Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prism Art Studio Store Venue Review

DISCLAIMER: You only need Patch 1.63 in order to use this venue! You do not need patch 1.66 or 1.67!

Hey guys,

Welcome to the beginning of The Sims 3 Store's "One release a month" campaign, where you will see only new content released at the beginning of every month.  For this month, I will be reviewing the newest venue released today, February 6th, The Prism Art Studio. This studio is created to focus around the glass-blowing premium content that was posted in a poll almost over a year ago and also includes some new L-Shaped Staircases!

Hope you guys enjoy!
Before I begin my review, I do want to point out some of the things to note before continuing this review:
  1. Store content is pretty much base game/store compatible, meaning they will only function using the coding that can be found in the base game.  Therefore, there will be restrictions to gameplay that will be pointed out in the next point.
  2. This content is NOT compatible with the Ambitions consignment register due to the restrictions stated above, therefore please do not assume that it will work with Ambitions before purchasing this set.
  3. The glass decor/furniture is only enabled for build/buy only because the store team has decided to make it as compatible as possible with the Savvy Seller's Collection that comes with Midnight Hollow. Please do not use the buydebug objects as they do not function with Savvy Sellers.  Use only the craftables you made found in your inventory in order to sell them with savvy sellers.  If it wasn't for the Savvy Sellers Collection feature, we would not see these items in build/buy mode.
  4. As windows/doors do not sell with the Savvy Seller's collection, the Stained Glass Windows are not found in Build/Buy.  Therefore, there will have to be a tedious workaround in order to place them in community lots or lots that your sim does not own.
  5. This is NOT a shop, rather it is an Art Gallery Venue that has premium content that has extra features. Please note that venues do not introduce gameplay or a new lot, they are just created to give the theme and focus around said premium content.  Gameplay is found in the premium content themselves, not the lot.
  6. NONE of the content will be sold individually as it is a venue set.  Therefore, please understand and  make a decision whether to purchase the venue or not.  There is a SMALL CHANCE the premium content will be sold individually, but again it is a SMALL CHANCE.
Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the review.

Price Breakdown

This venue comes with a brand new premium content object, 7 build/buy objects, and 2 CAS objects. It is on sale for 1700/1900 Simpoints until February 10th, 2014 (Purchase before the end of the 9th).

This is quite disappointing for a venue to contain so little objects, but it seems like most of the other "objects" are produced by the glass-blowing machine itself, which I'm sure on the store team's view, makes up for the lack of objects that come with this venue.

HOWEVER, if it's a premium content object, it's going to have to have features that make it premium, aka: additional objects produced by it = premium content. 

Anyways, the price breakdown based on what you see on the venue page is as below:

Premium Content: 700 Simpoints
5 Decor: 50x5 = 250 Simpoints
End Table: 75 Simpoints
2 CAS Outfits: 75x2 = 150 Simpoints
L-Shaped Staircases (2 Pieces): 200x2 = 400 Simpoints
Easel: 75 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 1825 Simpoints
Venue Cost: 1700/1900 Simpoints
Savings: 125/75 Simpoints

While it looks like a complete rip-off to some as some people can see that the premium content rose up in price to 700 simpoints instead of the 500 simpoints, and the with it being the new year, you would think we can start seeing lower-priced sets/venues/world.... especially since they are down to 1 release a month. 

HOWEVER, within the premium content comes with 16 accessories that are normally 50 Simpoints each, making it an additional 800 simpoints should they be sold outside of the premium content.  Not to mention the 13 new glass objects that range from decor to windows/partitions/chess tables that I'm sure would have been sold separately for another 375 simpoints or so. 

The following 11 glass objects are also purchasable in build/buy mode, so you can "sort of" treat them as part of the venue that you paid for:
  • Dancing Gnome (25 Simpoints)
  • Fighting Gnome (25 Simpoints)
  • Relaxing Gnome (25 Simpoints)
  • Scared Gnome (25 Simpoints)
  • Friendly Gnome (25 Simpoints)
  • Chess Table (75 Simpoints)
  • Menus de vilo (25 Simpoints)
  • Dragon Egg (25 Simpoints)
  • Vases (25 Simpoints)
  • Utensil Receptacle (25 Simpoints)
  • Partition (75 Simpoints)
Total: 1175 Simpoints for 16 Accessories and 11 Glass Decor Objects.

Thus, the final price breakdown:

Total Individual Item Cost: 3000 Simpoints
Venue Cost: 1700/1900 Simpoints
Savings: 1300/1100 Simpoints

I "guess" it would be worth getting it since all of that is tied to just the premium content and would make up for the steep price that comes with this venue. But, there is still content tied to the premium content that would make it in a way worth it.

If you read the rest of the review and like any of the content that comes with this venue, then purchase it. Otherwise, skip it until it's on for another sale.

L-Shaped Staircases

Introduced FINALLY for a long much needed time are L-Shaped Staircases that come with this venue. Although it's only one style, I'm hoping to see more L-Shaped Staircase styles in the future.  Anyways, the L-Shaped Staircases are a much needed feature as it can be quite a pain to make a home with L-Shaped stairs, only to find out that the home you built needs to be tweaked again, meaning you have to start from scratch if done wrong.

There are two pieces of L-Shaped Stairs, which is either left or right. And there are a few things to know about the L-Shaped Pieces before you build.
  1. It is a 4x4 object, so be sure to build around that 4x4 square.  The 4th tile on the first row is where the stairs will connect to the floor, so be sure to take note of that before building.
  2. It does not autoplace a wall underneath the staircase, making it more of a floating L-Shaped staircase.
  3. You cannot remove the railings of the staircase, so there is no customizability on what railings you want to use.
  4. You cannot place objects under the empty space of the staircase as your sim cannot reach them (supposedly).
  5. Your sim will not walk under them, but rather walk around the staircase... It's pretty much a 4x4 object that you can't even go within that 4x4 spot, only when you climb the stairs.
I do personally find these staircases restricting and disappointing.  Look at all that space you can utilize under the staircase, but alas it seems like a lost cause for creativity without any routing issues. 

Artisan's Glassblowing and Jewelry Making Station

Introduced for the first time in The Sims 3 is a brand new premium content focused on creating glass objects, jewelry, and perfume!

There are tons of things you can do with this premium content and I think this would be considered one of those top-notch ones that one should have in their game with the amount of content it produces and the uses it has.  

This object takes up a 4x4 tile square and consists of a furnace for glass blowing and jewelry making in order to make your gorgeous glass pieces and accessories.  You can also create different types of perfume bottles to give as gifts to your other sims. 

Below are all the objects you can create with the glassblowing and jewelry making station:

  • Perfumes
    • Woohoo Panther Perfume (Level 1)
    • Vanity Perfume (Level 2)
    • Once Forgotten Perfume (Level 3)
    • Amour Perfume (Level 4)
    • Bliss Perfume (Level 8)
  • Glass Objects
    • Dancing Gnome (Beginning)
    • Vases (Beginning)
    • Utensil Receptacle (Beginning)
    • Fighting Gnome (Level 1)
    • Scared Gnome (Level 1)
    • Partition (Level 2)
    • Dragon Egg (Level 3)
    • Friendly Gnome (Level 3)
    • Stained Glass Window (Level 5)
    • Stained Glass Arch Window (Level 5)
    • Relaxing Gnome (Level 6)
    • Chess Table (Level 7)
    • Menus de vilo (Level 9)
  • Accessories
    • Stretched Coin Bracelet (Beginning)
    • Sunburst Earrings (Beginning)
    • Triple Ring Bracelet (Level 1)
    • Red Hot Necklace (Level 1)
    • Coin Bracelet (Level 2)
    • Ancient Artifact Necklace (Level 2)
    • Braided Bracelet (Level 3)
    • Double Braided Necklace (Level 3)
    • Spring Bud Earrings (Level 4)
    • Turquoise Stone Earrings (Level 4)
    • Turquoise Swirl Necklace (Level 4)
    • Amethyst Necklace (Level 4)
    • Turquoise Stone Necklace (Level 6)
    • More Pearls Necklace (Level 7)
    • Hammered Stone Necklace (Level 8)
    • Curly Pearl Earrings (Level 9)
There is also an option to smelt your metals in your inventory also! 

Introduced with this venue is a brand new Artisan Skill, which is ALSO a visual skill and has its own Skill Journal and everything. Increasing your Artisan Skill unlocks new objects to make along with increasing your chances of higher quality items and less chances of messing up.

The gameplay of the station is pretty repetitive, but the order of what your sim does is shown below:

Step 1: Your sim will get a large rod and melt glass in the furnace.

Step 2: Your sim will go over each of the colored glass baskets with melted glass.

Step 3: Your sim will start blowing in the rod to cool down the glass and look at it, repeat if necessary.

Step 4: Your sim will grab a torch in order to make your glass object look refined (well, gives it that feeling).

Step 5: Your sim will then cool the glass in a small wooden pot of cold water.

Step 6: Your sim will then blow, torch, and cool again if needed.

Step 7: Your sim will place it in the kiln for it to finish up and cool to give you your final item.

Sometimes, your sim may fail while torching the glass, creating a "Pain in the Glass" moodlet as your sim tries to fix the torch.

Your sim will also have a chance at making a masterpiece glass art, giving them the "Fan-glasstic!" moodlet.

Combined with the Savvy Seller's Collection Premium Content that came with Midnight Hollow, you can sell some of the items in a shop.

HOWEVER not all items can be sold and are listed below, and those that CAN be sold can only be via inventory.

The following can be sold in adjustable amounts (only via inventory):

- Statue
- Chess Table
- Receptacle
- Vase
- Partition
- Dragon Egg

The following cannot be sold in adjustable amounts:
- Jewelry 
- Perfume 
- Gnomes ($0)
- Glass Windows 


Craftable from this station are 5 different perfumes. These CANNOT be sold on the Savvy Seller's Collection Premium Content as they are not enabled in build/buy mode.

 Each perfume has their own special moodlet and effect and their own color.
  • Woohoo Panther Perfume (Yellow)
  • Vanity Perfume (Purple)
  • Once Forgotten Perfume (Blue)
  • Amour Perfume (Red)
  • Bliss Perfume (Green)

Woohoo Panther Perfume: Using this perfume will give your sim a negative moodlet, and will force your sim to throw up here and there, aka they get nauseous.

Vanity Perfume: Using this perfume will make your sim become more social and have conversations with nearby sims.

Once Forgotten Perfume: If you happen to have someone recently die, using this perfume will remove that moodlet and make your sim pretend as if no one had died.

Amour Perfume: This is a more romantic perfume as if you use this perfume, some sims may be more attracted to you than before.

Bliss Perfume: This perfume just puts your sim in a cheery mood.


When your sims finished making a jewelry accessory, it will be placed in their inventory, and if taken out, will be placed in a glass box. You can give them to other sims or just have them for display. Certain jewelry can only be worn by females, but there are three that are worn by both males and females (posted in the CAS Section).

These CANNOT be sold on the Savvy Seller's Collection as they are not enabled in build/buy mode.

Stained Glass Windows

Only craftable by this premium content are two types of stained glass windows. Arch and Non-Arch. Once you make them, they will be added to your family inventory and are non-recolorable.

These CANNOT be sold on the Savvy Seller's Collection as they are not enabled in Build/Buy mode.

Prism Art Studio Venue

This 40x40 venue has this industrial business market area with 3 buildings surrounding a center park. The three buildings each have something focused in each part and you can customize them all with other expansion packs.

The far left building is focused on crafts, so you will find easels, the premium content, and other "art-making" rooms for your sims to get their creativity on.

The far right building is more of an art gallery and you can put your paintings, glass sculptures, etc. in this building. 

The blue building in the back is an artisan's club where your sims can hangout, chill, and socialize while enjoying a nice drink or two. 

There is tons to do in this 40x40 lot and the store team did an amazing job decorating and making this venue a good place to visit and put in your world.

Build/Buy and CAS

The selection of Build/Buy and CAS is quite small, however, it does include the content that comes with the premium content itself. 

As the new CAS content just introduced new "crafting attire" (which I think we can use some that were released in the past) there isn't much clothing introduced, which is good. I'd rather this focus on Build/Buy content rather than clothing as that is what a VENUE should introduce.

There are tons of new decor and furniture that you can decorate your very own art studio in your apartment/home/etc. and that fully fleshes it out and makes it creative to add to your homes.  While I wouldn't find it very usable outside of a single room (unless you love decor, then this is for you), you could use it to decorate your own shops introduced in Midnight Hollow.

The accessories are beautifully done and some of them can even be used for men! 

The glass objects have a flaw as none of them are recolorable (which would have been nice if we could pick our own colors or recolor them ourselves). Other than that, they are a beautiful addition to anyone who creates them.

All of the glass objects (except for the windows) are enabled in Build/Buy mode so players can sell them via the Savvy Seller's Collection.  

Below are all of the images of the new content that comes with this venue.


Dancing Gnome
 Fighting Gnome
 Friendly Gnome
 Relaxing Gnome
 Scared Gnome


Overall Review

Price: 5/10 - Not a fan of the price and it would have been better if it was 1500 Simpoints and on sale for 1300 Simpoints.  Not to mention the fact that it only came with "few" objects outside of the premium content (because all of the other objects are technically within the 700 simpoint premium content object).  As it's a venue, none of the items will be sold individually (with a small chance of the premium content being sold individually).  Even though the objects and accessories introduced in the premium content make up for the lack of other objects outside of it, I would say hold off if you don't like the content you see until it's for a cheaper price. 

Venue: 10/10 - The venue gives off an industrial look and has three different areas for you to customize: An art studio, art gallery, and artisan hangout.  Mix-and-match with other store content/expansion packs/stuff packs and you can flesh this venue out.  The layout is wonderful and it's one of my favorite venues to visit.  It was well-designed and utilizes plenty of the content that are tied to the premium content.

Premium Content: 10/10 - There are so many things you can create with this premium content such as perfumes, jewelry, and new glass objects like stained glass windows.  While the gameplay can be repetitive, it's like any other skill-tied object.  Speaking of skills, this unlocks the Artisan Skill (which obviously came in a patch but unlocked) that unlocks more objects as you level it up.

Artisan Skill: 6/10 - While it is nice that we get a new skill that comes with this venue, there are some lacking elements.  One of them is the fact that there are no challenges after you master the skill.  I love the fact that in order to get more of the content, you need to increase your skill, especially since you can only sell the items when they are crafted, not through buydebug.  There isn't much of a challenge and the chances of getting torched are quite rare after you reach level 4 or 5.

Build/Buy: 7/10 - Most of it is just decor, but it does flesh out your "art studio" room, should you make one in your home.  I do like some of the new decor like the new mannequins and the L-Shaped Staircases. I did wish the glass pieces were color-customizable and you could pick what colors you want on each of the glass pieces.  Unfortunately, we'll only see just the clear glass and only one design of the stained glass windows. It is also very disappointing to see the glass windows not just put in build/buy. It restricts and causes more problems for builders.

CAS: 10/10 - The accessories are beautifully done and there's tons of new accessories to use along with the nice apron designs for your crafting sims.  Not only that, but males can also use three of the accessories that came with this venue! 

Overall: 8/10 - There are some cons with this venue such as the price and there are some pros with it such as brand new accessories, an Artisan Skill, glass blowing premium content, and stained glass windows + L-Shaped Stairs!  If you love everything that comes with this venue, purchase it! Otherwise, wait for a cheaper price. 


  1. interesting how the other comments are looking for pirated content and plugging their own blog...
    I, on the other hand, appreciate your review for what it is! answered the questions I had and solidified by decision o wait to buy.

    Thanks for the review Chris!!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I removed the other two... Zzzz

  2. This was an amazing review. Yet I still don't know if I want to get it or wait for there to be a sale. Knowing ea, that could be awhile other than the sale going on currently. If you call that a sale lol

    1. Knowing how the Store Team markets their products, it will be months, even maybe over a year for it to go on a cheaper sale. :\

      Unless it doesn't sell very well, then we can see sales soon.

  3. Wonderful review, most helpful, and did I spot a "Sex Panther" reference? <>:]

  4. Great review, I just bought it.

  5. Thanks for your review ! I was wondering how many challenges the artisan skill has. Can you tell me ?

    I think I will be buying that (if the skill has it's own challenge), I looooove new skills :)

    1. Unfortunately, there are no challenges after you master the skill. :(

  6. the jewelry making station is amazing!

    1. Glad you like it! It's one of my favorites, and not to mention you can GIFT the Jewelry and Perfume to other sims too. It's pretty awesome! =D

  7. Thank you for this wonderful and very detailed review. I really do like it but it's so expensive. I'll wait until it's on sale but it will be an impatient wait.

  8. Wow, so thorough! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I'm definitely waiting for a really good sale before I buy this one.


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