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Farm Fresh Folk Set Store Set Review

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Welcome to the review of the newest set released September 5th, 2013: The Fresh Farm Folk Set! This set costs 1200/1400 Simpoints and is on sale until 9/12/13!

Collection File:

Hope you guys enjoy this review!


This 20 item set includes the brand new premium content object called the Milkin' It Dairy Corral, along with 5 CAS options for YA/Adults and Children and 14 Build/Buy objects focused solely around the living room.

The theme of this set is an addition to the Country Livin' Set released in April and can be combined with the Chicken Coop if you already own that particular item. Personally, I'm not too fond of the country-style, and the items are designed nicely, so perhaps I may get to explore the theme of it a bit more if I want to. All that's needed now is a Country Livin' Bedroom/Bathroom Set (But I'm sure we can utilize that from the Pets Expansion Pack).

The Milkin' It Dairy Corral is unfortunately not sold individually, and I do hope the marketing team stops making it unavailable for sale for those who cannot get the full set instantly and can buy piece by piece. Hopefully in the future, we'll see this item along with other premium content objects tied to sets (Not Venues/Worlds) sold separately.

These sets would go very well with the Pets Expansion Pack also, so if you own Pets, be sure to combine content from this set to the objects that come with Pets.

The Price Breakdown is as follows:

Individual Item Cost: 1175 Simpoints
Milkin' It Dairy Corral Cost: 500 Simpoints
Total Cost: 1675 Simpoints
Set Cost: 1200/1400 Simpoints

Savings: 475/275 Simpoints

While the cost is exceptional for the amount of content you are getting, I'm glad it's around the price of almost $10 for this set. Even though the savings are not that great given the cost of the items themselves, it is still a nice value for what you are getting. 

Milkin' It Dairy Corral

Included in addition to the Chicken Coop providing new farm animal content to the store is the Milkin' It Dairy Corral which includes.... COWS!  

There is only one negative to this premium content as you can only interact with the Black/White Cow. The Brown ones are just there for looks and there is no way to interact with them. Children cannot also interact with the Corral and it would have been nice to just see them refill the troughs with hay and all. Sadly, the store team did not decide to add such interactions and focused only on one cow.

This brand new premium content object has many different interactions and bonuses that come in this particular object and it will be reviewed in this part of the review. Below are the different recolors of the Corral, along with the last picture showing what parts are recolored.

This object is a pretty big object as it is a 11x12 object. Therefore, I'd recommend having some nice space in order to place this particular object.

There are four options of interactions at first when you first click on the Dairy Corral. They are the following:

- Get Milk
- Feed...
- Tip Cow
- Play Tic-Tac-Hoof

The first interaction, Get Milk, is pretty self-explanatory as your sim will go to the cow, grab a stool and bucket out of the sim's "pocket" and start milking the cow. After milking the cow, you will get a glass of milk and it will be placed in your inventory. You can either drink it or convert it into cheese. In order to convert the milk into cheese, you need 2 glasses of milk, and in order to get another one from the cow, you have to wait a sim hour in order to milk the cow again.

Converting it to cheese is instant and there are now additional interactions.

The Feed... interaction is a very important one as it affects what type of milk your cow will produce. Feeding it Veggies will allow the cow to produce Soy Milk, while feeding it Chocolate will allow the cow to produce Chocolate Milk. You can also produce Chocolate Milkshakes also, but not soy, after you feed the cow.

Drinking Soy Milk will make your sims feel younger, and your sims will also add more days to their age-span before they turn into an elder. So you can be stuck in the same age stage forever if you drink soy milk every day. 

The Tip Cow interaction is an interesting one as your sim will start tackling the cow, attempting to knock it down. 

If you fail, you will get the "Cow Tipping Fail" moodlet. If you succeed, however, there are some nice options along with a new moodlet called the "Shaken, not Churned" moodlet. 

After "cow-tipping" your cow, you will have the option to make milkshakes!

After milking the cow, you get a nice milkshake in a glass in your inventory. Drinking it will give you the nice Milkshake moodlet. I don't know how long the cow can make milkshakes, but it looks like once you tip the cow, the milkshake option will be unlocked.

The Play Tic-Tac-Hoof interaction is a fun interaction that boosts your sims fun needs along with showing some humor and entertainment as you are playing tic-tac-toe with a cow! Playing tic-tac-toe can bring different outcomes as either you win, you lose, or you end up with a draw. The Logic Skill can also be increased when playing the game.

If you win, you get the "Smarter As Your Average Cow" moodlet. If you lose, you get the "Udderly Ridiculous" moodlet.

Build/Buy and CAS

Included in the Build/Buy and CAS portion of this set are 14 Build/Buy Objects focused in the Living Room Environment and Clothing that is somewhat of "Amish" or something you would find in Little House on the Prairie. Anyways, the design of the objects are quite nice and they do go well with many other items from other sets, and even the Expansion Packs. Thankfully, it's not "too-themed" so you can mix-match with whatever you wish with this set.

I do wish the clothing had included a teen female/male outfit, along with outfits for elders, but I guess they will be overlooked once again in this set. I hope the Store Team plans on something big for those age groups because we just need a set focused on those age groups if possible. Other than that, enjoy the images of the content in this set.

Overall Review

Price: 10/10 - I think the price is pretty decent from what you are getting. You are getting 20 items, including a premium content object. If you personally like paying 500 Simpoints for the Premium Content, then you are pretty much paying 700 Simpoints for the other 19 objects and clothing that come with this set. If you don't like the price, then you can definitely wait for a bigger sale.

Theme: 9/10 - This theme is pretty nice and even though it's not my favorite theme, it does further complete the Country Livin' set that was released in April. It adds on and fleshes out other content introduced in Pets and other Expansion Packs, and it's a simple theme that can be utilized differently.

Design: 9/10 - The design of the build/buy objects are quite nice, and we don't really need more clothing in this set, but they added some clothing options for children mostly, and only 2 YA/Adult oufits, which is nice. The furniture gives a feel of a Pioneer theme, along with the fact the objects can blend in well with other objects in the store, or even the Packs. 

Premium Content: 8/10 - The cow is a nice addition to the game, and it provides some nice entertainment value. Not to mention you get milk, milkshakes, and cheese from this cow! There is some disappointment that you can only interact with the cow, and there is no way to feed the other cows, except for the main cow. Children cannot interact with this and it would have been pretty decent if there was some limited interaction with children. Cow Tipping is fun and humorous to watch in-game, but please do not try to cow tip in real life. 

Overall: 9/10 - I give this a pretty decent review as I was thoroughly entertained with the cows, and do like the design of the decor utilized in this set (my personal liking in the set rather the other content introduced). The clothing is something I could live without, but other than that, it was a nice addition to the store.


  1. Thanks AznSensei! This was a very in-depth review. You helped me make up my mind about whether or not to buy the set.

  2. Love, love your review - Nice you included the collection file. It's awesome I don't have to do that. I've made collection files for all my store stuff - makes it easier when you want to put a certain set in your house. I know I couldn't remember everything that goes in each set. I know I've had a hard time finding items in the decorative section.

  3. Just got into my game to look at your collection file for this set. It says FreshFarmFolk.package, but, when I got into the game, it says Director's Set for the name and the picture has 2 director's items on it and inside the folder is blank.

    1. Oh whoops! I'll have to fix that! I posted the wrong collection file >_<

  4. Great review and I also think it's awesome that you made a collection file too!


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