Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tutor of Tudors Store Set Review

Welcome to another review by AznSensei, introducing and showcasing the newest set released today on April 18th, 2013: The Tutor of Tudors Set.

This set is a combination of both Build/Buy and CAS and includes a total of 25 Items. It is currently on Sale until 5/2/13 for 1200/1450 Simpoints. For the price breakdown of this set, below is a list of the names and prices of all 25 items included with this set:

Head of the Table: 75 Simpoints
Tufted Armchair: 100 Simpoints
Fit for a Queen: 100 Simpoints
Reflections by Candlelight: 25 Simpoints
Medieval Loveseat: 100 Simpoints
Champion's Glory: 25 Simpoints
Royal Pavilion: 50 Simpoints
Family Banners: 25 Simpoints
Castle Pew Bench: 100 Simpoints
Heirloom Coffee Table: 50 Simpoints
Feasting Table: 75 Simpoints
Castle Window: 100 Simpoints
The Baker's Wife: 75 Simpoints
Lady in Waiting: 75 Simpoints
The Archduchess: 75 Simpoints
Fair Maiden: 75 Simpoints
The Queen's Dress: 75 Simpoints
The Castle Cook: 75 Simpoints
King's Finest Robes: 75 Simpoints
The Archduke: 75 Simpoints
Knight of the Realm: 75 Simpoints
The Little Princess: 75 Simpoints
Squire: 75 Simpoints
Tudor Column: 50 Simpoints
Great Candelabra: 25 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 1725

Set Cost: 1200/1450 Simpoints

Savings: 525/275 Simpoints

Therefore, if you are a fan of the Medieval periods and like the style of this set, then by all means go for it, otherwise please just pass on this set and move on as you don't need to read any more if you are not that interested in this type of theme at all. Personally, I find the price pretty decent for almost $10 for a set of 25 objects, that is without premium content also. On the downside, there are more clothing options than Build/Buy, which makes up for the higher cost, but other than that it seems somewhat balanced.

Just a clarification, this is a "Tudor" Style, rather than a Medieval style. Most of the content and clothing that come with this set represent a Tudor Architecture, which is I after or towards the end of the Medieval period, rather than actual Medieval era. I don't fully know the actual details or historical accuracy of it, but I do know it isn't particularly Medieval. But I'm sure for those who are very in-depth in history and agriculture can hopefully elaborate in any of the comments below. I would gladly take any new information regarding Tudor history and all.

Therefore, please do not mistake this as a Medieval set, but rather a branch of it. Of course it still fits the Medieval theme and this set will go along well with the Castle Bedroom Set, the Castle Kit, items from The Sims 3 Supernatural, and also the Medieval content from the Simpoint Bundles, along with the future released: Dragon Valley. Not everyone is a fan of Fantasy and prefer their games realistic, but if you are an advocate of hardcore fantasy and want to relive an aesthetic feel of being in a Kingdom, then I'd recommend getting this set. Other than that, there isn't much else to review other than showcasing the designs of both CAS and Build/Buy and giving my overall review. I hope you guys enjoy!


Included in the CAS category of this set are 11 new outfits for Young Adults, Adults, and Children. Unfortunately, there isn't anything for the Elder/Teen Category and they have been neglected. I do wish they had added 2 more outfits of those two categories and removed some outfits from the YA/Adult Category. Other than that, below are the images of all the CAS options from Children and YA/Adult.

It might just be my game, but some of the YA/Adult Female outfits are faded in color, no clue if that's a glitch or not. I'll probably need to adjust my settings. >.>




Included in the Build/Buy category, there are 14 new objects to further enhance the aesthetic look of a castle. Just a reminder, in order to fully customize a castle as much as you can, it is recommended to have the Castle Kit Set, the Castle Interior Set, and possibly other Expansion Packs and some of the Simpoint Medieval items included in the Simpoint Bundles.  

The only downfall with these Build/Buy Objects is that most of them (if not all) lack a non-stencil version. Meaning, you will see designs that cannot be customizable, nor removable to be used for any other type of homes besides a Medieval feel. I have also included some recolors, which some parts will/will not be recolored. Enjoy

Overall Review

Price: 9/10 - The price of 1200 Simpoints isn't so bad, plus for all the content you are getting, it's normally close to 1700 Simpoints, therefore you are pretty much getting a nice discount along with the original discount when purchasing a set. Personally, with no premium content or anything, most of the items are worth adding to my Medieval-themed buildings. 

Theme: 9/10 - We haven't had a Castle/Tudor/Medieval theme in a while, and it's a nice new pace instead of seeing the same old World Style/Modern/Classic sets that have been released constantly. A little fantasy being released here and there is a nice touch, not to mention the fact this will go well in Expansion Packs like Supernatural or in a Medieval-Inspired World created by players themselves. Also, this would definitely promote Dragon Valley coming out in the Store next month, so keep a look out for that particular world. I understand that not everyone will like the same things, but for those who do want a medieval-inspired set and much more, this deserves a nice ranking for the content you're getting for your Medieval-Inspired Stories.

Design: 6/10 - Honestly, I do wish some of the designs of the objects included a non-stenciled version, so it can be used outside of a Medieval era, but other than that the objects as a whole are nice addition to add a "Throne Room" to your castle. Also, the CAS clothing are gorgeous and I can't wait to customize it further and most of the dresses are very long, and they can add some more gameplay to worlds such as Monte Vista, Moonlight Falls, or even the upcoming Dragon Valley

Overall: 8/10 - It's not the BEST set, but it's overall a good quality for the content you're getting, nor is it a horrendous set. If you enjoy Medieval, then by all means go for this set, it adds more to your stories, and hopefully I can't wait to see some creative builds from everyone. 


  1. (its ML) At least your nice enough to claim you don't know enough British history (sorry if it sounds rude)

    The time period of Medieval is roughly (I would need to double check with my dad) 1066 (William the Conquer)-1485 (Richard III's death). From 1485-1603 (Death of Elizabeth I) was the rule of the Tudors.

  2. Thanks for your review! I bought the set right away, I am a huge medieval fan and was excited to see EA finally release some content. I was worried that I had might have spent too much on it but - you confirmed it - Good Buy! LOL! :>) I can't wait for Dragon Valley!


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