Friday, November 9, 2012

Waning Moon Store Set Review

Hey guys,

AznSensei here again reviewing the surprise release of the Waning Moon Set on November 8th, 2012.

To be honest, I did not expect to see a set appear in the store, and it was a surprise seeing it appear, along with no news announcements or any of the sort of this set. Also, I expected the store team to probably release a small set if this happened, but man this set has like "47" Items in it! Quite a lot of items for just 2300 Simpoints.

Included in this review is also the Waning Moon Collection Folder found Here.

Anyways for 47 items at 2300 simpoints that doesn't seem much of a bad deal considering of all the items you get. After calculating all of the items together, I have found that when purchasing all of the individual items, it would cost a player 3225 simpoints. That is pretty much around $33 U.S. Dollars. When purchasing it as a set, one is pretty much saving 925 Simpoints, almost $10 U.S. Dollars.

Honestly, if you ARE a fan of Native american Culture and items, this is a for sure good set to purchase, along with the Frontier Finds Sets which should hopefully be on sale soon.

There are no premium content objects included in this set, and it isn't much of a downer too as you are getting a lot of furniture and clothing with this set. I am a fan of a couple of the hairs, especially the female feathered hair as it's a nice addition. Also, I do kind of wish there was a more traditional Native American dress for the female YA/Adults, but alas it wasn't included and we get some kind of modern-like dresses instead (which we don't need).

Thankfully, I see more male options in clothing than female options in this set, but only a couple more outfits/clothing. All of the children's outfits are enabled for both genders pretty much and oddly enough the Jamestown Dress is also included for Elders for an additional 25 Simpoints.

Below are the pictures of the Clothing and the Build/Buy Mode Objects.


Female Hair:


Female Clothing:







Male Hair


Male Clothing:









Build/Buy Mode:

















Price: 8/10- For what you are getting, I think you get plenty of content for just 2300 Simpoints. Even though there is a bunch of decor items and no premium content items, it is a nice discount for 47 items at 925 Simpoints. Alas, the cost per item is around 49 Simpoints if you look at it that way for those who prefer the PPI (Price Per Item) method rather looking at the discount itself which may seem expensive. Anyways, the price is okay, it would have been nice for simmers if it was probably under 2000 Simpoints, so they can just purchase the $20 bundle, but it's perfectly fine with me. It's almost the same price as a "STORE" world, so 47 items seems like the average a Store World would cost also. 

Theme: 9/10- Kind of glad something Native American gets added into the store. I have been somewhat curious of whether or not the Store Team plans on adding something culturally from the United States itself, which is pretty much the Native Americans. However, it isn't one from the books or histories as depicted, but at least it's SOME kind of Native American content. This theme also works well with the Frontier Finds Sets and "could" be classified as another additional completion of the set. All that's left is a wooden bathroom set. It could also fit in well with the Fabulous Fiesta! Set and other Southwestern items already in the store or EP/SP.

Design: 7/10- Kind of disappointed in the lack of a more culturally-inspired Native American outfits for the females as it looks more of the modern-like clothing with indian designs rather than ACTUAL culturally-inspired content. I am NOT a fan of the pilgrims outfits so that will rarely be used and most likely fit for costumes and all. The build/buy options seems pretty decent as I'm more of a fan of the Decor Items rather than the furniture itself. Thankfully, the colors are not over-the-top neon sparkly and an eyesore like previous sets.

Overall Review: 8/10- This is a pretty decent set, even though it felt slightly rushed in terms of the CAS options. I'm sure if more time was spent with this set, we would see more culturally-inspired Native American clothing. I can make do without the pilgrim items, and the furniture can work well with other sets in the store. The price per item may be pretty steep as one would pay 49 sp per item, but since I normally view it by individual items and adding them all up together, I'm saving 975 Simpoints more than other sets normally.

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