Thursday, March 20, 2014

Villa Paraíso Featured Look Review

Hey guys,

With the Sims 3 Store releasing only one store set/venue a month, things got a little slow in reviews and there's really nothing new for me to review nowadays other than the store sets.  Now, they start releasing special "Compilations" known as Featured Store Looks that incorporate past store content and redesigning them and placing them in order to make new lots for new builders and simmers who like a little bit of everything.

Therefore, I am now adding reviews of these Featured Looks starting with this one, and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bohemian Garden Store Set Review

Hey guys,

It's the first week of March, meaning it's time to review the newest store set released for the month: The Bohemian Garden.  While it may be confusing and look like a venue set, it is actually just a build/buy with clothing set, with all items sold individually (except for the premium content of course).  This set is sold for 1450/1700 Simpoints (Until March 10th) and consists of  13 build/buy and 10 cas assets, along with the premium package of 8 brand new harvestables.

Hope you guys enjoy the review,