Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drifter's Desire Set Review

Hey Guys,

AznSensei here reviewing the next set released recently today 10/4/12 called the Drifter's Desire Set.

The theme of this set can be perceived in many ways. One would say this would fit well with Haute Hacienda due to the vibrant colors. Others can also perceive it as a Gypsy/Fortune Teller-themed set for players who want to create homes for their fortune tellers.

If you have Supernatural, then I'd recommend getting this set (regardless of whether or not it should have belonged in Supernatural) for your Fortune Tellers to live in.

This Set includes pretty much outdoor decor, kitchen and dining, and basically a small bedroom and living. Aka: A little of everything. Most likely this will be the only set released and there will probably be no continuation of it.

Sadly, there is no Premium Content included, but we may get some later this month!

Anyways, the price of this set is on sale for 1150/1350 Simpoints until 10/18/12. Comparing this to purchasing just the individual items at a slow pace or if you only want a few items, you would get the savings of 675/475 Simpoints (Sale/Original) if you get it now or the set as a whole rather than individual items in a period of time.

Personally, the colors are slightly too bold for me, so recoloring would be a must for a taste of mines, but I'm sure other people can enjoy the vibrant colors of this set. The detail is definitely well-done and no idea whether or not stencils are included.

Here is one rendition of recolors that I did:

When I get the set at one point or another, I will post pictures of all the items, and a collection folder.


Theme: 8/10- Definitely would work well with Supernatural and the Fortune Teller Sims, along with players who want to add more stuff to their Gypsy-themed lots. Although some may argue that it should have belonged in Supernatural, honestly it may or may not, but lets be real here: The EP is not about Fortune Tellers. ;) Therefore, I am glad this wasn't included in Supernatural as I probably wouldn't use it often. However, for those who would like the option to, this would be available in the store, which should be perfectly fine.

Design: 6/10- The colors are definitely too vibrant and not my taste. I hope there are non-stenciled versions and probably recommend for those who want to merge these with other themed sets to change the color and design. Most likely creativity can be limited if these do not work well, but why would you use this set to make a Modern Lounge Home? I probably wouldn't. The designs of the content is good and I love how creative the store team went, but the color scheme has gotta change. 

Price: 9/10- Well technically, when you buy all the items, it adds around $19 U.S. Dollars. Basically, on sale you would get it for around $12 U.S. Dollars. So it's not too steep a price as it's the only set of the first two weeks, so you could enjoy this set for $12 if you wish. Without Premium Content, I'd probably recommend getting this on a bigger discount (maybe 50% off around Christmas) if you guys are not feeling the "must-have" emotions of this set.

Overall: 7.67/10

Hope you guys enjoy!
- AznSensei


  1. Nice Review Azn - I think your vision of the set is exact for sure. I too most definitely want this, as soon as I can get it.

    But great job. Writin_Reg

    1. Thank you very much Reggie! I should hopefully add pictures and potential recolors ^_^


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