Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nautical Living Store Set Review

Hi there, AznSensei here reviewing the recent addition to the Sims 3 Store known as Nautical Living.

Collection File:

This set was released on June 6th, 2013 and is on sale for 950/1100 Simpoints until 6/20/13 (Midnight PST)

This set is a change of pace from the previous sets dabbled in fantasy, era clothing, and gambling into a relaxing and tropical living set. Unfortunately, many will argue that this should belong in Island Paradise, which is coming out in a few weeks from now. One would say this would compliment Island Paradise and would fit well with House Boats and all. Personally, I think it was a very risky move of the store team to create content to fit Island Paradise, but as always you will find players who will suggest new "Island Paradise" collaborations via The Sims 3 Store......

Anyways, this set gives a feeling that some of the meshes are the same as some of the past store items we already have (with slight changes), but there are some nice decor and other content to be found within this set. Such examples include a brand new Treasure Chest Grill, a new rocking chair (which hopefully will be base game compatible after the Island Paradise Patch), and brand new cornice pieces!

The price breakdown is as follows:

Grill: 100 Simpoints
Book Shelf: 100 Simpoints
Lounge Chair: 100 Simpoints
Rocking Chair: 100 Simpoints
Wall Clock: 25 Simpoints
Decor: 50x3 = 150 Simpoints
Fence: 50 Simpoints
Fence Gate: 25 Simpoints
Lights: 50x3 = 150 Simpoints
Loveseat: 100 Simpoints
Rug: 75 Simpoints
Window: 100 Simpoints
Coffee Table: 50 Simpoints
Wall Shelf: 75 Simpoints
Cornice Collection: 100 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 1300 Simpoints
Set Cost: 

So far, the price setting seems okay, HOWEVER, there is a discrepency with some of the content:

1. The decor objects are now 50 Simpoints instead of the 25 Simpoints. Hopefully that isn't the new pricepoint of Decor objects
2. Lighting objects also increased to 50 Simpoints

No clue whether or not it will be like that, but if they were priced 25 Simpoints each as noted above:

50x6 = 300 Simpoints would go down to 25x6 = 150 Simpoints

Then, the cost of all the items individually would be just 1150 Simpoints than 1300 Simpoints. It isn't a major price jump (compared to other items in the past), but I hope this isn't the beginning of another supposed price hike.

Anyways, below are all of the objects, including any stencils/designs and the coloring channels. I hope you guys enjoy!

Barbeque Grill Chest

Sea-Loving Book Shelf

Lazy Angler's Chair

Lazy Angler's Rocking Chair

Compass Clock

The Friendly Whale

Nantucket Fence

Nantucket Fence Gate

Rust and Candles Ceiling Light

Fisherman's Floor Lantern

Fisherman's Wall Lantern

Lazy Angler's Loveseat

Sea-Loving Rug

Miniature Sailboat

Framed Knot Collection

Maritime Window

Coastal Coffee Table

Of the Sea Wall Shelf

Nautical Cornice Collection

Overall Review

Price: 5/10 - Even though there was a small price hike in the decor and the lighting portion of the set, that price hike is still beneficial for future sets. I may find it not that a big deal, but I'm sure many others do care about the extra 25 simpoints or so. Of course, if constructive player feedback allows it, hopefully we'll see these items back to the 25 simpoint range. For 950 simpoints, it may not be worth it to some due to the fact it does look somewhat themed for Island Paradise and is released close to the release date. 

Theme: 5/10 - Kind of wished the Store Team went another route and released this either months prior, or many months after Island Paradise. It just fits the theme of Island Paradise, and players will be in the mindset that it should have belonged in Island Paradise and not sold as a separate set. However, this does complete the supposed Island Villa/Bayside/Sun, Surf, & Sand sets released many years ago. Based on that, it does seem somewhat complete via the store because we have the following:

- Bayside Kitchen and Bathroom Set
- Sun, Surf, and Sand Swim + Sleep (Outdoor Island Patio-themed set)
- Island Villa (Bedroom Set)

And now we get the Nautical Living, which is Living Room, which somewhat is close to complete the entire set. And that's pretty decent. 

Design: 4/10 - I feel like some of the furniture and objects that come in this set are what we had in the past. Of course, there is some nice decor objects created that makes your home feel more like an Island Adventure. I also love the new styles for the cornices, and that would make some future building ideas. However, regardless, I feel like for a set after Dragon Valley, it seems plausible that the store team spent enough time to release this after Dragon Valley, rather than fully flesh out this living set. 

Overall: 4.6/10 - There was more negatives than positives in this set, but overall I do think this set probably should have been kept on hold for a while. Of course, EA and the Store Team do like taking feedback and suggestions from players for future store content, and it seems like Island-Themed Content was quite popular in the forums (Yes I was around during this time and saw a thread with support). Anyways, it looked like it would fit well in Island Paradise, but overall, I did find the set a disappointment. 


  1. I agree that the timing of this set could be better but I'm guessing for those that know the store pretty much seems to be releasing sets themed with the newest EP it may make them even more excited for the EP to come. I actually quite like the décor items but am also curious as to why the price has been raised and hope it doesn't continue to rise. Thank you for another honest review! Love the pictures!

    1. I agree, the decor is quite nice! I do hope the price goes back down.

  2. That grill looks great! I also enjoyed the review. It's been a busy day so I hadn't had the chance to look for other reviews/feedback/pictures about the set so I enjoy that I get to see all the pics and the recoloring channels as well.
    I choose to look at the set as it completes/complements other sets that have been released - which is what many people have been asking for. apparently I am chatty today...

    1. The grill was one of my favorite designs, include the decor and the cornices! It really does compliment the past sets we've had and were dieing to complete, so I think it would be safe to say the "Beach Set" would be complete now via The Sims 3 Store. ^_^

  3. I liked your review. You stayed objective and gave a neat rating to the set. I agree with the ill timing, but then again, people who were going to get Store set to complement their Paradise, might just do it anyway :) I hate the sofas (they would look soo much better without the cushions - it would match better with the rest of the chairs) and decor (what's up with the whale)! love the (rocking and lounge) chairs and grill! The window I haven't even noticed at first, but seeing it on your blog makes me go "hm not too shabby!". I wish the Of the Sea Wall Shelf was a storage shelf for our items.

  4. I think it compliments Sunlit Tides as well. I need a tutorial though to place th roof stuff (the same with the greehouse pieces can never get them to look good lol)

  5. good review, I liked some of the stuff but I could easily live without the set.

  6. Thank you for the review! I love nautical/beachy stuff, and I agree with your suggestions of other sets that go nicely with this. I like that there is enough content with this theme (with the combined sets) that we can make multiple houses and not have to use all the same pieces in each one. I do wish that there were some more items in this set for the price, but I'm a sucker for this theme, so I would always want more. lol


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