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Le Cinema Plumbob Store Set Review

Hey guys,

Welcome to yet another review of the recent Sims 3 Store release of Le Cinema Plumbob Venue Set.

Collection File:

Now before I begin, please take note that this does NOT fully replace the Movie Theater Rabbithole. It is just a creative way of using the content that you are paying for, and no jobs, NPC's, or any other special features will come with this venue.

This venue is themed as a Movie Theatre that features plenty of new build/buy and clothing, along with not 1, not 2, but (supposedly) 3 brand new Premium Content Items! Two of them can be used in multiple scenarios and not just a movie theatre, and the other one is based solely for this type of venue.

Like all past venues, this one is merely just a set that includes 14 Build/Buy Objects and 5 CAS content totally up to 19 items. For the sale price of 1700 Simpoints (out of 1900) until March 21st, 2013, you can grab it until then if you like the price for it.

The Price Breakdown of this particular set is as follows:

Barrier to Entry System: 600 Simpoints
Large as Life Movie Screen: 300 Simpoints
Bar = 75 Simpoints
Living Chair = 75 simpoints
Loveseat = 100 Simpoints
Double Doors = 100 Simpoints
Half Wall = 100 Simpoints
4 Decor = 25x4 = 100 Simpoints
Barstool = 75 Simpoints
Rug = 100 Simpoints
1 Female Tops = 75 Simpoints
1 Female Outfit = 75 Simpoints
1 Female Elder Outfit = 75 Simpoints
2 Male Tops = 75x2 = 150 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 2000 simpoints

Set Price: 1700/1900 Simpoints
Savings: 300/100 Simpoints

Therefore, it's up to you if you think getting the items will be worth getting. It really does seem like a small discount, but as a builder, I always love new items in the Art Deco category, so this works well for future builds! Also, the Premium Content with me seems worth it and I will go more in-depth later on in the review.

 Barrier to Entry System

For the price of 600 Simpoints (Not for Individual Sale Yet), this dynamic duo expands further gameplay into the Sims 3 Franchise as a whole, not just the base game. I think the Store Team outdid themselves by producing content that provides EXTRA features/options when more Expansion Packs are used. First off, there are so many endless possibilities with both of these items, and based on the Premium Content Guide posted on The Sims 3 Store Site, I'm already loving it:

  • Allow only the Sims you want into your exclusive events or venues with the new Allow Only lock type.
  • Keep the party crashers out with the new Exclude lock type.
  • Have more control than ever before with new conjunctive locks:
    • To setup your perfect Bachelorette Party, you can Allow Only Females that are also Young Adult and Older.
    • To get the party a little wild, you could Also Allow Males that are also Werewolves.
    • Don’t want a Zombie attack to ruin your special night? Set an Exclude Zombie lock.
    • With four conjunctive lock slots available, you can create any number of possible setups. Create the perfect night club, daycare or man-cave!
  • You can also use the new V7 Ticket Machine in conjunction with the Barrier to Entry doors and turnstiles to create your very own movie theater, boardwalk, or VIP attraction!

As for the animations, the limitations are endless as based on the User Manual, you will find the following:

  • Barrier to Entry Door and Turnstiles:
    • Set Locks
    • Allow Only
    • Exclude
    • Remove All Locks
    • Also includes existing Base Game and Expansion Pack door functionality
  • V7 Ticket Machine:
    • Buy Tickets

Full Barrier to Entry Lock List:

  • Current Sim
  • Current Household
  • Sims with ticket…
    • Blue Ticket Holders
    • Red Ticket Holders
    • Yellow Ticket Holders
    • Green Ticket Holders
  • Sims who are Age…
    • Older Than….
      • Children and Older
      • Teens and Older
      • Young Adults and Older
      • Adults and Older
      • Elders
  • Sims who are Age…
    • Younger Than…
      • Toddlers
      • Children and Younger
      • Teens and Younger
      • Young Adults and Younger
      • Adults and Younger
  • Sims who are Age…
    • Only Exact Age...
      • Toddlers
      • Children
      • Teens
      • Young Adults
      • Adults
      • Elders
  • Celebrity Level… (Requires Sims 3: Late Night)
    • Celebrity Level 1
    • Celebrity Level 2
    • Celebrity Level 3
    • Celebrity Level 4
    • Celebrity Level 5
  • Special… (Requires Various Expansion Packs)
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Aliens
    • Zombies
    • Humans
    • Mummy
    • SimBot
    • Vampire
    • Imaginary Friend
    • Genie
    • Werewolf
    • Fairy
    • Witch
    • Plant Sims
  • Sims with Gender…
    • Females
    • Males
  • Exclude Everyone

Therefore, you can mix and match and choose which rooms do what, further expand the celebrities of Bridgeport, make it so only Supernaturals can enter, etc. whichever works. I know I normally post pictures, but because there are so many interactions and options, I decided I will just post the list above instead. Hope that is okay this time guys! 

With both of these items, a player can make more than just a movie theatre (which is what the store team utilized). I think the possibilities are endless and I can't wait to see what creations players make. I think so far this year, this has been my favorite duo of items.

With the ticket machine, you are just given the option to buy a ticket. However, after starting to buy the ticket, you will be given a shopping menu (similar to the bookstore, grocery, etc.) and you can purchase how many tickets and which tickets for the price of $10 Simoleons. Sadly, I do wish there was a way to make the prices fluctuate and vary. Anyways, after purchasing the ticket, you may use it to enter any of the gates/doors/arches or even give as a gift to your friend/roommate/relative, etc. 

Other than that, no moodlets come with purchasing from the ticket booth or anything. The ticket booth comes with different designs shown below:

The next item we will be talking about that's part of this duo are the turnstiles. First off, there are three types of Turnstiles:

- One for Gates
- One as a Door
- One as an Arch

With those three options, players can pick, choose, and customize which types they want to use for their venues. The ones mostly used in the Cinema Venue is the Gates and Arch one. The plus side on this fact, which may or may not frustrate players, is the fact that you don't have to own the lot to set the locks. Lets say you don't like how locks work on one part of the theatre. You can set the locks yourself so that other sims can enter at your discretion. Personally, I'll leave the locks to themselves and not modified when I play unless I decide to "own" the Cinema (I believe it comes with Ambitions?).

Anyways, here are the first branch and 2nd branch of options, and the remainder can be seen in the earlier part of the review:

Large as Life Movie Screen

The other premium content introduced with this venue is the Large as Life Movie Screen. Now it may look like a movie screen to you, but it's just an ordinary television that is expanded larger and only play certain themed movies, and provide moodlets and interactions for your sims. Unlike watching a random movie at home, you can watch a movie with this new "movie screen" and obtain 5 different moodlets depending on the type of movie you watch:

1. Adrenaline High
2. Feeling Frisky
3. Funny Stuff!
4. Afraid.... Very Afraid
5. Tear Jerker

Watching the Action Film gives you the Adrenaline High moodlet, making your sim have the urge to want to train or work out, etc.

Watching the Romantic Film gives you the Feeling Frisky moodlet, making your sims want to be more romantic with their partner.

Watching the Romantic Comedy Film gives your sim the Funny Stuff! moodlet, making your sim wanting to tell jokes or be funny.

Watching the Horror Film gives your sim the Afraid moodlet,  making your sim freak out or be afraid (most likely like leaving the Haunted House).

Watching the Drama Film gives your sim the Tear Jerker moodlet, meaning your sim will probably be crying or something along the lines after watching the film. 

The negative part of this particular movie screen is that you are treating it pretty much like a television. Instead of designating a screen to play a certain movie, your sim will just enter and you can set the option to pick what movie you want to watch, the volume of the screen, or Joining another sim to watch the movie. Other than that, I feel like this screen isn't fully Premium-worthy, but a bit nice to have. 

One issue I have with the movie screen is that instead of your sim autonomously sitting down as the movie starts, they just stand there and watch. It would have been nice if the coding was made so that as soon as all the simmers in the room sit, the movie will start after initiating the interaction to watch the movie. I don't know if it was too complicated or not, but that was one idea for it to work.

Le Cinema Plumbob

The lot itself is a 40x40 Visitors Allowed Community Lot, much like all of the others. This lot has some nice decor and rooms that make it a nice addition to any world (given the space). There are 4 parking lot spots, a big lobby, 4 Restrooms (2 male, 2 female), some "staged" Food Bars, an outdoor patio, and an upstairs cafe area. There are many things that could be added to this venue, and I think the store team gave us the basics and a start on what to do. I think I will probably add a barrista bar, food register, late night bar, photobooth, etc. to make this venue a hit! Anyways, here are the images of what the lot looks like. I hope you guys enjoy!


Last, but not least, the final part of the review talks about the build/buy and CAS content. We will first talk about the Build/Buy portion of this set. There are around 16 items, including the 3 (+2 extra turnstile options), that come with this venue. Most of the items give the feel of a cinema, especially the snack bar (which is actually a juice bar). I think the store team did a good job with the design of most of the build/buy objects and you can find the items below.


Even though there isn't a lot of CAS options, the set also includes 2 new male tops, 1 female top, 1 female outfit, and 1 elder female outfit. I find some of the new clothing options of what a movie director would look like. Personally, for the dress, although it seems old and vintage, I feel like it would give a "Marilyn Monroe" kind of look to it. I think these CAS options are nice addition also, and plan on using them too whenever I get the chance to.

Overall Review

Theme: 10/10 - I love the theme of Art Deco used in this venue, along with the fact it's a Movie Theatre also. Even though it isn't an ACTUAL cinema lot, I think this was a very creative way to introduce something new to the Sims 3, especially when it almost opens up the rabbithole. 

Design: 10/10 - I love most of the items that have been used for this venue. I find it very creative and aesthetic to the movie theatre itself when they used the juice bar as the mesh for a snack bar. Although, it would have been nice if the Snack Bar was introduced as a new PCI (with an NPC if they can code it) or put it in a future Expansion Pack to further add on to this cinematic experience. The clothing is very nicely designed and I also enjoyed many of the new decor objects that make it look like you're walking in a movie theatre.

Price: 6/10 - Honestly, I do find the price nice for the Premium Content, but the price for all of the items combined doesn't seem as much as a value than the past venues. Most of the other venues had content that added up to more than 2000 Simpoints, but this one had barely gotten passed that. The amount of savings in general aren't really grand too, but if you don't mind the price, then by all means go for it!

Venue: 7/10 - While this is a new venue that is nice to add to any new home, great Art Deco design, and introducing brand new content, I do feel like this venue had potential to replace the rabbithole if needed. I think for something special (that isn't tied to a world), they could have made a small 4x4 rabbithole room, giving the idea that sims that have a job in the music career, or etc. can take a "supposed" elevator, taking them to the lower areas to perform their job. Then, it would FULLY replace the theatre rabbithole, but it might be asking too much.

Barrier to Entry System: 10/10 - One of my favorite items of this brand new set! There is just so much potential and creativity that can be used with this! I can't wait to utilize it in all of my worlds and use them for private parties, bars, clubs, etc. I think the store team again outdid themselves and went farther than normal to make this item work to its fullest. I was surprised that they also added new options depending on the expansion packs a player owns, so kudos to the store team.

Large as Life Movie Screen: 5/10 - Moodlets are nice to have and all, but I felt like more could have been done with the Movie Screen. First, I think it would have been nice, animation-wise, to have the television "covered" by the curtains. Then, one sim (mainly the sim you control) that wants to watch the movie, would click "Watch Movie..." and then watch some sims join, sit down and prepare to watch the movie. As soon as everyone would sit down, the curtains would open, and the movie would start. That was one idea I feel could have been done with the movie screen and there are some drawbacks to it. I wonder if they were complex to code it as such, or they didn't think about it. Who knows. Also, I do wish the movies were longer, and also gave something "brand new" to watch rather than replays of movies that probably are shown at home on the television. Other than that, moodlets are nice, but there's nothing too special about the movie screen.

Overall Rating: 8/10 - I think this venue did some justice in terms of introducing something innovative and new with the ticket booth and turnstiles. The build/buy options are good along with the CAS options, and I think this is a step to seeing some further improvements of opening rabbitholes. Makes me wonder what the next rabbithole they will decide to open. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this review and I hope to see something new and creative! 


  1. great review. I'm still gonna hold out and see what other great things people come out with using the content before i decide to purchase it. the Movie sceen/TV is a deal breaker for me at the moment.- btw i'm orkhid22 on the forums

  2. Great review, Chris and thanks so much, for everything! :-)

  3. This review is spot on about how I feel about the venue!


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