Monday, May 5, 2014

Upcoming Projects Over The Summer!

Hey guys,

I would like to announce that these next 4 months will be my last months with The Sims 3. Therefore, I have a huge list of projects and hope I have time to complete them over the Summer for you all to enjoy!

My finals are over on Wednesday, May 14th which means I will start on my projects as soon as the 15th Starts.

Please keep an eye out of the following:

- Roaring Heights Map Guide
- Hidden Springs Map Guide
- Barnacle Bay Map Guide
- Riverview Map Guide

Next, I will be working on creating Collection Files of EVERY store set since day one, and also potentially a catalog of all of the store content before the end of the summer.

I will also be working on completing my Sharing Threads in the forum, the Master Directory will be found here:

As a final parting gift, I will be also working on two major projects and if anyone is interested in testing/helping out that would be wonderful!

- Aurora Skies World Fix that can be shared and used by all, but not as a pirated file! You would be required to own Aurora Skies in order to use this.

- New Tokyo, Japan-Inspired City World called "Shiroi Sakura" which means "White Cherry Blossoms." Hope I can get this project started, but it is not of my top-priority at the moment.



  1. If I'm not misunderstanding. I have a list of items from all store sets and this may be useful for you. Please let me know whether you need it.
    Thank you for your contribution since a long while.

    1. I appreciate the thought!

      Thankfully, the store system is set up where it's easy to know what items go in what set. ^_^


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