Monday, November 26, 2012

55DSL Clothing Set Review

Hey guys,

AznSensei here reviewing yet another new store release for the month of November (good golly they released so much) as the new 55DSL clothing line from Diesel has made an appearance in the Store.

This time, there are "Three" Sets to get, for a limited time until the end of December 2012.

55DSL Simpoint Bundle:
$20 for 1700 Simpoints + 4 CAS ($15 on Cyber Monday)

55DSL Menswear Fall-Winter Collection: 
1100 Simpoints (660 on Cyber Monday)

55DSL Womenswear Fall-Winter Collection:
1100 Simpoints (660 on Cyber Monday)

With all of these new CAS options, they came directly from the Diesel line and incorporated in a sim version. The problems lies in the price as at original price, it isn't REMARKABLE mainly because it is branded content, which isn't a shocker *points at shakira, etc. sets in the past* 

Anyways, they don't bring a HUGE variety of clothing, but for Diesel fans, these make nice additions to anyone's game who would like some real-world clothing in it. 

Anyways, there really isn't much I can say other than it IS the theme of Diesel, appropriate for Fall/Winter, which btw most of the clothing is categorized as outerwear, and is pretty pricey. 

Other than that, enjoy the screenshots of all of the content these three new sets have to offer!

55DSL Simpoint Bundle:



55DSL Menswear Fall-Winter Collection:



55DSL Womenswear Fall-Winter Collection:




Overall Review:

Price- 5/10- The price is pretty high for branded content, I'm not a fan of the price, but at the sale discount, it makes each of them slightly less than the cost of individual pieces of normal content. Sadly, I wouldn't call it a "steal" or a "deal" but not much I can do when it comes to branded content. 

Theme- 8/10- Fits the 55DSL theme, also pretty much ALL of the clothing comes exactly from the line you can find in the store, so there isn't really much of anything exciting, except the comparisons between these and the ones in real life are pretty much identical. 

Design- 7/10- I kind of wished they picked better outfits, especially the pants in these sets to display for outerwear as I've seen plenty of other clothing in the Diesel Line that would fit in so well. But I guess its up to  Diesel (or maybe even the Store Team) on what to put out in the set or not. Other than that, I'm not disappointed in the top/outfit category. Some of the pants are a huge eyesore, and I think some color channels are definitely bugged. No clue if the Store Team will even bother fixing it, unless they are made aware of it.

Overall- 6.7/10

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  1. I'm just happy to see some more stuff for the guys! :-)


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