Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fifth Avenue Fashions Store Set Review

Hello, AznSensei here reviewing the recent set released on May 16th, 2013 called the 5th Avenue Fashions. This is a 26-item CAS set focused on clothing themed for the business environment.

I hope you guys enjoy this review!

Before we begin, for some odd reason, this set reminds me of Mad Men, and in case you didn't know what that looks like:

That's what came to me when this set was first sneak peeked, and I am thrilled to see some slight-inspiration (even if it may not be Mad Men but a different series altogether). 

This CAS set includes 20 clothing options for Young Adults/Adults and 4 clothing options for Elders. It also includes only 2 female YA/Adult/Elder hairstyles. Unfortunately, I did wished it was more of a ratio of 10/14 Adults/Elder rather than 20/4, but oh well... Hopefully there will be more in the future. There is also a lack of Men's Hairstyles also, which I feel would have been nice to add, but I feel like we have plenty of Men's Hairstyles that would fit well with this set. The ratio of women to men is 50/50 also, which is good as it contains 12 Male Pieces and 12 Female Pieces.

Anyways, the price of the set is 1350 out of 1575 Simpoints on sale until May 30th, 2013. Every single object, except 4 of them (Elders) is 100 Simpoints each and the Elders are 25 Simpoints each, which makes the price as below:

22 YA/A Clothing and Hairstyles x 100 Simpoints = 2200 Simpoints
4 Elder Clothing x 25 Simpoints = 100 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 2300 Simpoints

Personal opinion, but it should have been this:

2 Hairstyles x 100 Simpoints = 200 Simpoints
20 YA/A Clothing x 75 Simpoints = 1500 Simpoints
4 Elder Clothing x 25 Simpoints = 100 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 1800 Simpoints

While the 1350/1575 Simpoints is still a nice discount off the original two prices above, it's up to you to decide if it's worth getting or not. Personally, I'm still saving up for Dragon Valley so I might just pass on this set until it goes on a bigger sale. 

There are some positives in this set that I will gladly list in the bullets below:

- No short skirts: Most of every single skirt outfit I have seen is longer than the knees! (Except for two, but hey it works) Hallelujah Store Team! No more skanky dress skirts! 

- Men's Clothing Galore: As a male I am very pleased that the Men didn't get shafted in terms of clothing options, and I hope to see more of this. The ratio is just 50/50, which it is at it should have been for a lot of sets. 

- Elder Clothing: There are 2 female elder outfits and 2 male elder outfits. Still a nice addition, but must be improved upon still. Definite plus that elders got included also! *Thumbs Up*

The only negatives I have:

- Lack of hairstyles: I do wish there were more hairstyles for men's and seems like only the women get the hairstyles. Here's hoping for future hairstyles for men.

Below are the images of all the clothing that come in this set, including recolors and all. I hope you guys enjoy!

Female Hairstyles

For both hairstyles, I do like the nice design of these hairstyles. The Sophisticated Updo is my favorite as the curls on the back seem much more detailed than any other updo. Other than that, I wish there was more Men's Hairstyles included, but of course it's not. 

Sophisticated Updo:

More Volume Pompadour:

Female Clothing

For the female clothing, all of them are categorized in the Everyday, Formal, and Career categories. Therefore, you can either have your sim wear it everyday, or to work, along with maybe a special event or so. The design on some of the dresses look similar to past designs before, with a small accessory added or so, but other than that, they are designed pretty sophisticated for business attire. Also, all of them do not have "fingertip-length" skirts. Yes, you heard me right! Most of them, if not all have skirts closer to the knee area, which is a nice bonus! There are also only two female tops included.

Business Button-Down Suit (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Simply Sophisticated Collar Dress (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Pretty Pearls Outfit (3 Designs, Last Recolored):

Simplicity Day Dress (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Draped Blouse (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Simply Sophisticated Dress (1 Design, 2nd Recolored:

Strictly Business Women's Suit (1 Design, 2nd Recolored): 

Completely Classic Women's Suit (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Balloon Sleeve Top (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Classic Collared Top (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Male Clothing

Again, much like the women's clothing, most of the men's clothing is categorized in the same three categories: Everyday, Formal, and Career. I feel like some are exact repeats of past individual items from the Store, but I might be mistaken. There isn't anything too overly impressive, but I am glad men got more outfits to choose from, and the amount is not less than the women's clothing. There are more tops than outfits, but overall they have some nice designs. 

Buckles and Buttons Overcoat (3 Designs, last recolored):

Overachieving Overcoat (3 Designs, Last Recolored):

Three Pocket Suit (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

The Natural Suit (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

A Fella's Trenchcoat (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Fitted Suit Jacket (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Double Knit Sweater (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Crisp Coat and Gloves (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Very V-Neck Sweater (1 Design, 2nd Recolored):

Timeless Three Button Vest (1 Design, 2 Recolored):

Elder Clothing

There are only two outfits for female elders, and one outfit and one top for male elders. They are the same meshes as the ones you would find in the YA/Adult part of this set. I do wish Elders would get something unique to themselves too in this set, having more clothing options with this set, or just have a set dedicated to them, but here's hoping for future sets. 

Overall Rating

Price: 6/10 - The prices of the individual content seems to be off, and some should be 50/75 Simpoints each, but other than that the Elder items are priced fairly well  at 25 Simpoints each. Overall, the set still gives a discount whether or not the individual items are priced high or not, so it is a decent deal. If you aren't a fan of business attire, then I'd recommend waiting for a major sale.

Theme: 9/10 - I just love the theme of it all, just having business-themed clothing for our sims is a nice change of pace. Also, it may/may not be a hint to future Open for Business content coming via The Sims 3 Store, so keep your eyes peeled maybe.

Design: 8/10 - I think the female clothing options were nicely done and didn't feel as much as like repeats than the male clothing. However, the designs and texture of all of these new clothing options seem more detailed than past content released before. I did wish they designed more clothing for Elders, and more Hairstyles for men, but alas they didn't.

Overall: 8/10 - A Mad Men-Inspired set is a nice addition to the store. I think this set is pretty well-received and I enjoyed much of the clothing that comes with it, even though I don't normally like making sims. As a builder, I hope to see more business-related build/buy content, maybe some new Open for Business content, but we'll see what happens!

Anyways, this is the end of my written review, so I hope you guys enjoy.


  1. When you recolor stuff you make it look like clown outfits, why do you recolor it at all???

    1. It's something a good reviewer does to show the readers the recolorable channels.

    2. It's to show the recolorable channels ;)


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