Friday, July 20, 2012

Le Cirque Celebration Store Set Screenshots and Review

Hey guys,

This is AznSensei here and I will be posting this blog to Review the newest Store Set released, the Le Cirque Celebration! Set. 

Basically, this set is a Circus-themed set that has many Buy Objects and CAS Clothing and Hairstyles. The Cost of this Set is originally 3,000 Simpoints, but on sale for 2,550 Simpoints. Included in this set exclusively only (until released for individual sale) is the Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain for 500 Simpoints.

The Chocolate Fountain is a brand new Premium Content Item released from the Sims 3 Store. It comes pre-colored in four different colors below:

Basically you are given the option to first fill the chocolate fountain with the flavor you want found below:


Chocolate Swirl

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

After filling the flavor you want, you can choose to have some, which you will see your sim grab something off the tray and eat it from the fountain with yum chocolate goodness, or drink from the fountain itself. Here are the pictures of both scenarios:


So far, none of the sims massively crowd around the fountain every time it's on the lot, so it will require further testing. However I find this chocolate fountain fun and wonderful! It does make a good item to have at parties or wedding events! Also, be warned as it WILL make your sims fat really fast.

Score: 10/10- Very biased of me, but I am a fan of what EA has released for Premium Content and this one is a fun sinfully sweet good one! (NOT Katy Perry Style).

While the set itself may seem a bit expensive, take into consideration that you are also comparing that to the cost of buying all of the items individually. After adding all of them together, you would have to pay: 4,275 Simpoints. So you are saving around 1725 Simpoints in the long run.

Also included in the set are sub-sets which enables you to purchase either the clothing set or the furniture set, if you want one or the other. They are:

Le Cirque Esprit- 1,650 Simpoints

Le Cirque Nouveau- 1,450 Simpoints

Now that you've got all the information, here are the screenshots of all the CAS stuff that comes with the set:



Men's Hair:



Men's Clothing:


Women's Hair:

Women's Clothing:



Build/Buy Objects:

There is a total 23 Build/Buy Objects that come with the Le Cirque Celebration! Set (excludes the Chocolate Fountain). Anyways, here is a screenshot of all of the items found in the set:











After taking a look into the set, it is very themed and is only useful if you plan to make a nice carnival/circus-themed Park, Casino, Club, etc.

Other than that, it is indeed difficult to attach these to a normal home. Depending on worth, it depends if you are an enthusiastic fan of this set, or not. If you enjoy this type of furniture and clothing, it is worth your money. Obviously, if you are not a fan then don't bother getting this set and wait until it goes at a bigger discount (if you choose to get it even). 

Even though I was gifted this wonderful set by the wonderful Blacksheba1973, I am still going to give it the review the same as it was purchased.

Theme- 10/10 I enjoy Carnivals and this theme works so well with it! Also, if you own Showtime, I'm positive all of the clothing falls under the Career Category, meaning you can dress up your Magician or Acrobat. 

Design- 9/10 I enjoy the enormous detail of it! However, I would have given it a 10/10 if it had non-stencil versions on many of the items such as the Door, Chairs, Table, and Bench. It's not a major annoyance to me, but it would be indeed nice if there was non-stencil versions.

Clothing- 5/10 I don't play much on the Acrobat Career, and most of these costumes would look so bad when randomly categorized with random simmers. It is cute and all, but very themed! Also, the children's clothing are the SAME meshes, so I wished there was more originality for the children clothing in this set. Also, there is no clothing for Teens (as far as I'm aware of) so another downer.

Price- 7/10 There are some major drawbacks, such as a Hot Tub at 300 Simpoints and it does lack some decor, but it has many types of furniture and equipment that has more "usefulness" and actions rather than just decor. For what it's worth, the price of it is reasonably the same as any other store content, but as a whole it isn't worth the price as it's very themed and it lacks non-stencil versions.

Overall- 7.75/10

Also, please enjoy this Lot I create dedicated to Le Cirque Celebration! Enjoy ^_^



  1. Thank you so much for your review. I've been on the fence for months whether or not to get this set. I'm so glad I found your review. It was extremely helpful.
    Also, Thank you so much for taking the time to create a Circus Lot. Honestly, I really didn't want to spend the time doing it =D

  2. I wasn't sure about getting this set but after reading your review I know I'm getting it at a great price (315 with CYS) so I'm definitely getting it to make a festival lot with :D

  3. I haven't got all of the clothing yet but I love the furniture set. I like to make all of my homes eclectic and a lot of these items can be made to fit a normal home if you recolour. My fairy is enjoying the hot tub right now and in another game my little girl plays on the playground stuff. I want to get all of the clothes plus Showtime and the World of Wonder set so I can create the Noah's Ark Circus from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. I have to say though, some of those hairstyles and clothes are not going to work for many situations! As a rule I get a kick out of having really random npc Sims pop up but I can see that these outfits could make for some really out-of-place characters if you want everything very modern and normal.


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