Sunday, February 17, 2013

Palace of Versailles Store Set Review

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while since I last reviewed a store set. Life has been slightly busy so I have now obtained the time to review, take screenshots and post some feedback regarding this brand new set released about a week or so ago.

First off, I would like to thank the Store Team for reading the petition that has been suggested for "Rococco"-themed content for a while. Although this set may lack elements, it is indeed nice that the Store Team has decided to dig up some wonderful suggestive threads that are strongly supported by the community, and along with the fact we have been getting other new objects that have been wanted for a while. Hopefully, in the future, we will see more community-inspired suggestions that will make many players happy, even if some do not like certain sets.

First off, this set has 32 objects: 18 CAS and 14 Build/Buy. However, even though I am not a fan of combining CAS and build/buy content (which honestly I think should be in separate sets) it was a wonderful addition to the store. The price of this set is normally 1975 Simpoints, but it is on sale for 1625 Simpoints until the 21st of February.

As much as I would love to put a price breakdown of this set, I didn't have time to go to every individual item page and calculate the cost of the items, so sorry guys, you won't see this price breakdown! However, I can give an estimate:

3 Hairstyles: 3 x 100 Simpoints = 300 Simpoints
15 Outfits/Tops/Bottoms: 15 x 75 Simpoints =  1125 Simpoints
4 Decor Objects: 4 x 25 Simpoints = 100 Simpoints
10 Furniture Objects: 10 x 75 Simpoints = 750 Simpoints

Total Estimated Individual Item Cost: 2275 Simpoints

But I can assure you that as usual, the combined individual items cost more than buying the set. So if you want to buy all of them at once, I'd recommend getting it now for the 1625 Simpoints or when it goes on sale for a cheaper price.

Now for the theme of this set. While this may be limited to certain playstyles, there is a limitation on how you can use this set. There are many things that come to mind for my themes, but that's the Sims for you! Use your imagination! I'm fairly positive not everyone will love this set, I personally like using this set and I plan on using it to further rejuvenate some old store worlds. Barnacle Bay comes to mind. As for the amount of clothing and build/buy content, again, I do wish they were just separate sets and more content in each of those sets. I would see more variety in choosing to build than just a few furniture and decor and more options for female/males, especially the elders/teens/children.

I do feel like this set was definitely lacking in the elements for the elders/teens/children. That's my only problem with not just this set, but many sets in the past year and this year also. Thankfully, we should hopefully get more teen/children/toddler/elder options in the near future this year.

Now finally, here are the pictures below so enjoy! I won't be making a score this time, but maybe in the future!

Build/Buy Mode



















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