Thursday, August 2, 2012

Date Night Set Review and Screenshots

Hey guys,

This is AznSensei here reviewing the newest addition to the Store: The Date Night Set.

Basically this set includes only clothing for YA/A Females and Males under the Everyday and Formal categories. Below are the Screenshots of all of the clothing this set has to offer!

Also, take note that the price of this set is originally 1950 Simpoints, but is on sale for 1300 Simpoints.

Female Outfits










Female Tops and Bottoms




Female Shoes


Male Tops






Rating and Review of the Set

Theme: 4/10 I feel like this theme has been used constantly in many sets involving only Everyday and Formal attire. Heck, we even had a whole bunch come with Late Night, Showtime, Diesel, and other EP's/SP's. While the design of the set is so much better, I felt like maybe if EA had saved these other EP's/SP's in the future, it would have worked well with them (Honestly I felt like some of the clothing in Late Night was slightly lackluster). I am also tired of just the Everyday and Formal outfit categories, why not have some swimwear or athletic clothing sets in the future now? It would be nice to see mostly those two added.

Design: 8/10 The Design of all of these outfits is wonderful and you can see the detail on some of them. Even though some of these outfits are the same mesh of past content released in the early days of the store, the only difference is the stencils and details, possibly the shading of the outfits too. Personally these outfits are so much better than the ones released in the past, including outfits from Late Night, Showtime, and past Modern outfit sets.

Balance: 1/10 The Balance of this set is again favorable to mostly the female category as men only get 8 things, while females get around 26. Also, the Blazer tops for men's look "ALMOST" the same, except with a change in stencils and ties. It was disappointing that they didn't alter it much more than it should be. If only there were more male pants (even though we got plenty with diesel) and shoes even and if the balance was more equal, then it would have gotten a higher rating.

Pricing: 8/10 For 34 Items, that is not a bad deal considering it's on sale for 1300 Simpoints. Based on these numbers, the price calculated would be the following:

8 Male Shirts: 50 Simpoints each = 400 Simpoints
2 Female Shoes: 25 Simpoints each = 50 Simpoints
2 Female Bottoms: 50 Simpoints each = 100 Simpoints
22 Female Outfits and Tops: 75 Simpoints each = 1650 Simpoints

Total Individual Item Cost: 2200 Simpoints
Set Sale Price: 1300 Simpoints
Savings: 900 Simpoints

The Wonderful gifter Msrednotdead had gifted me this wonderful set, so she had spent pretty much 38.2 Simpoints per item on me, which isn't so bad if I had purchased it myself. Any clothing outfit that would be under 40 Simpoints is pretty good in my book! ^_^

Overall: 5.5/10 This set fits well in Bridgeport or Lucky Palms and the score is pretty low because of mainly the overall theme and balance of the set. I think in terms of design and detail of the Store Team has definitely improved, but the concept and idea behind it could use some improvement. Men's outfits seem indeed very lacking, especially when they look almost the same, but changed via stencils. I hope Men's clothing does get an improvement in the future and the Store Team decides to make an increase on it rather than make more female clothing.

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