To summarize all of the male clothing. They are not my favorite designs that came with this world. So I'm just going to make it simple and that I'm not a fan of any of these three new additions. But enjoy the pictures if you want to judge for yourself.

Modern Trench
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Outerwear

Comely Cummerbund
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Outerwear

Cardigan 2.0
Enabled For: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Outerwear


The only thing added for children are these shoes, which make its odd and way out-of-place if there's nothing in terms of clothing and everything. So confused on the addition of these shoes, but glad they added these as we currently don't have a selection of them via the Store. While it would be nice to have other victorian shoes for your other sims, you can grab plenty via the store from Victorian Fashions, Fanciful Fashions and Hairstyles, etc.

Lil' Victorian Shoes

Part Nine: Complemental Store Content

Included in this special review is a compiled list of all the Store Content that will go well in this world, and what you should get to install and combine with it. That way, your world will be further fleshed out to the best possible! I hope you guys enjoy this part of the review.

Steampunk - 325 Simpoints

Steampunk: The Return - 325 Simpoints

Steampunk Kitchen - 800 Simpoints

Steampunk Savvy - 1000 Simpoints

Since most of the content is Steampunk-Inspired, you have to have all of the steampunk content installed in your  game to add more steampunk to this world. Most of the clothing works well with the hairstyles that come with Midnight Hollow. If only there was a Steampunk Bathroom and Bedroom Set, and this would make the set complete in some form. 

Edwardian Expressions Kitchen - 750 Simpoints

Historically, the Edwardian Era marked the end of the Victorian Era (according to my Wikipedia Source), so with that concept, it should work well with this world. Since there is tons of Victorian Influences in the world, this kitchen would work well and flesh out the world to decorate your rooms beautifully. 

Street Couture - 950 Simpoints

Street Couture - Kids and Teens - 750 Simpoints

You can't have enough goth themed clothign for your sims! Since they didn't include too many clothing, the Street Couture sets make up for it, and not to mention adds clothing for children and teens, which was lacking in the world. These sets do help flesh out the dark theme you want for your sims.

Victorian Fashions - 950 Simpoints

This seems self-explanatory in the name itself. It fleshes out and gives you more clothing options for victorian-inspired sims.

More Magic! - 2200 Simpoints

Dark and myserious magic must be added to Midnight Hollow. The clothing is the main part of this set that you should use, but the magic items are purely optional. 

Gothique Library - 1200 Simpoints

This haunted library is a must have addition to this world. It fits the world so well, and you can fully flesh out your other lots with the furniture included in this particular venue. Nothing screams better in a Gothic Forest world than a Haunted Library! 

Haute Hip - 950 Simpoints

This screams dark, but modern. Take the approach of a dark bedroom with that beautiful heart-shaped mirror, along with that amazing treelight wall light. I think this particular set adds gothic theme to a more elegant taste.

Palace of Versailles - 1850 Simpoints

While it may not be the same time period, the outfits and hairstyles are elegant enough for your snobby, eclectic sims that want to stand out more in the community. 

Fifth Avenue Fashions - 1575 Simpoints

As this world introduced a new business aspect for running your shops, why not dress your salespeople in brand new business attire? This particular set will definitely make your NPC's look fashionable and professional when running the shop.

Front Row Center Bedroom + Wretched Threads - 1600 Simpoints

Loud, Fast, Clash! - Bedroom + Attire - 1800 Simpoints

Both the Front Row Center and Loud, Fast, Clash! sets help bring out the inner goth for your teens that need more clothing options and more. They add a punk-like goth feel to these sims, along with the grunge look in terms of furniture and clothing. I'd recommend both if you want your sims to experience this gothic environment too.

Through the Spy Glass Bedroom - 850 Simpoints

Through the Spy Glass Bathroom - 950 Simpoints

These two sets are very quirky and themed, and would work well in a wacky home in Midnight Hollow. Decorate your children's rooms with the bedroom, along with the side bathroom if you want. It adds a creepy, yet fun twist to your gameplay should you tell stories.

Le Cirque Celebration! - 1350 Simpoints

Why not have sims dress up as clowns, or circus folk in this world. Heck, I wouldn't mind using this set and adding a carnival lot to Midnight Hollow as it would fit so well in this world. 

Technophobe No More - 1700 Simpoints

A modern goth theme that would work well for Midnight Hollow for your rich sims. Those sims who are advanced in technology and taste would best utilize this set for their homes.

Seeing Stars - 2100 Simpoints

Some of the clothing can be quite gothic, but there are some interesting outfits that would work very well with other content that comes with Midnight Hollow. Heck, why not add the hypnotizer to your shops too?

Fanciful Fashion & Hairstyles - 850 Simpoints

There was definitely not enough shoes included in Midnight Hollow, and most of the shoes and clothing in this particular set will add on to the theme of the world. Another clothing set to expand your collection. Note: One of the shoes does not install with the set, so you'll have to install it individually.

Gothique Living + Sleeping Rooms - 950 Simpoints

Classic gothique style for Midnight Hollow. It's pretty much self-explanatory and goes well with the other content that comes with Midnight Hollow.

Full Regal Living Set - 1390 Simpoints

Nothing screams Victorian than this particular set as tons of furniture and more go very well with Midnight Hollow. Flesh out those victorian homes with this set particularly.

Killer Classics - 1200 Simpoints

The cowplant-themed content is the main use for your sims gardens in Midnight Hollow. Why not add one? 

Club Vaindenburger Relaxation Den + Study - 900 Simpoints

A perfect study room for your steampunk sims and more. 

Full Hewnsman Set - 2000 Simpoints

The classic approach and wooden furniture can be adjusted to a gothic theme that fits very well with Midnight Hollow. One of the classic sets that would work best to use.

Boho Vintage Men's Collection - 1100 Simpoints

Boho Vintage Women's Collectoin - 1600 Simpoints

Both of the boho vintage sets have some content that works well for your gothic-inspired sims, your steampunk sims, or just the plain groovy wacky ones that just want to fit in Midnight Hollow. Some of the outfits and hairstyles work very well, so this is a potential must use in this world.

Final Part: Overall Review

Price: 9/10 - This world, while still expensive as most Store DLC, provides the best bang for your buck when you purchase only the Standard Edition. You are pretty much getting almost $80 worth of store content for the price of $25, which is pretty good if you ask me. However, getting the Gold Edition kind of makes it less worth it considering you are getting so many objects in the venue. While the venue costs almost the same as a world, you are getting less content. Nonetheless, you are getting a good deal for this world. As the Gold Editoin is 3900 Simpoints, you are paying just an additional 1450 Simpoints for the other content. 

Theme: 10/10 - I love how dark and spooky this world is, and it's something I think a bunch of simmers wanted, that didn't came with Supernatural. There was never a dark and eerie type of world in The Sims 3, and this one just added something new to our games. The Old Victorian Style is also a nice touch, along with utilizing Steampunk and other styles. I think the theme was very well-established, and utilizing the OFB-styled register fits in as it's considered the town where businesses thrive. 

Design: 10/10 - A lot of the content, world, and concept of this world was done quite nicely. I think this world was executed very well, and you can tell a lot of work was put into this world. There is tons of open spaces, along with lots of interesting sims and lots that just keeps your creative juices flowing!

World: 10/10 - This world is indeed remarkably dark and beautiful at the same time. The recolored versions of the base game plants fleshes out this world properly, along with the layout of the town. You see a lot of space with empty lots, along with homes that are spaced away from each other, making it look like a town with lots of room for your sims. The town center looks amazing, and not to mention the fact there're tons of shops to explore.

Venue: 6/10 - While I like the world, the venue is a different story. The lot is 40x40 and has tons of content for children and toddlers to enjoy, but I feel like there's just too little content for customization and as a venue, it shouldn't focused mainly on the premium content object, rather than adding content to make a wonderful toy shop. 

Savvy Seller's Collection: 8/10 - While I do love that there are some amazing OFB inspiration with this particular object, it's nice that you can purchase the items in the lot through the register, or the other pieces itself. However, there are still restrictions to what you can sell such as collectibles, hand-drawn paintings, craftables, etc. and only those that are strictly tied to Build/Buy Mode and some Buydebug can be used. Once you purchase the furniture and place it on the rug, you are just gaining money, rather than having to restock the rug with another one, and gaining profit of the difference. Basically if you pay $900 for the chair, and sell it $1000 every time someone buys it, you do not have to pay $900 for the chair again to sell it again. This was a flaw in my book and I wished you had the option to set how much of the supply you have of that furniture. The NPC just walks around too, but at the same time, I am glad there is an NPC that can run the register and the shop.

Titanic Toy Machine: 6/10 - While it's amazing that the store team added more content for children and toddlers to enjoy, the concept of this toy machine was slightly lacking. I did wish it involved a toy-making skill, and that you actually have a chance of producing a good/bad toy of that particular type. Messing up would be nice to see and animations such as the machine blowing cotton on the sim, etc. would be a nice addition. While it includes tons of toys for children, there are some restrictions like the Clown-In-A-Box not being enabled for toddlers, etc. Also, an NPC does not run the toy machine, so instead of going to the register and requesting the NPC to make a toy, you have to make the toy yourself. Pretty much it's like Build-A-Bear workshop, but more limited. Even though there was some things lacking in the toy machine itself, it produced a lot of brand new toys that had some interactions, which is nice.

Build/Buy: 8/10 - The build/buy mode content that is included in Midnight Hollow is designed so well, that I would plan on using tons of the items that come with it. You can customize so much with the curtains, along with the train station + train tracks. While there isn't too much furniture, there's tons of build mode plants and trees to decorate your dark and spooky lots with. I did wish there was some more Steampunk Items used in this particular world. 

CAS: 7/10 - The design of many of the female outfits are wonderful, and not to mention the hairstyles are freaking amazing, and I love a couple of them. The male outfits are severely lacking and I think they could have improvised more for the males in this particular set. I did wish there were some accessories included too that fleshes out Steampunk and Victorian Sims rather than seeing outfits with accessories, or hairstyles with accessories.

Overall: 8.2/10 - If you aren't a fan of this particular theme, then don't even think about considering whether you plan on buying it or not. This theme is probably best for those who love to play gothic or steampunk sims, and add some spooky horror to your game. The price is pretty nice for the world, and is the best out of all of the worlds so far. There are tons of content to use, many places to explore, and creative ways to make your own shops. I think the Store Team did a marvelous job adding some OFB-Inspired Content, even though it's limited, and can't wait to see what they make next!


  1. Excellent Review. Thank you a lot, for this brilliant Post^^

  2. Wonderful review! Just wondering, I'm not considering getting the gold, but what score would you give the world sans gold edition content?

    1. You would find that under venue as that's what gold has. ;)

  3. AnzSensi, I was wondering where you found the Abandoned Train Station? I found the tracks, but, not that. Love your review and thanks for the collection files.

    1. It was in Buydebug and in the Featured Store Collection.

  4. Nevermind, I found it in buydebug (getting something else). I swore I looked there last night. Must have over looked it.

  5. Are you thinking of writing up a Map Guide to this world? ^_^

    Also, great review! :)

  6. Can you run a business out of your house? I have a plant store on my home lot, everything worked. I hired a cashier, put plants on the carpets and set everything up. Nothing seemed wrong, but nobody came to my store during the day at all.

    1. You can't run a business successfully in your house due to programming of the game for NPC sims to appear in your lot frequently. How it works is that community lots are designated where there can be a huge flow of sims entering the lot, versus a residential lot.

      Would you like to live in a home where 20 sims appear out of nowhere, even if you didn't have a business? That is why.

      Therefore, it is recommended you use the objects in a commercial lot.

    2. Thank you for the response being so quick :D. I am disappointed but I understand why. I guess I will have to save up and purchase a community lot.

  7. I was really on the fence about spending money on this world but your review tilted my hand to go for it. Thanks for your time and effort in putting this together, very much appreciated! I'm still going to shut my eyes when I click the "buy" button though... yikes.

  8. I wasn't actually going to get this world, as it was too dark;I like dark and spooky-ish atmosphere, but not the 24-hour-long night and diffrent tints of black all around. However, when I saw the set of objects coming with it, I decided to get it.I never play with the world itself, but I use the objects all the time, especially roof deco and build items, they're amazing.

  9. I have a question about Dragon Valley. Is it a world like Moonlight Falls or is it just a place to visit? I have downloaded it several times...I think... and I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help please????

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  11. This is an astounding amount of work in this review! and all the more worthy for the author having kept a fun conversational tone through the description. Thank you for your hard efforts.
    I am attempting to decide between purchasing Supernatural or simply purchasing Midnight Hollow, so I came to the ever-handy Internet to see what I could find....and found your blog. I think I will subscribe to your site because on looking back through your work, you are a prolific writer, thus having you easily accessible would be a helpful. Hopefully, you are compensated somehow for all this effort.
    Again, thanks sincerely for your work here.

  12. This is an astounding amount of work in this review! and all the more worthy for the author having kept a fun conversational tone through the description. Thank you for your hard efforts.
    I am attempting to decide between purchasing Supernatural or simply purchasing Midnight Hollow, so I came to the ever-handy Internet to see what I could find....and found your blog. I think I will subscribe to your site because on looking back through your work, you are a prolific writer, thus having you easily accessible would be a helpful. Hopefully, you are compensated somehow for all this effort.
    Again, thanks sincerely for your work here.

    1. Thank you for your compliments! I have been given the worlds by the Store Team and appreciate them sending me them to review for players! As for compensation, I don't think I get compensation for writing reviews for them and I think the appreciation from the readers is all I need as compensation! =D

  13. I agree completely with b8b3bdec ...etc...
    Your reviews are far above average, and I sincerely hope you are making some money off this.......Esp love your ideas for relevant store content. i have most of them and agree completely. Keep up the great work!

  14. Replies
    1. There is no custom content.. it's official EA content... lol

  15. As soon as I saw it I knew this world would be perfect for my Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler Sims and it is! I bought the gold edition (lol I watched SO many commercials!) and just love it. I actually haven't used the toy shop yet at all but the rest is great. I agree about Simagon Alley--it seemed like such a waste for all of those buildings to be just one rabbit hole! I do wish that there was some way to limit the clothing that the npcs show up in stuff that is appropriate for the setting but we can't have everything. I have found myself using a lot of the design elements and clothing in other worlds as well, but then that could just be because I am quirky like that. A house isn't a home without a creepy doll, after all. I say, if you like the look of the world and are on the fence as to whether to buy it or not, just go for it!


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