Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mid-Century Modern Dining and Style Review

Hey Guys,

AznSensei here doing another review on the newest set released from the Sims 3 Store.

This set is basically an addition to the Mid-Century Fantasy theme and should hopefully complete the set now. Of course, with the lack of children furniture and clothing, which I won't dwell into in this review.

In this set, there are are total of 30 items, 11 of which are mostly furniture and decor items, and 19 items for females and males (including an outfit for teens and girls).

There are NO outfits for male teens and children from what I'm observing from the set though, which can be  a slight bummer. Also, there are no premium content items in this set.

The pricing of this set is on sale for 975/1100 Simpoints (On sale until 10/04/12). Basically for 30 items, you're getting pretty much almost half of the cost if you get it now. The total cost of all the items is 1750 Simpoints, and on sale you would get a discount of 775 Simpoints, which isn't a bad deal really.

Since the major price of the set is mostly hairs and clothing, by getting this set on sale, you're pretty much getting a few extra furniture items for free if you look at it that way. Otherwise, you're paying pretty much 32-33 Simpoints per item, which to me isn't so bad.

Below are the pictures of all the furniture and clothing found below, including any stencils or designs added (if any exist):







Clothing and Hair

Female Teens



Female YA/Adults






Female Child

Female Hair (Teen to Elder)

Male YA/Adult


Male Hair (Teen To Elder)

Final Review

Price: 10/10- Honestly, without premium content and a lot of clothing, the pricing of the set seems fairly reasonable and worth it if you like this kind of stuff. Even though 3/4 of the Furniture set is mostly Decoration, the overall price for 30+ items seems fairly good with me, considering it's around 32-33 Simpoints per item. Thankfully, with the discount and everything, this is the cost of half a stuff pack and there wasn't over-the-top pricing scheme on this particular set.

Theme: 10/10- This Set fits very well with the Mid Century Fantasy Sets and also can be used in other types of set, including Ultra Lounge,etc. Now all that is left is the Children's Furniture and Clothing, and this set will  be complete. Mid-Century Modern/Fantasy has been one of my favorite sets mainly because of the overall use and classical design, along with the fact that it is pretty much complete for a normal home. This theme may seem like the same as the Ultra Lounge theme, but it really would fit well in many other types of themes that one wants to use. I personally loved Ultra Lounge, so I definitely love this theme.

Design: 8/10- I think the design of some of the objects could use some improvement. First, the dining table should have been a different design as it looks EXACTLY almost the same as the one that comes with Ultra Lounge. Also, there is an issue with the outfit for female teens. It is MISSING designs, unlike the Adult Version. I am NOT a fan of one of the male hairs, but the afro one is a wonderful hairstyle to add for my African Sims, which is a major plus! Some of the decor items are nice to have, especially the apron rack and also the wall scone light. Those are one of my favorites now to add to a kitchen. The expresso machine is also well-designed so I can't wait to use it in one of my builds.

Basically recommend must haves:
- Higher Tech Hot Beverage Machine
- Three's a Crowd Ceiling Light
- Countdown Scone
- Higher Tech Apron Rack
- Mini- 'Fro, Daddy-O

Overall: 9.3/10- Overall, this set is indeed a nice addition to the store and fully completes the set of the Mid-Century Fantasy themed (of course for a home with adults and teens mostly). In the future, I do hope to see a children's furniture and clothing collection of this set, but one can only hope the Store Team listens to the requests of adding those categories in this theme. The furniture and decor is a nice touch to add to a normal mid-century home (which has been a popular theme in Lucky Palms and Sunlit Tides). I would definitely recommend using this set in those worlds and any future Modern Builds. 


  1. I don't like how they often package the hair/clothes with sets if you might want ONLY the furniture/decor items.
    I HATE the hair & clothes for this set, so it's NOT a deal for me. (blechhh!)
    Looks like they are trying to match up to the upcoming Decades Stuff pack.
    30 items means NOTHING if is 75% unwanted.
    And though I know a lot of things can be bought separately, prices get even worse that way.
    I think EA is getting way too carried away with their prices lately.
    ESPECIALLY when they are often causing glitches/bugs & becoming incompatible with other Store items.
    Just my opinion.
    But thank you for your reviews, they ARE helpful! :D

    1. Well you can't please everyone, so you can definitely skip it if you don't want it. ;)

      Plus you don't have to buy everything at once, if you only want a few objects now, and then some later, then you are free to do that. ^_^

    2. Bought it anyway, LOL! Just cuz I am a coffee freak & love the machine/mugs...& stereotyped least it will match the upcoming Decades Stuff pack next year.

  2. This does seem to match the midcentury set, however I prefer some other chairs I have for the dining area. Thanks again for keeping us up on this stuff. :)

    1. I agree, for some odd reason I do not like the chairs. I think other chairs would fit more than this one >.>

  3. Thanks for the review! I LOVE the set and plan on getting it as soon as I can!

  4. Great review! I've been playing around with this set for the past couple of hours for my own review and I love it. Was pretty disappointed about the teen version of the dress having only one of the stencils. Doesn't even look like you can recolour the stencil, though you can use a mod to remove it.

    1. I was disappointed too that the Teen Version is missing stencils. I made a thread in the forums addressing the issue so hopefully the Store Team can address it.

    2. Hmm, EA fix a oversight? LOL They choose what to address and it usually gets pushed into patches months later. Look at the window from LP. That is supposed to be fixed in the seasons patch. : / Also, what about the inability to order Omnipotent seeds thing. That still doesn't work, and it was botched with an ep update a long time ago. I'm hoping they'll address the garden glitch asap, but I'm not holding my breath. :( So, I doubt they make the lack of stencils in the teen dress a priority. That's just an educated guess based on past examples.

    3. The Window in LP has already been fixed. Anyone can redownload it and recolor it now ;)

      Also they have fixed oversights instantly before so it has happened ^_^

    4. The Store Team has been very consistent and very quick with responding on some issues of store content.


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