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The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Pack Review

Hey guys!

To commemorate the entire Sims 3 Series before the chapter ends, I am now reviewing ONLY (and please take note ONLY) the last stuff pack that will be released for The Sims 3: The Movie Stuff Pack.

This review is pretty much like all of the other reviews, and I will mostly comment about the Build/Buy and CAS content that comes in this stuff pack, along with using OTHER content also with this stuff pack. I hope this review will bring the perspective to use the most out of what you can if you happen to purchase this stuff pack, but please remember, this is just my perspective of the stuff pack, and I hope this review will make YOU choose whether to purchase this stuff pack or wait.

Collection Files:
Director's Set
Movie Stuff Pack

This Stuff Pack is mainly focused towards decorating a Movie Studio with different themes and storytelling your sims trying to get into the big productions using scenes and decor to flesh this out. However, in order to fully utilize this Stuff Pack outside of this concept, you will need other Stuff Packs/Expansion Packs/Store Content in order to do so. Therefore, this review at the end will provide you the information you need in order to get the most out of you can from this Stuff Pack.

It's purchasable at your local retailer or Origin for $19.99 (US Dollars) like all other stuff packs.

Origin Bonus

When ordering this stuff pack from EA's Origin site, you will also get a code on your receipt in order to redeem the Director's Set via the redemption page here.

This director's set comes with 7 new Build/Buy objects that mostly decorate your lot in order to make it look like it's a movie studio. This set can be best utilized if you have The Sims 3 Late Night as you can use the Film Actor Career and decorate your home to make it look like you will prepare for a production and all. This set can also be used to decorate outside of the rabbithole movie production building also. 

One downfall I wish that would have came with this bonus set was a decor camera stand, that way it can look like the director is filming the actors on the stage. It would make it more movie-making amazing if such a decor object was used in pictures. Hopefully, we'll see a movie camera stand in the future via The Sims 3 Store.

Below are all of the pictures of the new decor objects. One of my favorite objects is the spotlights as they have different designs for the Move Stuff Pack and also would make wonderful decorations around your world, in case you want to make a cinematic Superhero Movie in your town and all.


The first of the three themes introduced is the Western Theme and that includes the following that fit this category:

  • 3 Female Teen-Elder Hairstyles
  • 1 Female Elder Outfit
  • 1 Female YA/Adult Top
  • 2 Female YA/Adult Bottoms
  • 3 Female YA/Adult Outfits
  • 1 Female YA/Adult Shoes
  • 1 Female Teen Outfit
  • 1 Male Teen-Elder Hairstyle
  • 1 Male Elder Outfit
  • 2 Male YA/Adult Outfits
  • 1 Male YA/Adult Shoes
  • 1 Male Teen Outfit
  • 1 Male YA/Adult-Elder Facial Hair
  • 5 Western Songs along with a Western Radio Station
  • 1 Double Door
  • 2 Wall Decor
  • 1 Double Bed
  • 1 Saloon Sign
  • 1 End Table
  • 1 Juice Bar
  • 1 Barstool
  • 1 Rocking Chair
  • 1 Mirror-Dresser Combo
  • 1 All-In-One Bathroom (Outhouse)
  • Western Movie Backdrop
Total # of Build/Buy and CAS Content for the Western Theme is 30, which is quite a bit. Sadly, there isn't as much build/buy stuff to utilize this particular theme, so you would need content from The Sims 3 Pets mostly in order to utilize this part of the theme. 

The only items I do like from this theme particularly is the Female Hairstyles, mainly because it comes with and without the accessory, which is a very nice thing to do from the Stuff Pack Team. It provides players to utilize the hairstyle in case they don't want the accessory. I personally find all of the female hairstyles in this style quite beautiful, so I hope to use it outside of the Stuff Pack. The dresses are very long and flowy, and unfortunately can be too themed to use in an everyday world! However, one of my favorites is the Red Female YA/Adult Dress for some odd reason. I gues something about a long dress that shows one leg makes it a wonderful addition. *laughs* I personally am not a fan of the female sheriff outfit, so it's a skip for me on that one.

One thing that does make me happy about this Stuff Pack is that it included AT LEAST ONE teen and elder outfit for both males/females in this stuff pack, and I'm happy that Teens actually get to participate in this themed stuff pack. Children also get outfits, but they do not get a western outfit sadly, but you can already get some from The Sims 3 Pets and other Expansion Packs. 

For the build/buy content of this theme, it mostly focuses in decorating a saloon, and I think this theme could have improvised and use other content. The Outhouse is one of my favorite objects and I hope to add these to a lot of places that need one, especially if you are out in a cabin or something. Anyways, included is also a Rocking Chair which DOES NOT REQUIRE Supernatural in order to function (That is, if you have the recent patch since Island Paradise). I never understood why they added a double bed, and it could have been removed in order to add lets say a decorative Western Piano (due to the fact the coding of the piano is tied to Late Night *sigh*). It would have been nice to see one of those pianos come to the game, but sadly this Stuff Pack didn't bring it. Hopefully, we'll see one in The Sims 3 Store soon! 

Other than that, below are the images of the content included in the Western Theme! For the build/buy content, the last item is a recolor version to show the color channels.































The second theme introduced is the Horror Theme and it contains the following CAS and Build/Buy Content that fits this category:

  • 4 Female Teen-Elder Hairstyles
  • 1 Female Elder Outfit
  • 4 Female YA/Adult Outfits
  • 1 Female YA/Adult Shoes
  • 1 Female Teen Outfit
  • 1 Female Teen Shoes
  • 1 Female Child Outfit
  • 1 Male Elder Outfit
  • 1 Male Elder Shoes
  • 2 Male YA/Adult Outifts
  • 1 Male YA/Adult Shoes
  • 1 Male Teen Outfit
  • 1 Male Teen Shoes
  • 1 Male Child Outfit
  • 2 Double Door
  • 1 Fireplace
  • 1 Double Curtains
  • 1 Bookshelf
  • 1 Coffee Table
  • 1 End Table
  • 2 Dining Chairs
  • 1 Loveseat
  • 1 Wall Light
  • 1 Double Bed
  • 1 Table Decor
  • 1 Horror Movie Backdrop
  • 5 Horror Songs and Horror Radio Station
This leaves a total of 34 Objects that fit this theme. Personally, the Horror/Gothique theme has been used quite frequently via The Sims 3 Store, and The Sims 3 Supernatural, so utilizing this content will be a breeze and can be used outside of this particular stuff pack. Therefore, this particular theme was just added because what else do you watch in movies, Horror. The double doors are nice accessory and can be used for Halloween-Themed Parties and all. Vampires and other Supernatural can utilize this particular theme well, and I think there are still an object that could have been added:

  • Standing Coffin Decor: Even though we know that vampires sleep via levitating in Late Night, there was no indication that the Sims 3 will ever have a vampire sleep in the coffin. However, at least having a standing coffin to put in a bedroom would have been a nice touch for decor to add to the Horror-aspect of the theme.
Other than that, the hairstyles are not something exciting I would use outside of the Halloween setting with The Sims 3: Seasons or using it for my Supernaturals in The Sims 3: Supernatural. This decor will also go well with the Gothique Sets via The Sims 3 Store.

Below are the pictures of the content:


































The third and final theme in this Stuff Pack is the Superhero/Supervillain Theme and I find this the most themed and entertaining of all three themes. Even though we won't have superhero/supervillain gameplay, I'm sure there is a way to utilize this for having your nerds cosplay in their homes, etc. These also make nice Halloween Outfits (like the other two themes) if you own The Sims 3 Seasons, so this fleshes out that aspect of Seasons. Includeded in this particular theme are the following:

  • 6 Female Teen-Elder Hairstyles
  • 1 Female Elder Outfit
  • 1 Female Elder Shoes
  • 5 Female YA/Adult Outfits
  • 3 Female YA/Adult Shoes
  • 2 Female Teen Outfits
  • 1 Female Teen Shoes
  • 2 Male Teen-Elder Hairstyles (Brain + Racoon Hat)
  • 1 Male YA/Adult Hairstyle (Bird Mask)
  • 1 Male Teen-YA/Adult Hairstyle (Bunny Mask)
  • 1 Elder Male Outfit
  • 1 Elder Male Shoes
  • 5 Male YA/Adult Outfits
  • 5 Male YA/Adult Shoes
  • 1 Male Teen Outfit
  • 1 Male Teen Shoes
  • 2 Female/Male Child Hairstyles
  • 1 Female/Male Child Outfit
  • 1 Female/Male Child Shoes
  • 5 Epic Songs and the Epic Radio Station
  • Superhero Movie Backdrop
  • 1 Motorcycle
  • 1 Wardrobe
  • 1 Laser Single Door
  • 1 Shower
  • 1 Batmobile-like Car
  • 2 Dining Tables
  • 1 Wall Decor
  • 1 Table Decor
  • 1 Living Chair
  • 1 Mirror-Dresser Combo
  • 1 Huge Decor
  • 1 Floor Light/Decor
The total number of CAS and Build/Buy content of this particular theme is 54, which is the most out of all the themes of this stuff pack. I think this has the most mainly because this theme isn't fully introduced into the game, so it was nice that the Stuff Pack Team had added more with this theme versus the other themes. Like I said earlier, most of the content of this particular theme works well for Costumes with The Sims 3: Seasons, and I would rarely use it for anything outside of that, unless I want to make a Superhero Machinima or story.

What's really confusing about this particular theme is the hairstyles for Men is so inconsistant. It's not Teen-Elder on all 4 Hairstyles, rather it's varied between all 3 age groups. You have the Brain Hat and the Racoon Hat utilized in all 3 age states, but then you have the superhero masks that can't even be used by all three unless appropriate for the ages as I listed above. 

I do like the outfits and decor as it provides some variety in showcasing villains/superheroes in this Stuff Pack. There is a huge reference to batman characters such as Batman Himself, Poison Ivy, along with references to characters like Hawk Girl from the Justice League. Sadly, I don't know what other characters are referenced in this particular theme, but I hope someone else would know. 

I do wish there was just a BASIC Superhero Mask, like the one Robin wears in Batman, or a variety of the basic superhero masks, and that was just a huge easy miss I think. 

Also, the Superhero outfit decor light would have worked very well as a Mirror-Dresser Combo, especially if the mirror was in the middle of that huge giant thing, but sadly it was sent to a control console instead. I thin the Control Console would have made a nice desk to use for sims rather than be the Mirror-Dresser. 

One of my favorites is the laser door as you can't see in the pictures below, the lasers appear and disappear if your sims enters it. It adds a nice futuristic design and makes your lair freaking awesome. 

I think this is one of my favorite themes of all three, and you can see the pictures below.

































































Utilizing This Stuff Pack

This stuff pack can be utilized with many other Expansion Packs, Stuff Packs, and Store Content. Please note that not everything will be implied to go with this stuff pack, but if you personally have some ideas yourselves on how to use this stuff pack, then go for it yourself! I'm only adding this part of the review for those who are still wondering: "How the hell am I going to use this stuff pack? It's too themed!"

Stuff Packs

SP1: High-End Loft 
This is one of my particular ones I would recommend using as it's the first stuff pack, and it has modern content that would work well for the Superhero theme of the Movie Stuff Pack. You would have a sim be living in high-style and at the same time, you can use some of the content to add some nice touches to your superhero lair.

SP6: Katy Perry Sweet Treats
Honestly, one of my random thoughts of using this stuff pack was to finally have a use for those dreaded candy outfits that came with sweet treats! You can use the candy-themed hairstyles and outfits to have crazy-looking minions at your disposal for being the evil mastermind of the town you are using the stuff pack in. That's my only use of this stuff pack personally, unless you have an evil Freezer Bunny villain idea, you can use the candy-themed content, especially the bunny fountain. 

Expansion Packs

EP2: Ambitions
Your inventor sim can turn into a huge supervillain with the brain hat, along with having an army of simbots for your movie-making scenario. Evil Mad Scientist can be good. Lots of decor for inventors like the time machine and everything.

EP3: Late Night
Helps make an actual watering hole for your saloon and uses some basic bar content that can flesh it out. You can also make an evil supervillain nightclub, or a popular superhero sports bar. Vampires also are included.

EP5: Pets
Brings out the western theme more with tons of western content and fleshes out your saloon if you want to. You can also use the horses or pets to expand your movie-making skills in making a western movie.

EP6: Supernatural
This is pretty self-explanatory as it includes witches, vampires, werewolves, and fairies. One of the superhero outfits can be used as a fairy outfit if you wish to, and your horror theme will be fully fleshed out with this Expansion Pack particularly.

EP7: Seasons
Use a lot of the outfits and hairstyles for your halloween parties and all.

EP8: University Life
Your nerds can dress to be a superhero and run around campus pretending he is one if you want to. Comic shops can be fleshed out by decorating with superhero stuff.

EP11: Into the Future (Upcoming)
Your superheroes and villains can utilize the future and create new stories of what happens. Jetpacks are a must-use for these super characters, and other sorts of futuristic content for your sims.

Store Content

Edwardian Expressions: Give it some dark colors and designs, and it would help make a spooky, yet luxurious mansion for your sims homes. The design on the counters give it a "Web-like" feel to it. 

Regal Living: Add some items like the stove that fits the gothique theme, and make it dark to give your sims a regal feeling. Not to mention it's a full set, so nothing can go wrong with a complete set for your Horror Films and all Household.

Gothic Glamour: The couch is a MUST-HAVE as what better way to match the batmobile, than have a freaking bat couch also! The Gothic items can also be used for your Gothic-Living Sims and all for your horror too, but the couch is the main item from this set to use.

Street Couture: Even though most of this is pretty much Harajuku-Inspired in Japan, it adds more variety to your gothique teens/children along with the Adults too. There is a slight hint of elegance in some of the female outfits though, which goes well with the Horror Theme

Fanciful Fashion: Most of the outfits fit the horror category. Even some hairstyles work.

Gothique Living + Sleeping: Self-Explanatory

Le Cirque Celebration!: Clowns scare me a lot, and I don't enjoy seeing sims dressed as clowns. Not to mention, a lot of movies have killer clowns and all, so why not?! You could have the Joker as a villain, or Harley Quinn even.

Through The Spy Glass: The bedroom and bathroom in this set will help flesh out the Horror theme, along with decorating your children sims' bedrooms. 

Steampunk: Use the steampunk items to help decorate your evil villain's lair.

Futureshock: I guess you "could" use the Futureshock items in order to flesh out your superhero/supervillains lair and add some neat designs and color to your place. Might as well find a way to make your lair less desolate right?

Back 2 Skool: Perfect for your superhero child sim

Atomic Age: Good for your superhero/supervillain den if you want to also

Halloween: Flesh out your spooky horror with the decor of the yearly FREE Halloween items, and the cat spring rider. 

Halloween Simpoint BundleDon't forget there is also that simpoint bundle released October 2012 with hairstyles for your horror stories. For images of what I mean see link below:

Overall Review

Pricing and Content: 10/10 - For the amount of content you are getting in this stuff pack, there's like over a hundred CAS and Build/Buy content introduced in this Stuff Pack and I think they added plenty enough to make it the final Stuff Pack.

Design: 8/10 - While there are still some missing elements in some of the themes, along with some missed opportunities for superheroes with the Console + Outfit Display case, there are some nice designs on a lot of the content utilized in this stuff pack, and I think they did fairly well in terms of quality of content.

Western: 5/10 - This isn't my favorite of the three themes, and I think mainly because it's been used already with Pets. I still think a single standing piano would do so well to add with this particular theme.

Horror: 7/10 - Again, also not my particular favorite of the themes, but better than the western theme. You can definitely use the build/buy content to decorate for your halloween parties, and these do flesh out a lot of other content in other Expansion Packs/Stuff Packs. Standing Coffin would have done so much for this theme.

Superhero: 9/10 - One of my favorite of all three themes, and I think they did quite a bit on this particular theme. Although it may provide some fun, in reality, it is too themed and can not be utilized with other content unless you put your imagination into it. I gave it a 9/10 because it has that freakintastic batmobile included.

Overall: 7.8/10 - You get a lot of content for the value you are paying and I think it's worth the typical $20 stuff pack price. Again, it is very themed so unless you like having themed content, I'd suggest waiting for a bigger sale.

Thank you for reading this review and I appreciate you guys reading the reviews and this will be my ONLY Stuff Pack Review.



  1. Great review! I love your ideas for using this SP with other SPs, EPs and Store sets.

    1. Thank you! I feel like I may miss some sets, but hopefully it provides those who want to utilize this stuff pack if they get it, with other content for their storytelling and builds! ^_^

  2. Thanks for doing the blinding bright recolors! They made me realize some of the items I thought were so drab, blend in with the Island Paradise color scheme that EA made, LOL! That also reminds me of the gypsy Store Sets EA has.
    Good review! I don't know how you had the patience to do all that :D
    But I did order mine around 10pm last night for $15. (Thank goodness for BestBuy reward points) :D
    Received an email saying it was already out for delivery today O.O
    Now I'm more excited for it than before, after seeing your review, thanks!

  3. With this stuff pack, are your Sims able to make movies or do they still have to go to the Production Studio in Bridgeport?

    1. It is a stuff pack, no extra gameplay is added. You can utilize this content with the Film Studio that comes with Late Night, but other than that, it's mostly a great asset for machinima makers.

  4. you dont review expansion? :(


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