Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft Store Set Review

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Welcome to the review of the newest set on July 2nd, 2013: The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft. This 31-Item set includes Build/Buy and CAS content that is focused on the Industrial Look. Below are the reviews of all of the items, recolors and design, along with the price breakdown and overall review of the set.

Collection File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kj6j5vj3j7xmxg4/CoffeeBeanHipsterLoft.package


Many Simmers have been asking for a more Industrial, Urban, or Grunge look to expand their creation, especially the Kitchen (I think this was more requested than a Den/Bedroom). Anyways, the store team in one way or another has addressed that and created this set. This set has a more industrial feel and may feel like it fits well with the Diesel Stuff Pack, the High End Loft Stuff, or any other Modernized Store Set. However, it does have a unique style and there are many items that give it that Industrial Feeling and can work well with many other sets.

The price of this set is 1600/1800 Simpoints until July 18th, 2013 and contains 31 items in the Build/Buy and CAS category. Again, they combined the CAS and Build/Buy into one set, and I really do wish they just separate the two already. As much as I love my sims, I also love to build, and I'd rather buy a furniture set than a CAS set any day (My two cents). Anyways, the price breakdown is as follows:

12 Outfits and Tops: 12 x 75 = 900 Simpoints
2 Hairstyles: 2 x 100 = 200 Simpoints
4 Lights: 4 x 50 = 200 Simpoints
Loveseat: 100 Simpoints
4 Decor: 4 x 50 = 200 Simpoints
Bookshelf: 100 Simpoints
Dining Chair: 100 Simpoints
Living Chair: 100 Simpoints
Column: 50 Simpoints
Desk: 100 Simpoints
Coffee Table: 50 Simpoints
End Table: 50 Simpoints
Window: 100 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 2250 Simpoints
Set Cost: 1600/1800 Simpoints
Savings: 650/450 Simpoints

Even though the 1600 Simpoints price is a bit steep, it is a nice discount off almost the cost of 2300 Simpoints when purchasing all of these items separately. Personally, I would have just bought the furniture set and be content with it, while the clothing and hairstyles may be nice, I don't feel any "refreshed" as we have been given so many outfits that are probably of similar theme, if not better. 

Anyways, below are all of the Build/Buy Assets and the CAS Assets, along with their recolors:






Overall Review

Price: 7/10 - The price may be a bit steep, discount is nice, but I think this set isn't "overly" worth the price, I'd probably wait for it to go on sale for a cheaper price, close to 1000 Simpoints even, and then it would most likely be worth getting. 

Theme: 9/10 - It was VERY difficult finding the tops and outfits as they blend in very well with other outfits in the catalog, just enough to be treated as part of the other sets. I do like the Urban, Industrial look to this set and finally we get more Industrial content, and hopefully an Industrial Kitchen in the future.

Design: 8/10 - There are some nice designs with the coffee table, the lights, and some of the decor objects. I think we have enough chairs and sofas to last us for a long time, and kind of wished the Store Team strayed away from designing more Living Room/Bedroom Content. I'd rather see more Bathroom and Kitchen Content, heck even an Industrial Outdoors Set (Is that even possible?) Anyways, the items are designed pretty well and are decent.

Overall: 8/10 - Not the best set, nor the worse set, but I think it was worth my money for most of the furniture. As I'm not much of a CAS person, I'll get the most as I can to utilize this set in Classic builds, along with Apartment lofts and everything. 


  1. Very nice review, Chris! Thanks. I think I'll pass on this set although I like several pieces. I just will never find those fine looking duds in my over-stuffed CAS closet. I love the female hairstyle and the safe end table is a must have but I think I'll just grab a few items and call it a day. I wish they would *stop already* combining build/buy with CAS! Argh... Anyway, I sure appreciate your reviews!

    1. Thanks! I agree too! I want a separate Build/Buy and CAS Set, and I think some of the items are nice to have, but thankfully they are sold individually! ^_^

  2. Popped over to cheat and see if you had collection files for this and the skylight venue lol

  3. Oh!! these pictures are really funny. Your presentation is very attractive I like it.

    Kopi Luwak

  4. Thank you for adding the collection files.


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