Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stones Throw Greenhouse Fix Tutorial

Hey guys,

As a request from a reader, I have created a short tutorial on how to prevent weather into your Greenhouse. Please take note that this does not solve the dormancy problem, but will make it so snow or puddles from the rain will not appear inside the building.

I hope this helps!  AznSensei

First we will look at the right side of the lot:

Remove all greenhouse roof pieces, except for the end one:

Draw a wall stretching out until it ends at the roof end:

Draw another wall, but halfway across:

Place a Greenhouse Roof Side as pictured below:

Use the Mansard Roof to make a roof over the walls you made and adjust the size to your fitting:


Now towards the main area of snow, the centered area:

Remove the two greenhouse roof pieces shown below:

Draw a wall again the same way you did earlier:

Place another Greenhouse Roof Side:

Draw another Roof on top and you are set to go:

The last part is the interior, which is pretty simple:

Remove the wall and arch there so it can be one giant room:

Also, remove this one too:

Add Windows and you are done:

And there you go! A Finished Greenhouse that doesn't have weather entering your lot!

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