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Villa Paraíso Featured Look Review

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With the Sims 3 Store releasing only one store set/venue a month, things got a little slow in reviews and there's really nothing new for me to review nowadays other than the store sets.  Now, they start releasing special "Compilations" known as Featured Store Looks that incorporate past store content and redesigning them and placing them in order to make new lots for new builders and simmers who like a little bit of everything.

Therefore, I am now adding reviews of these Featured Looks starting with this one, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Collection File:
Lot Exchange Link:

Price Breakdown and Item List

Included in this set are 41 objects that come from multiple sets that were released in the past.  This set is priced at 2925 Simpoints, and while it looks super-expensive, take note that it is part of Complete-Your-Set, so if you already own all of the items, or most, it is pretty much FREE. 

Below is a list of all of the individual items, what set they came from, and the prices:

Hacienda Luxury: 12 Items
The Pampered Pedro: 100 Simpoints
The Don Pedro Bookshelf: 75 Simpoints
Velvet Seclusion: 75 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Door I: 100 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Arch I: 75 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Door II: 100 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Arch II: 75 Simpoints
The Don Pedro Dresser: 75 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Chandelier: 25 Simpoints
Miguel Mallari Especiale: 100 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Window: 100 Simpoints
The Royales Window: 100 Simpoints

Double Door Castle Arch I by Castle Kits, Inc. (Complete Castle Kit): 75 Simpoints
Shades of Grass (Sun, Surf, & Sand - Sleep): 25 Simpoints
Fairy Vine Wall Sculpture (Faire Folk Outdoors): 25 Simpoints
Getaway Beach Chair (Island Villa): 58 Simpoints
Bayside Hamper (Loads of Laundry): 75 Simpoints
Bayside Washer (Loads of Laundry): 200 Simpoints
Bayside Dryer (Loads of Laundry): 200 Simpoints
Weezul's Wicker Chair (Frontier Finds): 100 Simpoints
The Dramatic Palm (Jazz Age Living Room): 25 Simpoints
Vineyard Vittles Dining Table (Mediterranean Kitchen and Dining): 100 Simpoints
Vineyard Rustica Countertop (Mediterranean Kitchen and Dining): 100 Simpoints
Vineyard Villa Bookcase (Vineyard Villa Furnishings): 100 Simpoints
Villa Trellis End Table (Vineyard Villa Furnishings): 50 Simpoints
Banarasi Plush Coffee Table (India Inspirations Collection): 50 Simpoints
Mughal Arch Small Mirror (India Inspirations Collection): 50 Simpoints
Desert Oasis Floral Vase (Haute Hacienda Kitchen and Dining): 25 Simpoints
Porridge Prep Wall Shelf (Once Upon A Time Cottage): 25 Simpoints
Doric Column Fence (Live, Laugh, Love): 25 Simpoints
Blooming Garden (Live, Laugh, Love): 25 Simpoints
Descend From Above Staircase (Live, Laugh, Love): 100 Simpoints
Rust and Candles Ceiling Light (Nautical Living): 50 Simpoints
Bangalor High-back Chair (Dreams of India): 100 Simpoints
Bangalor Brass Light (Dreams of India): 50 Simpoints
Mughal Window (Dreams of India): 100 Simpoints
One Love Rose in Vase (Bohemian Garden): 25 Simpoints
Lantern of Morocco (Morocco Mystique) : 25 Simpoints
Moroccan Oasis Fountain (Morocco Mystique): 25 Simpoints
Desert Dynasty Coffee Table (Morocco Mystique): 50 Simpoints
Cleo Couture Scone (Morocco Mystique): 25 Simpoints

Total Cost of Individual Items: 2883 Simpoints
Cost of Featured Look: 2925 Simpoints

Er.... What? I'm sorry.... WHAT?! At the price-point, you are seeing 2883 Simpoints worth of individual items for a set that costs 2925 Simpoints, which doesn't make sense considering if you don't own ALL of the items, you are paying more than what you need to.  The price seems quite off and I think if they want simmers to purchase this set with an incentive, they should have priced it down at a discount towards 1900/2100 Simpoints, which would make it seem much more worth it. 

Not to mention included also is a venue and recolored versions of almost all of the items included in this Featured Look.

The price of the Featured Look is high, and honestly it should be lowered. 

Featured Looks Lot

Included in this Featured Look Set is an actual lot that features all of the items listed above. This lot is a 30x30 Lot Size and is classified as a Residential Lot. It is priced at $320,139 Simoleons.

The description of the lot is as below and is the same as the featured look set page:

"Whether your Sim is lounging by the crystal clear pool or taking in the opulence of the indoor waterfall, nothing says "contemporary conquistador" quite like living in Villa Paraiso."
This lot is beautiful and I find that the layout of this lot is wonderful for anyone to add to their homes.  Not only does this lot have a pool and beautiful layout, but it also is family-friendly too for anyone with households of more than just two.

Below are the images of all that this lot has to offer.

Recolored Build/Buy Objects

This part of the review is short and I'll just post the images of all of the recolored objects that come with this Featured Look.  Not everything was recolored, which was disappointing, but hopefully some of you can utilize these new color patterns that come with this Featured Look.

Overall Review

Price: 2/10 - A discount should have been implemented when this set compiles different items from different sets into one instead of paying almost the same price as purchasing the items individually (if not more).  I think a 2000/2100 Simpoint base price should have been made first, and then discounted appropriately in order to make players purchase this Featured Look at a discounted price, in case they don't own the majority of items.  I think this was a huge flaw in Featured Looks and hopefully future Featured Looks will have better prices.

Lot: 10/10 - The lot is BEAUTIFUL and with the lot size being 30x30, it can fit in almost any world you see fit.  Not to mention it's family friendly and includes rooms for children and infants also.  Also, the layout of the home is nice and so far I haven't found any problems moving around in this lot. 

Recolored Objects: 7/10 - Not everything was recolored, but it is nice to see how the Store Team utilizes the other objects and recolor them to fit each other in scenarios where some simmers may not even know what to do when using different objects.  As a builder, I enjoy using objects from different sets and incorporating them into a home in order to make a fully-fleshed home, rather than use objects of the same theme and putting them into one lot.  

Overall Review: 6.3/10 - The pricing needs to be changed in the future, but it's a step forward for future Featured Looks if they continue to release these at the end of the month. 

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