Monday, March 25, 2013

Live, Laugh, Love Store Set Review

Hey guys,

Sorry for the belated review, but here is yet another review from yours truly of the recent release in the Sims 3 Store: The Live, Laugh, Love Set.

Before reading this review, please note that the following is NOT implied or introduced with this new set:

- No Premium Content
- No "L-Shaped" Stairs
- No Wedding Arches
- No Wedding Cakes
- No Venue

This 34-item set is priced at 1550/1875 Simpoints (On Sale until 4/4/13) and the price breakdown of the content is shown below:

Individual Items: 2225 Simpoints
Set Cost: 1550/1875 Simpoints
Savings: 675/350 Simpoints

Personally, I find the price pretty decent, considering it includes both CAS and Build/Buy Content. As there isn't any premium content items included also, it would make sense to include more items in the set rather than price the entire set for 1550 Simpoints for "Half" the amount (which is what happens when PC is included).

For the theme of the set, we haven't had a wedding-themed set in a long time, along with the fact this was somewhat implied (correct me if I'm wrong) that it's a Mediterranean-styled set by a SimGuru, or another simmer. Anyways, I do like the new additions and the design on plenty of the content that is included in this set.

While I do like most of the content, there are some disappointments that should have been considered in this set (Although I do expect a higher price if these occurred):

1. I do wish they included yet ANOTHER wedding arch with this venue. We can never have too many wedding arches and I don't know if there is a special "Mediterranean" -inspired wedding arch, but who knows right? I would have gladly replaced one of the arches that was introduced and included a wedding arch (Which would probably increase the set cost from 1550 to 1600 Simpoints)

2. One thing that would have been the icing to this set (Literally) would have been adding another style of the wedding cake. Even though a wedding cake was only introduced in the Monte Vista World, it would have been nice to have yet another wedding cake alternative that CAN be sold by itself and programmed as one. The decor wedding cake was not shown in the set picture, but many players were hoping the decorative wedding cake had been programmable as an actual one. It was disappointing to find that it was also another decor. Including it would have increased the set from also 1600 to 1700 Simpoints most likely.

3. I do wish the Store Team would stop combining Build/Buy and CAS. While I do like the fact that we are getting more clothing and build/buy options, they should be separate sets in my opinion so that builders can buy the build/buy as a set, and the CAS'ers can buy the CAS content as a set. That's my personal preference though, but I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way.

Other than that, there are plenty of positives with this set:

1. More Wedding-themed decor and furniture to improve more in our weddings and personal venues.

2. More Stairs, especially as we haven't had stairs in a while (Not Spiral Staircases as we definitely need more, but the regular base game stairs)

Anyways, below are the pictures and my input on the entire set that is introduced and I hope you guys enjoy.


For the Build/Buy portion of the set, there are a total of 19 different objects to add. There is mostly decor included, but I do like some of the new objects introduced. 

The only problems I have with this set is that none of the flowers are recolorable, and also most of the items should have more color channels, giving more customization  Therefore, it was disappointing to see some of the items having only 1-2 channels when it does look like it could use 3 or 4.

Below are all of the pictures and Note: Pretty much all of the objects only have one option in terms of design, but I decided to show where the recolors are, which are normally 1-2 color channels.


As for the CAS options, there are a total of 5 hairstyles and 10 new clothing options for Children to Adults. Unfortunately, there isn't anything for Elders and yet again they all get shafted away from these sets. Makes me wonder why the Store Team never decides to add Elder clothing.

Anyways, I find most of the hairstyles beautiful and breathtaking and actually liking the new fedora for males.

The 3 female hairstyles, and 1 male hairstyle, which are good for Teens to Elders, and there is only one hairstyle for the child sim. 

A lot of the clothing may seem generic, but I do like the designs on some of them. Of the 10 different clothing options, the following are available:

5 YA/Adult Female Outfits
1 Child Female Outfit
1 Child Male Outfit
3 Male Outfits

Again, teens, elders, and toddlers get shafted from this set in terms of clothing itself and it would have been nice if the entire set included all age categories.


  1. "Yet another" review? Does someone else do reviews? That matter? LOL! I think not. YOUR reviews are THE only reviews that COUNT! You do such a GREAT job with them, showing things in such detail and even the recolor channels OMG nobody else's reviews count, trust me. Deedee from Sim a Little Dream a Lot says so!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments! I appreciate it! =D

  2. LOL. I also wish the Store Team would stop combining Build/Buy and CAS. They should be separate sets... so that each of us can buy what we want. That's not just your opinion, Chris. It's shared by many of us. I have so many clothing and hairstyles and I don't use 90% of them as it is. And yet, I can always find a use for another door, window, arch, etc...

    Great review, as usual, and thanks a bunch!


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